Year Four, Level One: The Quidditch World Cup

In this level you’ll need a Regular Wizard, Dark Wizard, Digging Character, and Ravenclaw Student.

First Time

Go to the right and levitate the barrel to put the fire out. Go around this tent and to the right, where you should find George being circled by fireworks. Shoot him to free him. Levitate the barrel behind him, and go further to the right. Levitate the barrel to the right, near the cauldron, where you can see Arthur Weasley being tormented by a Death Eater. Levitate the pan to hit the Death Eater with it and free Arthur. Use Crookshanks to dig up the spot to the right and get a potion ingredient. Levitate the barrel nearby to put out the fourth fire, then shoot the spiderweb for the second ingredient. Shoot the grill for the final ingredient, but don’t drink the potion yet. Go left past the grill and put out the next fire, and another fire on the other side of this tent. Go further to the left where you’ll find Ron underneath a table. Shoot the Death Eater three times, then lift the table to free Ron. A little more to the left and up the small hill is another fire. Going down will take you back to where you started, and you can now go back and drink the potion. Sneak up on the book and destroy it, then move the carriage. Don’t levitate the tent yet; instead, go more to the left and put out the fire for the Gryffindor Crest piece. Now you can levitate the cardboard tent to get Fred out.

Destroy the black and white banner, and put the pieces back together to make a springboard. Jump across the fire, then go up and to the left. Levitate the barrel to help the first wizard. Shoot the box in front of the tank to put out the fire and get the other two characters across. Go down from the tank and shoot the debris on top of the wizard to free him. Go around the piles and to the left, where some wood and crates are stacked up. Destroy all of it to get the character token for Ginny (Hooded Top). Go up to the brown box and open it, and another character will take out a barrel. Use it to put out the fire and have Crookshanks dig up a wheel. Carry the wheel to the cart and levitate it out of the way. Go down and clear the debris off of the wizard. Open the box and levitate the axe to make the banner fall, then go up and levitate the barrel to free the fourth wizard. Flip over the cauldron, kill the Cornish Pixie below for a knob, and add it to the tank to fill the barrel. Put out the fire and climb across to the final wizard, and put out the fire here for the Hufflepuff Crest piece. Destroy the wood to the left for the first potion ingredient. The second is in the hole where the fire was, and the final ingredient is inside of the barrel at the top. Drink the potion and pull the chain to open the doors and move on.

In the final area, kill all of the Death Eaters and snakes to end the level.

Free Play

When the level starts, go right to the large box and use Reducto on the lock to release the Student In Peril. Near the area with the book there is a large black sphere; have a Dark Wizard use Crucio on it to get the character token for Death Eater. A little bit further up from here is a tent that you can use Crucio on to get the Slytherin Crest piece.

There’s a pile of silver crates down from where the cart was. Use Reducto on them, then use a Digging Character to dig up the painting. Use a Ravenclaw Student to wave at the painting to get the Ravenclaw Crest piece. After clearing away the fire, use Reducto on the lock to get the character token for Barty Crouch Jr.


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