Bonus Level: A Shock Withdrawal

The bonus levels in this game usually have Gold Brick requirements; for this one, you must have completed story mode. This level takes place in the Financial District, which is marked with a money logo on your map. When you reach the building, use a character with a hacking ability and solve the puzzle on the door, then assemble the pieces to build the entrance. To replay the level in free play mode, simply select the icon on the map as you would to replay any other level.

In this level you’ll need characters with the following abilities: Hacking, Super Senses, Grappling, Explosives, Telekinesis, Heat/Fire, and Magnetism.

You’ll also need Captain America.

First Time

The enemy you’ll be working to defeat in this level is Electro, but first, you’ll have to save three civilians. Start by using Iron Man to blast everything on the desks and the spinning dollar sign on the left side of the room and building paths for the civilian to cross. Switch to Spider-Man and head up the stairs, then use your super senses and grappling ability to save the next civilian. Finally, switch to Captain America and hop on the gold platforms until you can reach the shield switch. Destroy everything in the room that is revealed and assemble the pieces to save the final civilian. Electro will start to attack now, so use one of your characters to lure him, then switch to another and attack. Use Iron Man to blast the vault lock and reveal another villain, Shocker. Hit him three times to complete the level.

Free Play

Use a telekinetic character to mind control a man on the left side of the bank and pull the switch. Destroy the object that it uncovers to get the character token for Moon Knight. In the back left side of the bank, use a character with a heat or fire ability to destroy the gold objects for the Deadpool Brick – Ghost Studs. Play through the rest of the level normally until Shocker appears, then use a character with magnetism to free the Stan Lee In Peril.


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