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Walkthroughs of each of the bonus levels found in Gringotts.

Gringotts: Bonus Levels Six Through Ten & Builder Levels

Continued from my previous post, Gringotts: Bonus Levels One Through Five.

Level Six

Level six begins with the option as using Ron or Filch. Start by spinning the wheel to the left and jumping across. Have Ron use Lumos to get rid of the vines, then use the fireplace to reach the other side and spin the wheel to get Filch across. Use Scabbers to crawl through the tunnel and stand on the button to open the door. Climb up and spin the wheel to open the gate. Grab the potion ingredient to your left and add it to the cauldron. The second ingredient is to the far left, near the tunnel entrance. Spin the wheel by the cauldron to fill the ground with water, and go back to where you started the level. Go to the right and swim across to the fireplace. Get rid of the plants and swim across to the final ingredient. Swim back, get rid of the plants, and switch to Filch to open the gate. Switch back to Ron and go back to the potion, and switch to a Slytherin character. Go back to the beginning and wave at the gate to open it and reach the Gold Brick.

Level Seven

In this level, you can switch between Harry and Ron. Start with Harry, destroy the two Devil’s Snare plants, then go left and get rid of the Dementor and two more Devil’s Snare plants. Grab the potion ingredient, then get rid of the vines and turn the knob. Switch to Ron and use Scabbers to climb through the tunnel. Harry will use Floo Powder to get on the other side of the gate. Switch to Harry and get rid of the Dementors, then add the ingredient to the cauldron. There is another ingredient behind the tree in the left corner, and the final one on the right. Drink the potion and pull the chain to make the platform on Ron’s side move. Use Ron to put on earplugs, shatter the glass, and pot the Mandrake. Spin the wheel to unlock the gate. Have both characters go back to where you started the level and each step on a button. Spin the wheel inside of the gate, then jump into the water to get the Gold Brick.

Level Eight

The level starts with Ron and Harry. Destroy the two Devil’s Snare plants, and destroy the Dementor. Destroy the final Devil’s Snare plant and add the first two ingredients to the cauldron. Use Floo Powder to get the last ingredient, and have Harry drink the potion and switch to a Dark Wizard. Destroy the sphere blocking the entrance to the tunnel with Crucio, then have Ron use Scabbers to climb through the tunnel and open the gate. Build the blocks up to get across, then place the platforms on their blocks and jump down to the next area. Have each character stand on a button to open the gate. Get rid of the two Dementors, use Lumos on the vines, and spin the wheel to make platforms appear. Jump across and cross the mushrooms to have each character stand on a button. The gate will open, allowing you to get the Gold Brick and end the level.

Level Nine

Have each character stand on a button to unlock the gate. Build the buttons and step on them again to open both gates. Use the Floo Powder in the gate to the left and spin the wheel to drain the pool and grab the first ingredient. Add it to the cauldron, then have Ron use Scabbers to climb through the tunnel and open the door. Spin the wheel to lower the platform and grab the next ingredient. Go into the right room, put on earplugs, and build the “E” as shown in the picture to open the gate. Carry the Mandrake down and shatter the glass, then pot it and grab the final ingredient. Drink the potion and cross the lines to get the Gold Brick.

Level Ten

Grab the first ingredient. Go right and build up the blocks, then kill the spider and put the platform on the brick to get the second ingredient. Go to the left, jump across, put on earplugs, and use the Mandrake to smash the glass. Pot it, grab the final ingredient, drink the potion, and pull the chain to unlock the gate. Use Lumos on the vines, then have Harry mount the broom and ride it through the four rings to open the door. Grab the first ingredient, then have the other character jump onto the bench and grab the second ingredient. Build up the stairs, add the two ingredients to the cauldron, and destroy the tree to the left to get the final ingredient. Use the potion to switch to a Digging Character and dig up two buttons. Have both characters stand on them to open the door. Use the potion to switch your characters so that one is a Hufflepuff and one is a Ravenclaw. Use the Ravenclaw character to open the door and collect the ingredient while avoiding Filch. Add the ingredient to the cauldron and switch to the Hufflepuff character and do the same. Switch one character to a Slytherin student, doing the same as you did for the other two characters to complete the potion. Drink the potion and collect the Gold Brick.

