Level 14: A Doom with a View

In this level you’ll need characters with the following abilities: Heat/Fire, Grappling, Agility, Super Senses, Hacking, Flight, Extinguishing, Explosives, Magnetism, Claws, Super Strength, and Power Cosmic.

You will also need the character Captain America.

First Time

After defeating the enemies, climb the stairs and smash the glowing blue hologram in the back. Go to the right and use Spider-Man’s super senses to find and use the grappling point. Go to the agility wall on the left and fly up with Spider-Man, then head to the left and destroy the next hologram. Switch to Captain America and climb the wall, then head across and destroy the center table. Assemble the pieces and throw your shield into the switch to raise a generator. Before dropping down, toss your shield at the hologram in the upper right corner. Switch to Storm and power the generator. Hop across and climb the ladder with Storm, power yourself up with electricity, and put out the flames to get the Canister. Use Thing to pull the handles and Captain America to throw the shield into the switch. Grapple with Spider-Man, then assemble the pieces and use Captain America to deflect the laser at the target to the right. Cross the platform and toss Captain America’s shield at the hologram above, then smash the wall with Thing and power the generator with Storm. Jump on the elevator, defeat a few more enemies, and head to the left. Throw Captain America’s shield at the last hologram up above for a Canister. Pull the handles on the wall with Thing, then grapple with Spider-Man and go onto the next area.

Get Captain America’s shield out to deflect the shots, then hover up the slope with Storm. Power the generator and head up with Captain America, then deflect the shots again. Use Spider-Man’s super senses to grapple, then assemble the pieces and toss in Captain America’s shield. Hover up with Storm and smash the crate, assemble the generator, and power it. Use Spider-Man’s super senses and smash through the wall with Thing. Switch to Captain America to deflect the shots again. Drop off the left side of the stairs and pull the handles with Thing for a Canister. Go up the stairs to the left and use Spider-Man’s super senses, then climb up to the Canister. Drop down and destroy the console, then rebuild it into a turnstile and push. Go to the right and pull the handles with Thing, then use either Captain America or Spider-Man to climb the wall and push the second turnstile. Use Storm to power the newly uncovered generator, then pull the handles with Thing to fly out.

Time for a boss battle with Doctor Doom. Defeat the initial 20 enemies, then Doctor Doom will send out the V-Series Doombot. Dodge his attacks until he trips, then hit him. Use Spider-Man to grapple on his face, and Doctor Doom will hop into a huge laser. Use Captain America for this portion and assemble the pad, then deflect his laser back at him, or more specifically, the three rings above him. He’ll drop down and electrocute you, so switch to another character and hit him. The cycle repeats, with Doombot, the laser, and hitting Doctor Doom. Do everything the same, then do it all a third time, minus the laser, and you’re done!

Free Play

From where you start, go to the left and melt the gold plate, then hack the UFO for a Canister. When you’ve reached the right side of the first area, blow up the silver wall with explosives and fly in for a Canister. Near the end of the first area, on the very highest ledge on the right, go to the left and use magnetism on the wall for a Canister.

At the end of the second area, drop down the right side of the stairs and dig up the Canister. Head up the stairs and to the left. Cut around the gold wall and assemble the pieces, then melt the statue for a Canister.

During the boss battle, fly up and to the left and use explosives on the silver part of the wall. Assemble the pieces with a Power Cosmic character and wait for the Canister to come out. You can also use the claw switch on the right side, assemble the pieces, and hack the console for the Stan Lee In Peril.


Go up the elevator and skydive off of the Helicarrier. Use Magneto and follow the ghost studs, then use your magnetism and get into the vehicle to fly back to the Helicarrier.


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