Marvel Super Heroes

Yesterday I finished writing all of my guides for Lego Star Wars: TCS, so that means it’s time for a new game. This time, I’ll be posting about Lego Marvel Super Heroes. I’ve only played a few levels of this game in the long time I’ve had it, but from what I can tell it’s going to be really fun. First I’ll post a simplified character guide, to show you the different types of characters and a short description of a few characters that fit into each type. Like always, I’ll have walkthroughs for each level during both the first time and free play, and guides on how to get any other collectibles. You’ll also see guides for bonus levels, if there are any, and anything else needed to get you to 100% completion. And, finally, I’ll post an Achievements guide for Xbox 360 at the end, along with an updated character guide that shows you each character’s abilities.

Searching tags doesn’t work on my blog for some reason, so go to my Tags page if you’re looking for a specific character.

Here‘s a link to the Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki, just in case you need it for anything while reading my guides.


*Edit 1/2/2017: This category has been completed (yay!), so all of the level walkthroughs, bonus walkthroughs, and guides have been posted. You can email me at if you have any questions or suggestions for any other types of guides or posts to add to this category.

  1. Marvelman7985

    Like your work with the games…helps a lot.😀😀😀

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