Bonus Level: The Thrill of the Chess

The bonus levels in this game usually have Gold Brick requirements; for this one, you must have earned 175 Gold Bricks. This level takes place at the Raft, which is marked with a lightning bolt on your map. When you reach the building, use explosives and heat to destroy the locks, then use Magneto to pull the switches and assemble the Gold Bricks outside of the entrance. To replay the level in free play mode, simply select the icon on the map as you would to replay any other level.

In this level you’ll need characters with the following abilities: Magnetism, Teleportation, Digging, and Electricity.

You’ll also need Mystique.

First Time

Use Magneto on the gate and the gear behind it, then use Mystique to transform into a guard and head inside. Go to the elevator and step on the orange platform, then destroy the panel on the second floor to allow Magneto up as well. Head to the right and use him on the door, then hit Mysterio to make him appear elsewhere. Destroy whatever is left in the cell and assemble the pieces, then pull the switch and head down to fight Mysterio again. Use magnetism on the wheel, then head up the elevator and assemble the pieces. Jump up and pull down on the switch to get another shot at Mysterio and end the level.

Free Play

In the main area, destroy the tan crates on the right side of the lower level and teleport through to reach the Deadpool Brick – Token Detector. Next to this, use the claw switch to get the character token for Green Goblin (Ultimate). On the left side, use a character with electricity on the generator to free Stan Lee In Peril.


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