Level 15: The Good, the Bad, and the Hungry

In this level you’ll need characters with the following abilities: Super Strength, Magnetism, Explosives, Claws, Grappling, Hacking, Super Senses, Heat/Fire, Digging, Freezing, and Electricity.

You will also need the characters Sandman, Mister Fantastic, and Captain America.

First Time

This entire level is a fight with Galactus. You’ll be switching between groups of characters at a time, with a mix of heroes and villains. Your first group is Spider-Man, Mystique, Thing, and Green Goblin. Galactus will repeat the same few attacks in the same order, so just be prepared. First, grab and throw the object with the handles on the left using Thing. Use Green Goblin’s explosives on the silver objects in the middle, switch to Thing and throw the next object with the handles, and assemble the pieces and grapple with Spider-Man. Use either Green Goblin or Mystique to hack, then go left and use Spider-Man’s super senses to grapple. You’ll be switched to the second group: Iron Man, Human Torch, Venom, and Abomination. Use either Human Torch or Iron Man to melt the gold plate to the left, then hit it. Hack with Iron Man, then melt the gold tank to the right. Use Venom’s super senses to grapple and move to the third group of  Mister Fantastic, Nick Fury, Doctor Octopus, and Captain America. Grapple with Doctor Octopus or Mister Fantastic to remove the helicopter and reveal a pad for Mister Fantastic. Use it to smash the box, then smash the box to the right of it to build a computer. Hack it by following the paths and connecting the colors together (the first line should be green, blue, red; second line red, green, blue; third line blue, red, green). The laser will turn, giving you the pieces to a pad for Captain America. Keep the laser deflected into the hole, and finally, you have Magneto, Storm, Cyclops, and Doctor Doom. Use Magneto’s magnetism to release the bars, then use Storm to power the generator. Assemble the pieces, then go to the left and use Magneto on some more bars, then assemble the pieces again. Put out the flames on the right with Storm, destroy the debris, and assemble the pieces again. Then switch to Cyclops and melt the gold objects, and assemble the last pieces to end the level.

Free Play

At the beginning of the first area, go to the right and use magnetism to destroy the blue box. Extinguish the flames nearby for a Canister, then head to the left side and use the claw switch for another Canister. In the second area, use magnetism to destroy the box in the left corner nearest to Galactus. Head right and destroy the final box for a Canister, then pull the door with magnetism for another Canister. In the third area, use a character with super strength to smash the wall on the left side for a Canister. Head around to the right and dig up the next Canister. After getting rid of the helicopter, head to the upper left corner and power the generator with electricity for a Canister, then melt the gold object for another Canister. In the final area, head to the back right corner (toward the screen) and hack the car, then hold down the A button to go and clean up the five puddles for a Canister. In the upper right corner, freeze the puddle in front of the crate for the final Canister. Lastly, the Stan Lee In Peril can be found by using Sandman on the sandbox in the upper left corner of the area.


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