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Walkthroughs of each of the bonus levels, including Episode bonuses and Cantina bonuses, and the Bounty Hunter missions.

The Bonus Levels

So you’ve completed all of the levels, collected all of the Minikits and Power Bricks, achieved True Jedi in every level, and completed all of the Challenges… Why don’t you have all 160 Gold Bricks? Well, there are also a number of bonus levels throughout the game to earn you 100% completion and the rest of those Gold Bricks. Each Episode has two bonus levels, which you can find through the door with a question mark in the Episode rooms. There are also other bonus levels found through the question mark door in the main area of the Cantina, which must be unlocked with a certain number of Gold Bricks before they can be played. Finally, Bounty Hunter missions are found outside of the Cantina, through the door with an icon of Jabba the Hut on top. You can find more information and walkthroughs for the Bounty Hunter missions here.

For the Episode bonuses, you’ll find a Character Bonus and a Minikit Bonus. Character Bonuses are unlocked after completing all six levels of the Episode, while Minikit Bonuses are unlocked after completing at least one full Minikit vehicle throughout the levels. Both of these are very similar: you’ll be put into an area where you’ll try to get one million studs before the time limit runs out. You can use any extras to help you, except for the stud-related ones (multipliers, stud magnet, poo money, and character studs, although some enemies do still give off studs when destroyed). Enemies will still be attacking you while you’re trying to get the studs, but if you turn on certain extras (invincibility for all levels; deflect bolts, disarm troopers, walkie talkie disable, force grapple leap, perfect deflect, exploding blaster bolts, super Jedi slam, super thermal detonator, super blasters, super lightsabers, fast force, and super zapper for Character Bonuses; tractor beam for Minikit Bonuses) it shouldn’t be too bad. The only difference between the two bonus levels is in the name– Character Bonuses use regular characters, while Minikit Bonuses use vehicles. Each of these bonus levels is worth a Gold Brick, making it a total of 12 Gold Bricks for the Episode bonuses.

When you look at the Episode bonuses’ menu, you’ll probably notice a button on each Episode entitled Super Story. You must complete each Super Story in order to reach 100% completion, but you won’t get any Gold Bricks for completing them. (If you have collected all of the Gold Bricks but still haven’t reached 100%, the Super Stories are most likely to blame.) In a Super Story, you’ll be expected to complete every level in the Episode within the time limit of one hour, along with collecting 100,000 studs. However, this isn’t like free play– you’ll be completing the levels as if you were playing them for the first time.

As for the Cantina bonuses, there are only six, plus a trailer for the Lego Indiana Jones game that allows you to unlock the character by watching. Cantina bonuses are only unlocked if you have a certain amount of Gold Bricks– to unlock the first one you must have ten, the second is thirty, the third is ten, the fourth is twenty, the fifth is ten, and the sixth is fifty. Walkthroughs for the Cantina bonuses are found below.

Bounty Hunter missions are found outside of the Cantina, through the door with an icon of Jabba the Hut on top. You can find more information and walkthroughs for the Bounty Hunter missions here.

Bonus Level One: Pod Race (Original)

This level is the same as the Pod Race from the original Lego Star Wars game, so naturally, it’s much more difficult. Instead of holding the up button to accelerate, you’ll have to hold down A. The green arrow is showing the person you need to be ahead of before time runs out. It’s really easy to run into things and make yourself spin out of control, so I would suggest turning on your Invincibility extra. Also, try to hit every boost pad, or you’re going to have a hard time passing up the character you need to be ahead of. You’ll have to be ahead of three different pods per lap. Once you’re nearing the end of the lap, there will be small bombs placed across the track– but if you have Invincibility turned on, this shouldn’t be a problem. It’ll undoubtedly take you a few tries on a couple of the sequences, so try not to get too frustrated– it’s a hard level.

