Bonus Level: Nuff Said

The bonus levels in this game usually have Gold Brick requirements; for this one, you must have earned at least twenty Gold Bricks during your gameplay. This level takes place at Marvel Comics HQ, which is not far from the icons for Sand Central Station, House Party Protocol, and Rebooted, Resuited, and is marked with a Marvel logo on your map. When you reach the building, assemble the pieces to the entrance and go inside. To replay the level in free play mode, simply select the icon on the map as you would to replay any other level.

In this level you’ll need characters with the following abilities: Hacking, Teleportation, Super Senses, Grappling, Heat/Fire, Telekinesis, and Magnetism.

You’ll also need Mister Fantastic.

First Time

Smash the desk and chair in the center of the room and rebuild the pieces into a console. Use Mister Fantastic to hack the console and turn all of the paths green to open the security system. Defeat the enemies, then assemble the pieces in the center to bring Vulture down a heart. Next, assemble the grate on the right and use Mister Fantastic to slide through, then pull the chain. Switch to Spider-Man and swing up to the other side to pull the opposite chain. Use Spider-Man’s super senses and grappling to pull some pieces down and assemble them into an Iron Man cutout, then reassemble them into a console after Vulture flies through it. Hack it to make a hologram of Captain America, and Vulture will fly through that, too. Assemble the next set of pieces and hop on the pump a few times to make a balloon of Thor, which Vulture will fly through again. Finally, assemble the last set of pieces and use Mister Fantastic on the pad to defeat Vulture.

Free Play

From the beginning, head toward the screen to the right corner and melt the golden statue for the Ms. Marvel character token. After disabling the security system, go to the right side and use a character with telekinesis to finish the Deadpool puzzle for the Deadpool Brick – Gold Brick Detector. To save the Stan Lee In Peril, go to the back center of the area and use magnetism on the elevator.


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