Bonus Level: Tabloid Tidy Up

The bonus levels in this game usually have Gold Brick requirements; for this one, you must have earned at least ten Gold Bricks during your gameplay. This level takes place at the Daily Bugle, which is not far from the icons for Red Head Detention and The Good, the Bad, and the Hungry, marked with a horn on your map. When you reach the Daily Bugle, assemble the pieces to the entrance and go inside. To replay the level in free play mode, simply select the icon on the map as you would to replay any other level.

In this level you’ll need the following abilities: Explosives, Super Senses, Heat/Fire, Hacking, Telekinesis, and Claws.

First Time

Shoot everything you can with Agent Coulson, including silver objects. This will allow you to assemble the printer, the wall, and the door. Then, head to the right side of the room and blast the lock off of the wall. Assemble the pieces and hop on the pump to get the fire, then switch to Doctor Octopus and use his super senses to the left. Use him to grapple and open the door, then assemble the pieces and hack the console to clean up the piles of trash on the floor to end the level.

Free Play

Melt the gold box in the right corner from where you start, then assemble the pieces. Head along the right wall and dig up the spot for the Stan Lee In Peril. Destroy the silver crate in the opposite corner of the room, between the broken wall and broken door, and assemble the pieces here. Finally, destroy the gray box inside of the office with the broken door, and assemble the pieces for the Doctor Octopus (Ultimate) character token. Before leaving the office, use a telekinetic character to place the trophies with their correct colors for the Deadpool Brick – Studs x4.


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