Bonus Level Two: Anakin’s Flight

This is another flying level, as evidenced by the name. This time, you’ll be flying the Naboo Starfighter. Once again, Invincibility would probably do you good here, and keep shooting. Fly to the right to pick up some torpedoes, and head back a little to shoot one at the pink target. Fly forward from the torpedo dispenser to find another target. Continue forward, flying up and down the ramp, to the two other targets. Once you’ve shot each of them, fly back to the ramp and into the hole to the next area.

Keep moving forward, shooting everything. Once you reach the end, shoot the red button on the left, and shoot a pink torpedo at the right. If you run out of torpedoes, shoot some enemies and you’ll probably find some laying around. Continue forward and do the same with the buttons, then shoot a torpedo at the left wall and just shoot at the right wall. Go through the door to the next area.

Start by shooting the red buttons again and collecting some more torpedoes. Shoot the torpedoes at the center until the force field goes up. Follow it around until it goes down again, then blast the little blue lights around the center. Continue to do this until all of the lights are destroyed, and the level will end.

Bonus Level Three: Gunship Cavalry (Original)

Like the first bonus level, this is the same as the Gunship Cavalry from the original Lego Star Wars game. You’ll be flying the Republic Gunship, and I’d suggest keeping your Invincibility on once again. It’s a level that takes some getting used to, since you can move up and down, left and right, but you’ll always be heading toward the upper right corner of the screen, but there are good parts of it as well. Specifically, you don’t have to try to tow a bomb to the sides of the force field to disable it; you can just shoot them and be on your way. So that’s exactly what you have to do– just head forward and shoot the sides of the force field, then do the same a second time. My advice during this portion of the level: don’t slam yourself up against the top corner of the screen, because that makes it easier for you to fall into a hole and die, and when you die, you restart at the beginning of the area.

Like the previous area, this takes some getting used to. You’ll always be facing forward, toward the ship, no matter what, so you can only move from side to side. Also, you’ll only have one minute to complete the area. Act quickly and get rid of all of the lasers, then blast the three purple objects that appear between the lasers.

Bonus Level Four: A New Hope

The fourth bonus level puts you in the villain’s shoes, allowing you to control Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper on their way to capture Princess Leia. Start off by just heading forward and taking out the Rebel Troopers. You can head right for studs, or if you’re just trying to complete the level, head left and fight off some more Rebel Troopers. Go down the hallway to reach the second area.

Blast all of the buttons, then quickly step on them to free C-3PO. Head back to the previous area.

Use C-3PO on the panel, take out the rebels, then use C-3PO on a second panel and take out some more rebels. Head to the left for studs or to the right for progress. Blast the object to the left and use C-3PO on the panel again to reveal Princess Leia and R2-D2, ending the level.

Bonus Level Five: Lego City

Lego City can be found in nearly every Lego game, as a kind of fun bonus. You’re given a set of characters as you would in free play, your stud-related extras are removed, and you’re thrown into a random Lego town with the task of collecting 1,000,000 studs, which automatically go into your inventory as if you were using the Stud Magnet. Unfortunately, this is just for progress; you don’t get to keep the studs. But, since I’ve seen lots of people asking for help with getting to 1,000,000 studs, I’ll try to help you out in giving you a list of things to do.

