Level 13: Magnetic Personality

In this level you’ll need characters with the following abilities: Super Senses, Explosives, Grappling, Electricity, Magnetism, Power Cosmic, Super Strength, Extinguishing, Flight, Claws, Ice/Freezing, Mind Control, Teleportation, Hacking, and Telekinesis.

First Time

After defeating the seemingly endless slew of Magneto’s acolytes, head to the upper left corner of the area and smash the three green canisters. There may be more enemies on the upper ledges, so you can use any of the characters to fly up and defeat them as well. Then, head to the right side and smash the canisters here. Nearby you can use your super senses as Spider-Man and grapple to reveal a silver area that Iron Man must explode to reveal a generator for Thor to power. Walk toward the screen from here and smash the final canisters for a real Canister. Now head to the left side, use Iron Man’s explosives to reveal another generator, and power it up once again. Assemble the pieces and push the turnstile for a way out.

The enemies in this area won’t stop coming until you head next to their little hole and smash the wall, then assemble a barrier. All of your characters can fly, so fly over the broken bridge. Take care of a few more enemies, then use Spider-Man’s super senses to reveal a wall. Throw Thor’s hammer through and grapple with Spider-Man for some pieces to assemble. Power the generator and fly up to the upper area. Pull the levers on either side of the area (the one on the right must be smashed and rebuilt), then grapple to pull down the wall. Head through and use Iron Man to explode the ceiling for the Stan Lee In Peril. Use Spider-Man to grapple, then hack with Iron Man for a path to the boss battle with Magneto.

Similar to your boss battle with Mystique as Magneto, you’ll just have to wait until you have enough pieces to assemble something to throw at him. Iron Man throws the first object, then you can hit Magneto a few times and the process repeats. Thor throws the next object, and you can hit Magneto until he only has one heart left. Use Thor to power the generator after it is built, then Spider-Man must throw it to end the level.

Free Play

Walk toward the screen to the left corner from the first area, and use magnetism on the box. Assemble the pieces with a character that has Power Cosmic, then ride the ship for a Canister. To the right of the generator on the right side, use a telekinetic character to correctly place the pieces on the wall and fly up to the Canister. Head toward the upper right corner and use a character with super strength to pull the handles. Extinguish the flames and fly up to the Canister.

In the second area, fly up to the claw switch on the upper ledge and use it, then drop down and dig up the spot for a Canister. After crossing the bridge, use a character with magnetism on the blue wall and power up the generator, then use super senses and climb the wall to the Canister. After this is done, freeze the puddle for another Canister. Fly up to the upper ledge on the right side of the area and mind control the acolyte in the tube to jump to the Canister. From here, head right and teleport on the grate to another Canister.

During the boss battle, there are boxes to be destroyed with magnetism on ledges on the left and right side of the room, and one found by walking toward the screen, for a Canister.


Follow the ghost studs to go back to the Helicarrier, and go down in the elevator. Talk to Nick Fury to start the next level.


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