Level 12: Rapturous Rise

In this level you’ll need characters with the following abilities: Digging, Heat/Fire, Electricity, Super Strength, Super Senses, Grappling, Agility, Explosives, Extinguishing, Telekinesis, Magnetism, and Teleportation.

You will also need the characters Sandman and Captain America.

First Time

Start by destroying all of the plants and assembling them, then jumping on the pump to free Thing. Use his super strength to break down the wall and head up the path. Use Captain America’s shield to deflect the turret’s shots. Have Thing throw the rock at the wall, then throw Captain America’s shield in the switch and head through to defeat some enemies. There are two more turrets on either side of the area. Head to the right and pull the handles on the wall, then assemble the pieces and push the turnstile to raise a bridge. Head across and deflect the turret’s shots again, then go down the path and swing across using Captain America. Destroy the plants and throw your shield into the switch to disable the fence. Switch back to Thing and jump up to the handles and pull them. Smash the crane to give Captain America a way up and head through to the next area.

Smash the leaves off of the tree, then pull the handles. You’ll be attacked by some little dinosaurs to the right. Smash the red suitcase, then head down and pull the handles. Head up the path with Captain America and swing across, then pull the lever for a path for Thing. Smash the crates and random pieces here, then assemble them and pull the handles again. Head through the little tunnel and toss Captain America’s shield up at the red suitcase up on the ledge to the left. Another suitcase is to the right, found by jumping behind the plane. Destroy everything else on the ground in the open area and assemble the pieces, then ride the vehicle to clear the path. Use Captain America’s agility to slide across the pole along the bottom of the bridge, then drop down and head up. Deflect the turrets again, then head across the bridge and pull the switch. Head across with Thing and pull the handles on the wall. Pick up the rock and throw it at the wall, then climb up the ladder with Captain America and build the shield switch. Continue around the path without using it, though, and smash the final red suitcase for a Canister. Now use the switch to disable the electric fence and head through.

After defeating the enemies, remove the plants from the wall and destroy it. Assemble the pieces and power the generator with Storm. Use Captain America on the pad to deflect the lasers back at themselves. Assemble the generator and power it with Storm and go through to the boss battle with Rhino and Magneto. Smash everything on the ground that you can until the pieces start to bounce. You can assemble them into a giant pumpkin, then wait until Rhino runs into it and use Thing to hit him. Now wait until Magneto’s anvil is destroyed and assemble the pieces into a real anvil. Throw it at Magneto using Thing, and Magneto will fall, allowing you to hit him. Repeat this two more times to defeat Magneto once and for all– or not, because it’s actually Mystique.

Free Play

Dig up the spot where you begin the level, to the left of that spot, and up the small hill. Assemble the pieces into a crab and follow it to a Canister. Go to the small hill again and use a character with heat or fire to destroy the golden statue. Break the uncovered wall, then assemble the pieces and use Sandman to get a Canister. After you disable the first fence, use a character’s super senses to find a grappling point and pull down the car for a Canister. Near the end of the level, cut around the gold wall with a heat or fire ability for a Canister.

Head left from your starting point in the second area and melt the golden egg. The second egg is behind the lever you pull to make a path for Thing after swinging across. In the upper left corner of the area with the plane pieces, put out the fire around Stan Lee for the Stan Lee In Peril. The third golden egg is on the right side of the area. Nearby, use explosives on the silver door of the plane for a Canister. A fourth egg is to the right of the wall after the bridge. After pulling the handles, use a telekinetic character on the plants and build a grate for a character with teleportation to get a Canister. The final egg is at the very end of the area, after disabling the fence, and will get you another Canister.

On the left side of the third area, use a character with magnetism to pull down the statue for a Canister. Also, you can get the final Canister by digging up and smashing a few spots around the area: one to the right of where you start, another toward the screen from the wall, a third one on the right side of the area with the two lasers, one in the back left corner of the boss battle area, and one on the right side.


Follow the trail of ghost studs and use your super senses to find a computer. Use Iron Man to hack it, then walk onto the bridge and enter the jet.


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