  • You’ll start in a little checkered plus sign. Jedi and Sith are your friends in these levels, because using the jump-jump-attack combo sure beats having to blast every little thing. So, do this a few times and you’ll have about 40,000 studs.
  • Kill any people for a few studs each. Every little thing helps.
  • Use the Force to raise the flowers, then destroy the pots. By now you should be at about 56,000.
  • Head across the grass to the little red building with all of the handles on it. Destroy the trees, plant the flowers, and use the Force on every inch of the building. Use a high jumper to jump on the roof and do the jump-jump-attack combo. This should get you to almost 100,000.
  • Destroy some more trees and use the Force on the windows of the tall, skinny red building to get to about 117,000.
  • Follow the trail of blue studs on the road behind you.
  • Plant the flowers in the little patch of grass in the middle of the road.
  • Near the road, destroy the red and white house and everything around it. Use the leftover pieces to build a little white car, and follow the trail of blue studs. This should get you to about 222,000.
  • To the left of where the house was, destroy the trees and fences around the Tauntauns. Ride one of them and follow the trail of blue studs.
  • Where the white car’s trail of studs ended, there is another little grass patch in the road. Destroy the trees and plant the flowers.
  • Behind this is an area full of trees. Destroy them. When you approach the white blocks on the ground with blue studs, a house builds itself. Go inside for the studs. Destroy the fence around the house.
  • To the right of this house, throw a thermal detonator at the fence. This reveals another vehicle.
  • To the right of this, use the Force to shrink down the house and assemble the pieces into a smaller house.
  • Behind this house is a seemingly random pile of colored blocks. You’ll need to use these to spell out the word LEGO. Starting with the blue blocks, lay down the triple block first, then the single ones on top. With the yellow, it goes triple, single, double, single, triple. For the green, lay down the triple block, then the two long double ones, then the single, then the triple again. And finally, for the red, the triples go on the top and bottom, and the others go in between.
  • Destroy the trees and make your way to the right, to another building. Use the Force, do the jump-jump-attack combo a few times, and climb on the roof for some blue studs.
  • Destroy some more trees and keep going right. Put together the windmills and destroy the Womp Rats. Use the Force to shut the windows in the tiny house, then destroy it and build a tractor. Ride the tractor and follow the trail of studs.
  • Where the tractor trail leaves you are two houses. Destroy them both completely, and the trees outside.
  • Walk along the lower edge of the area. Destroy some trees, blow up the object with a thermal detonator, and build the turnstile.
  • Destroy the fence and trees around the playground. Collect the coins around the swingset and slide, and go down the slide. Plant the flowers.
  • Destroy the fence around the Dewback, and continue along the left wall. Destroy the trees back here.
  • Destroy the fence around the Banthas, along with the trees and other objects around them.
  • Behind the Banthas is a floating house. Collect the studs inside, then blow up the silver object with a thermal detonator and assemble the pieces into another vehicle. Follow the stud trail to get to about 878,000 studs.
  • Use your jump-jump-attack combo to reveal an object underground by the tall, skinny red building. Use the Force to put some pieces on it.
  • Go back to where the tractor is and build the AT-ST. Use it to destroy lampposts or anything else you missed. Go back to the tall, skinny red building and jump from the AT-ST to the top. Put some more pieces together to make another vehicle. Use the Force to raise it out of the ground and ride it.
  • The Gonk Droids are seemingly unkillable, unless you use the Force Pull extra.
  • In the upper left corner, run around in the flower patch. You won’t get the studs unless all of the flowers are raised, so it might take some time.

That’s it to Lego City. Good luck!

Bonus Level Six: New Town

You might want to take a break in between playing Lego City and New Town (I know I did), as they’re basically the same thing, but a different layout and different things to destroy. Once again, you need to collect 1,000,000 studs, and they automatically go to your inventory once they’re uncovered.

