Character Guide (Final Draft)

This is an updated version of my first character guide draft. The first one explained the terms I used to distinguish characters’ abilities in the game; this one includes which characters have which abilities.

Agility: Spider-Man, Spider-Man (F.F.), Captain America, Captain America (Classic), Black Widow, Hawkeye, Wolverine, Wolverine (Cowl), Beast, Black Cat, Black Panther, Daredevil, Elektra, Iron Fist, Mandarin, Mandarin (Film), Mystique, Psylocke, Toad, Blade

Claws: Wolverine, Wolverine (Cowl), Beast, Black Cat, Black Panther, Sabretooth

Electricity: Doctor Doom, Thor, Thor (Classic), Storm, Arnim Zola, HERBIE, Whiplash, Wizard

Explosives: Green Goblin, Iron Man (Mark 1), Iron Man (Mark 6), Iron Man (Mark 7), Iron Man (Mark 42), Iron Man (Heartbreaker), Hawkeye, Agent Coulson, Beetle, Gambit, Howard the Duck, Iron Man (Hulkbuster), Squirrel Girl, War Machine, Iron Patriot, Wasp

Extinguishing: Jean Grey (force field), Phoenix (force field), Invisible Woman (force field), Blob, Storm, all ice characters

Flight: Iron Man (Mark 6), Iron Man (Mark 7), Iron Man (Mark 42), Iron Man (Heartbreaker), Iron Man (Heroic Age), Human Torch, Thor, Thor (Classic), Green Goblin, Archangel, Beetle, Black Bolt, Captain Britain, Doctor Strange, Electro, Electro (Ultimate), Galactus, Ms. Marvel, Nova, Rescue, Silver Surfer, Spider-Woman, Star-Lord, Super-Skrull, Vulture, War Machine, Iron Patriot, Wasp, Wizard

Grappling: Doctor Octopus, Venom, Whiplash, Viper, Superior Spider-Man, Super-Skrull, Spider-Man, Hawkeye, Ghost Rider, Carnage, Black Cat

Hacking: Beast, Doctor Doom, Green Goblin, Mystique, Ant-Man, all forms of Iron Man/Tony Stark, Bruce Banner (Hulk), Mister Fantastic, Black Widow, Beast, Curt Connors, Super-Skrull

Heat/Fire: Iron Man (Mark 42), Iron Man (Heartbreaker), Human Torch, Cyclops, Cyclops (Astonishing), Aldrich Killian, Destroyer (Minifig), Ghost Rider, Pyro, Super-Skrull, Mysterio, Nightmare, Rescue, Stan Lee

Ice/Freezing: Loki, Iceman, Frost Giant, Laufey

Invisibility: Black Widow, Invisible Woman, Nick Fury, Maria Hill, Emma Frost

Magnetism: Magneto, Magneto Acolyte, Polaris, Stan Lee

Mind Control: Jean Grey, Phoenix, Galactus, Leader, Loki, Malekith, Mandarin, Mandarin (Film), Mysterio, Nightmare, Professor X, Psylocke, Stan Lee

Power Cosmic: Drax, Galactus, Silver Surfer

Super Senses: Spider-Man, Spider-Man (F.F.), Wolverine, Wolverine (Cowl), Jean Grey, Phoenix, Beast, Invisible Woman, Invisible Woman (F.F.), Black Cat, Black Panther, Captain Britain, Carnage, Doctor Octopus, Doctor Octopus (Ultimate), Venom, Daredevil, Kraven the Hunter, Sabretooth, Spider-Woman, Superior Spider-Man, Toad

Super Strength: Hulk, Thor, Thor (Classic), Thing,  Thing (F.F.), Abomination, Colossus, Juggernaut, Stan Lee, Red Hulk, Blob, Curt Connors, Doctor Octopus, Doctor Octopus (Ultimate), Doombot (V-Series), Green Goblin (Ultimate), Groot, Iron Man (Hulkbuster), Kingpin, Kurse, Power Man, Rhino, She-Hulk, Super-Skrull, Venom

Telekinesis: Jean Grey, Phoenix, Invisible Woman, Invisible Woman (F.F.), Galactus, Leader, Loki, Malekith, Mastermind, Mysterio, Nightmare, Professor X, Psylocke, Stan Lee

Teleportation: Loki, Sandman, Sandman Goon, Venom, Super-Skrull, Carnage, Mister Fantastic


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Musician, bookworm, gamer, and college student. I love to hear from you guys, so please comment and e-mail me whenever you like!

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