Non-Story Stan Lee In Peril Guide

In this game, Stan Lee In Peril only shows up in a specific order. The following guide is arranged in the order in which they appear, including the location of each. After completing these, plus the Stan Lee In Perils within the story levels and bonus levels, you will earn Stan Lee as a playable character.

  1. Marvel Comics HQ: Mind control the man inside the building and pull the lever.
  2. Central Park: Head to the chess set in the park and use super senses, then grapple the pieces.
  3. Industrial District: After Stan Lee transforms into the Hulk, hit him.
  4. Washington Heights: Melt the ice on the claw switch, then use a clawed character to activate it.
  5. Yorkville: Fly to a roof and you’ll find Stan and a crane. Climb or fly to the top of the crane and activate the claw switch.
  6. Empire State Building: Stan Lee is trapped on top of the Empire State Building; shoot the gorilla to save him.
  7. Helicarrier: On top of the Helicarrier, Stan is being terrorized by a drone. Destroy it (I used a heat power) to save him.
  8.  Central Park: Dig him up in the sand pit.
  9. Industrial District: Throw Thor’s hammer at the cracked piece of wall on the stone chimney.
  10. Central Park: Use a character with magnetism abilities to toss the ring to Stan Lee.
  11. Financial District: Use a large, strong character to move the car.
  12. Horizon Labs: Use a large, strong character to lift the weight off of Stan.
  13. Roxxon Power Station: On the bridge, use a character with magnetism to lift the chains.
  14. Upper East Side: Go to the dock and shoot the three sharks surrounding the boat.
  15. The Raft: Smash the wall with a large, strong character.
  16. Inwood: Up the hill with the race on it, put out the fires.
  17. Central Park: In the sand pit, use a grappling character on the car.
  18. Financial District: Shoot the mailbox.
  19. Liberty Island: Extinguish the flames on Liberty’s torch.
  20. Upper West Side: Defeat the Sandman Goons.
  21. Roxxon Power Station: Pull the switch on top of the grate.
  22. Central Park: Pop the balloon over the tent.
  23. Helicarrier – Deadpool’s Room: Shoot the box to free Stan Lee.

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