  •  Destroy all trees, fences, and other objects lying around when you start. Raise all of the flowers and destroy the flower pots.
  • Force open the door of the church. Assemble the pieces to build the chimney. Pull the handle. Walk around the yard until all of the flowers are raised.
  • Walk forward and destroy the blue and white house, and the fence around it. Collect the studs inside of where the house was. Use the Force on the trophy five times. Assemble the windmill.
  • Throw a thermal detonator at the little yellow house behind this. Assemble the pieces into a tractor.
  • Go to the left and kill the Womp Rats. Assemble another windmill. Use the Force on every part of the fire station, then hop on the roof and collect some blue studs. Destroy the flowers outside. Jump in the firetruck and follow the trail of blue studs. Once it stops, use the Force to move the ladder. Grapple up to scare the bird.
  • Further to the left, you’ll have to build the word LEGO once again, but it’s out of order; the letters are in the order GOLE. Once they’re built, have two characters with the Force rearrange them to spell LEGO.
  • Destroy some more trees and continue to the left. Use the Force to shrink the house, then blast the standing piece and assemble the pieces into a mini version of the house.
  • Kill the men around the Landspeeder. There are also some blue studs behind it.
  • Destroy the trees and fence around the house that builds itself.
  • Next to the Banthas is a house that floats when you approach it. Destroy the trees around here and throw a thermal detonator at the silver object. Assemble the pieces into a vehicle.
  • Walk right to the basketball court. Destroy any Stormtroopers. Destroy the fence around the court. Hop in the little seat and try to get the basketball into the hoop. Plant the flowers around the hoop.
  • Continue right and destroy the fence around the Tauntauns. Ride one of them for a trail of blue studs.
  • There is a monorail between the Tauntauns and the basketball court. To get it to work, push the turnstile underneath the rail to get the cart over to you. Ride a Tauntaun over and jump off of it to land inside.
  • Plant the flowers outside of the house near the Tauntauns. Destroy the house and the objects around it. Assemble the pieces into a vehicle.
  • Go right past the church. Destroy the trees and fence around the playground, and collect the loose studs. Throw a thermal detonator at the silver object and assemble the pieces. Push the turnstile until the merry-go-round explodes. Go up and down the slide, and collect the loose coins around the swings. Plant the flowers near the road. There is also a trail of blue studs on the road.
  • At the end of the stud trail, there is a little orange building. Pull all of the handles and use the Force on the windows. Jump on the roof and use the jump-jump-attack combo for more studs.
  • Destroy the trees and seats along the dock. Assemble the pieces on the boat. Push it into the water and ride it for some blue studs.
  • Destroy the fence around the Dewback.
  • Go into the water and destroy all of the ducks.
  • Go back around the Dewback and ride the AT-XT. Ride it over to the red and white house near the church. Destroy it, then go inside and collect the blue studs.
  • Turn on Force Pull and destroy any Gonk Droids.

Well, that should’ve gotten you all of the Gold Bricks and hopefully gotten you to 100% completion. My Achievements guide will be up soon, for those of you playing on Xbox 360 as I am, and I’ll be updating my character guide to show what each character can do.


Bounty Hunter Challenges: Missions One Through Twenty

The Bounty Hunter challenges are found outside of the Cantina, through the door with the icon of Jabba the Hut on top. In order to gain access to them, you have to have unlocked and purchased Greedo, Bossk, Boba Fett, Dengar, IG-88, and 4-LOM. (Links are to the levels where they can be unlocked.) During these challenges, you’ll be given three minutes to find a character in a specific location using all of these six Bounty Hunters. These are similar to level challenges, as none of your extras can be used. You’ll know you’re getting close to finding a character when their icon starts flashing brighter on the lower part of the screen. When you find a character, you must walk right up to them to end the challenge. Each of these challenges is worth a Gold Brick, giving you 20 Gold Bricks in total. The locations of all twenty characters are found below.

Mission 1: Qui-Gon Jinn

Go out into the hallway and go the whole way down. At the end there will be a Protocol Droid panel to your left. Use IG-88 or 4-LOM to activate it and go inside. Qui-Gon is in the back right corner.

Mission 2: Queen Amidala

Use Boba Fett to jump off of the balcony to the area below. Walk along the balcony here and grapple up from the first grapple point. Hover forward and to the right, and drop down on the balcony. Queen Amidala will be standing here.

Mission 3: Jar Jar Binks

Head to the right until you reach the swamp. Go to the crashed ship in the back and throw a thermal detonator at it. Go inside to find a secret room, where Jar Jar is right by the door.

Mission 4: Mace Windu

Head to the right and shoot the barrier in the hole in the wall, then go inside. Use IG-88 or 4-LOM on the Astromech panel inside, and follow the maze to the left to find Mace Windu.