Become A Lego Builder! Parts One To Four

In these levels, you can press the jump button repeatedly to go higher. Remove the five balloons, then plant multiple trees. Play the level. You won’t have enough studs, so you’ll have to go back and put more objects or coins in the level until you have enough to reach 2000 studs. The easiest way to do this is to place two blue coins in the level, then go back and play the level to finish part one.

In the second building level, all you have to do is raise or lower the land to put the fish in the water and the cats on dry land.

Set down one vehicle in each of the four areas. Play the level, driving over the pad inside of each area.

Put the correct road into each of the empty spots, then use the car to drive to the pad at the end of the road.


Gringotts: Bonus Levels One Through Five

If you haven’t noticed by now, Gringotts Wizarding Bank is accessible at the end of Diagon Alley, just like in level one of gameplay. In Diagon Alley, though, Gringotts holds ten bonus levels that you must play in order to get all 200 Gold Bricks (or complete the game to 100%). These levels are fairly easy and shouldn’t take long to complete, especially if you have already played through all of the main levels.

Level One

The main goal in level one is to collect as many coins as possible. Some tips on playing this level: if you have trouble collecting coins when they’re spread out over large areas, purchase the Stud Magnet Red Brick before playing this level and activate it while playing. Then, use one of the many vehicles available in this level and just drive over anything you see to get coins. Or, to make this level go even faster, purchase a multiplying Red Brick before starting the level and activate it while playing. For example, if you’re using a 6x multiplier, each silver coin you collect is worth 60 instead of 10, each gold coin is 600, and each blue coin is 6000. You can also activate more than one multiplier (ex. activate 8x and 6x multiplier together, and the coins will be 48 times as much as usual) for even more coins.

Level Two

When you go to play level two, two options will come up on the screen: Play Bonus Level or Become A Builder! Part 1 of 4. Right now, I’ll be focusing on Play Bonus Level Two, but later on I’ll explain the building part of the level.

Start the level as Harry. There are five buttons on the ground, each controlling a different platform on the ground. Press the corresponding buttons to help Ron reach you. Once he does, have him use Scabbers to crawl through the tunnel and open the gate. Step on the button on the ground and the other character will do the same, lowering the platform and letting you climb to reach the Gold Brick.

Level Three

This time, your first goal is to make a potion. Jump on the bench and the other character will lift you to get the first ingredient. The second ingredient is on top of the flowers, and the third is down the stairs to the left. Drink the potion, pull the chain, and climb up to the closet to put on earmuffs. Pick up the Mandrake, shatter the glass, and pot it, then stand on one of the buttons to open the gate. The lower ground is now filled with lava. Try your best not to fall in at this part. Put the platforms into the middle and jump across to reach the Gold Brick at the end.

Level Four

In this level, you’ll be playing as Ron and Hermione. Have one of them use their pet to climb through the tunnel. Use Lumos to remove the vines and go to the closet to put on earmuffs. Collect the two potion ingredients and add them to the cauldron, then pick up the Mandrake and smash the glass on the right. Pot it, then use Hermione to open the bookcase and get the final ingredient. Pull the chain to lower the platform and jump up, pushing the ball onto the ground. Use it to plug one of the holes in the ground, then climb up to where the closet is and turn the wheel to elevate the water level. Climb up to the other ball and push it down, then lower the water again and push it into the hole to plug it up and open the gate.

Level Five

Have Ron use Scabbers to climb through the tunnel and stand on the button. Climb across and have Hagrid pull the chain, then have Scabbers climb through the tunnel and do the same as before. Collect the three ingredients for the potion at the end, and use it to switch to a Ravenclaw character. Go to the door at the far left and unlock it, then go inside and put on earmuffs. Carry the Mandrake back to the right side and use it to smash the glass in front of the tunnel. Switch back to Ron and have Scabbers go through the tunnel to reach the Gold Brick.