Level 11: Taking Liberties

In this level you’ll need characters with the following abilities: Teleportation, Flight, Super Senses, Telekinesis, Explosives, Super Strength, Hacking, Grappling, Power Cosmic, Magnetism, Heat/Fire, and Freezing.

You will also need the character Mister Fantastic.

First Time

Walk to the right and you’ll see a whole pool of bright green toxic sludge. Hulk can walk through it without being harmed, and immediately after you do so, Liberty’s hand smashes through and blocks your path. Smash the wall inside of the sludge to make some platforms and allow the other characters across. Smashing the wall will also make a Canister appear. Head up the ladder and smash the wall there to reveal a claw switch. Activate it with Wolverine, then smash the crate and assemble the pieces for a pad for Mister Fantastic. Use it to make Liberty’s hand go away. Switch to Hulk and go down the stairs to head through the toxic waste. Pull the handles and step on the elevator, then switch to Mister Fantastic and pull yourself up with the grappling point. Glide across the gap, then switch to Wolverine and use his super senses to allow him to meet you by crawling on the wall. Smash through the wall, then switch to Mister Fantastic and hack the computer until Hulk can step off the elevator. Use him to pick up the handles and throw them to remove Liberty’s hand again. Hop across the gap, hack the computer with Mister Fantastic to allow Wolverine to cross, and cross through the toxic waste with Hulk. Now Mister Fantastic should be the only one who didn’t make it across, but that’s okay, we’ll get him there soon enough. Use Hulk to pull the handles on both sides, then Wolverine to activate the claw switches. This will remove the toxic waste and allow Mister Fantastic to join you. Use Hulk to step on the large button and the other characters to step on the smaller buttons to raise the elevator, and go inside to be taken to the next area.

Use Hulk to pull the handles and make the electricity-filled generator start to rotate. Run around it without touching it, then use Wolverine to climb across on the rope. Drop down and smash the rock on top of Stan Lee for the Stan Lee In Peril. Climb back across and use the claw switch to make the other generator start moving. This one’s a little tougher not to get electrocuted walking around, but there’s a small “rest stop” area halfway across that should help. Walk across the bridge and rip the wall open with Hulk, then switch to Wolverine and use his super senses. Before climbing the wall, head left for a Canister. Climb up and head up the stairs on the right, then use your super senses and climb across again. Activate the claw switch, then use the other characters and cross the neon lights on the bottom. Use Mister Fantastic to pull the door open and continue.

Defeat the enemies, then head up the stairs and smash the sign. Head back with Wolverine and use his super senses to climb the wall. Smash the sign on the right side, then use the claw switch. Hop on the elevator with Mister Fantastic and squeeze through the grate on the left. Smash the crate and assemble the pieces, then use your grappling ability to pull down a platform to let Hulk cross. Pull the handles on the wall and head up the stairs, then squeeze through the bars again. Smash the brown crate and assemble the pieces, then use the pad to make a path for the other characters to cross. Use either Hulk or Wolverine to smash the wall, then head up the stairs and smash the sign. Squeeze through the next grate and carefully walk across the plank. Grapple to pull down a bridge and use Hulk to pull the handles. Climb up the ladder, head to the left, and grapple here to allow Hulk to join you. Smash and reassemble the crate into a plank, smash the sign behind it, and inch across the plank. Smash the wall with Wolverine and assemble the pieces to put out the fire. Use Hulk to remove the debris on the other side and head up the stairs. Smash the final sign up here for a Canister, and use the claw switch with Wolverine to reveal your path to the boss battle.

Mastermind will begin by taking over Wolverine, so attack him a few times. Switch to him once his hearts are gone and mash the button shown to regain control of Wolverine. Next, he’ll go after Mister Fantastic. Anytime he attacks the character you’re playing as, switch to the other and attack. Another button mashing sequence, and finally he’ll switch to Hulk. Attack Hulk until he switches to Bruce, then attack Bruce. Switch to Wolverine and use his super senses to sniff out the real Mastermind. Attack him to end the level.

Free Play

Use a character with the power of flight to fly left from your starting point and drop down on the walkway. Use explosives on the silver pipes for a Canister, then head to the left. Use a character with teleportation to squeeze through the bars marked by the white circle on the ground and fly up to the Canister. Finally, head up the ladder and use telekinesis on the pot. This is the first of the three pots found in the area. The second is found after you get rid of Liberty’s hand and pull yourself up with the grappling point. The final pot is on the far right side of the area, in front of the third pool of toxic waste, and using telekinesis on it will give you the Canister.

Immediately after entering the second area, fly northwest to a Canister. In the same place where you rescued Stan Lee, use the grappling point and assemble the pieces with a Power Cosmic character for a Canister.

Use a character with magnetism on the lid up the stairs as you start the third area for a Canister. At the very end of the area, freeze the puddle, then use a character with heat or fire to melt it for a Canister.


Skydive off of the Helicarrier, then hop in the jet.


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