Mission 5: Kit Fisto

Use Boba Fett to hover across the gap to the platform on the left.

Mission 6: Luminara

Just keep going to the right until you reach a gate. There is a Bounty Hunter panel outside for you to activate and lower the gate.

Mission 7: Ki-Adi Mundi

Use Boba Fett to go down the hall and to the right. Throw a thermal detonator at the Droideka, then another one at the box down there. Enter the next area and hover all the way to the left to find Ki-Adi Mundi.

Mission 8: Rebel Trooper

Use Boba Fett and shoot at both sides of the bridge, then head forward. Shoot both sides of the next bridge and go forward to the grappling point. Keep grappling and hovering until you reach the Rebel Trooper.

Mission 9: Shaak Ti

Head to the right, past the door, and blast the object to uncover a grappling point. Grapple up and follow the rock, then jump up.

Mission 10: Commander Cody

Use Boba Fett to cross the bridge, then hover around the rock to the left and drop onto the nearest ground. Throw a thermal detonator at the wall, then hover further up the rock to Commander Cody.

Mission 11: R2-D2

Use Boba Fett to grapple to the top and hover across the gap to the next area. Run straight down the hallway, then turn right and activate the Bounty Hunter panel. Head down this next hallway, and walk to the left and right once you reach the end. Assemble the pieces to reveal R2-D2.

Mission 12: Obi-Wan Kenobi

Go to the end of the hallway and use 4-LOM or IG-88 on the Astromech panel. Go up the elevator, then step on all of the circles on the ground to raise two handles. Pull them and move on. Activate the Protocol Droid panel along the left wall, then destroy the containers along the right wall to find Obi-Wan.

Mission 13: Chewbacca

Grapple up, build another grappling point, and grapple up again. Go through the doorway, then drop down and grapple across. Pull the handle and push the box off of the side, then push it the whole way down to the door and go to the next area. Walk to the left to the three doors, and blast down the one on the left to find Chewbacca.

Mission 14: Princess Leia

Use Boba Fett to hover across the first area, grapple up a few times, then drop down to the next area. Head through the next room and down the hallway, then go into the leftmost elevator. Assemble the levers and pull them, then go past the first two sets of levers and pull the third set on the left to find Princess Leia.

Mission 15: Admiral Ackbar

Use IG-88 or 4-LOM to activate the Protocol Droid panel to the left of where you begin. Throw a thermal detonator at the barrier in the upper left, then shoot the box to open the door. Assemble the pieces on the ground to reveal Admiral Ackbar.

Mission 16: Yoda

Use Boba Fett to go to the left and hover over the gap where the bridge should be. Head forward, shoot the purple boxes on the left, and assemble the pieces to make a turnstile. Push it and hover over to the platform. You’ll be up too high, so just hover in midair until you drop onto the platform. It will raise once you’re on it and you can get Yoda.

Mission 17: C-3PO

Walk down the hallway and around the turn, then activate the Bounty Hunter panel. Use IG-88 or 4-LOM to activate the Protocol Droid panel here, then walk down the hallway to the elevators and activate the Bounty Hunter panel inside of the left one. C-3PO is right there.

Mission 18: Lando Calrissian

Assemble the grappling point and grapple across, then grapple up. Walk the whole way down to the right, then use IG-88 or 4-LOM on the Protocol Droid panel. Keep playing as one of the droids and walk down the hallway, through the gas, and down the hall to the left to find Lando.

Mission 19: Luke Skywalker

Head to the left and throw a thermal detonator at the silver object in the middle of the area. Assemble the pieces and push the turnstile, then go a little to the right, assemble the pieces, and grapple up.

Mission 20: Han Solo

Build the bomb by the door and head down the hallway. Assemble the pieces here, then shoot the object three times to melt the ice and go through the door. Walk behind the box in here and push it forward to melt the ice again, then go down the hall and turn right. Assemble the pieces to build the cart and ride it until it reaches the right side, then jump up on the ledge.