Bonus Level: The Brick Apple?

The bonus levels in this game usually have Gold Brick requirements; however, you only have to beat Story Mode to unlock this one. This level takes place at the Statue of Liberty, which is found in the lower left hand corner of your map and marked by an icon with a taco. The entrance to the level is marked by pink glowing lights around the doorway.

First Time

This level puts you in control of Galactus and Doctor Doom, and tasks you with earning 1,000,000 studs. Start by destroying everything and anything you can find. I played as Galactus and repeatedly shot in every possible direction while walking around the area. While doing this, you’ll also find some loose studs just laying around. Keep in mind that walking over the little brown spots in patches of grass raises flowers, which you can also destroy for more studs. For me, simply destroying everything I saw got me over a fourth of the studs I needed to complete the level. Next, you’ll have to use the powers the two characters have at their disposal: Galactus has flight, heat vision, telekinesis, and Power Cosmic; Doctor Doom has electricity. Seeing as though Galactus has Power Cosmic, I used him to assemble everything: the black spaceship, the resulting letter L, the word LEGO on the sign, the yellow platform near the generator, the turnstile. Next I used his telekinesis on anything I could: assembling the mini Empire State Building from the pieces found by pushing the turnstile, placing the LEGO letters, moving the pieces on the building to create the Tt logo, and spinning the revolving door on the corner building. You can also go inside of the building and destroy what you can, and destroy the doors that are now broken. Next, his power of flight: fly to the top of the corner building, assemble the pieces, use your telekinesis, and shoot the blue box; fly above the LEGO sign and collect the studs; fly to the roof of the apartment complex and destroy everything, including the pictures on the billboards; fly to the roof of the building near the golden statues and destroy everything, then get the purple stud near the edge. And, finally, use Galactus’s heat vision to melt said golden statues, destroy their pedestals, and raise them into stairs. The last thing you really have to do is hop in the truck and follow the stud trail until you reach your goal of 1,000,000 studs.


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