Bonus Level: Feeling Fisky

The bonus levels in this game usually have Gold Brick requirements; for this one, you must have earned 50 Gold Bricks. This level takes place at Fisk Tower, which is marked with a diamond staff on your map. When you reach the building, assemble the Gold Bricks outside of the entrance. To replay the level in free play mode, simply select the icon on the map as you would to replay any other level.

In this level you’ll need characters with the following abilities: Grappling, Super Senses, Fire/Heat, Ice, Electricity, and Telekinesis.

You’ll also need Captain America.

First Time

Smash the tables on the right side to build a plate for Captain America, then jump onto it and redirect the beam to the red generator in the middle of the wall. Use Spider-Man’s super senses, then use his grappling ability to gain control of Daredevil as well. Fight off Kingpin’s minions and hit Electra three times to start a new wave, this time with Bullseye. When you hit him once, he’ll hop onto a little turret, so switch to Captain America and redirect his shots. Once you hit him again, he’ll hop onto another turret on the opposite side of the room, so do the same thing again to defeat him. Assemble the pieces left over from the turrets and have Spider-Man grapple to release Kingpin. Assemble the pieces in the left corner and push the turnstile to drop the chandelier on Kingpin’s head. Throw Captain America’s shield at the top of the next chandelier, dropping it once more. Finally, use Spider-Man’s super senses again and grapple onto the chandelier to pull it down, ending the level.

Free Play

Power up the generator on the left side with electricity to get the character token for Kingpin Henchman. On the right side, use a character with telekinesis to move aside the photo, then heat up the safe for the Deadpool Brick – Studs x6. Finally, use a character with an ice ability to put out the flames in the fireplace to rescue the Stan Lee In Peril.


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