Level 9: Doctor in the House

In this level you’ll need characters with the following abilities: Telekinesis, Grappling, Electricity, Super Strength, Hacking, Invisibility, Teleportation, Heat/Fire, Magnetism, Mind Control, Flight, Super Senses, Digging, and Explosives.

You will also need the character Mister Fantastic.

First Time

You’ll start off with a skydiving sequence. Near the end, through the rings of studs, you’ll find a Canister.

Defeat the enemies, then use Mister Fantastic on the grappling point and Invisible Woman to stack the pieces and allow the heroes to climb up. The Thing has the ability to pull a rock from the ground, and you must do so in order to smash through the wall on the left. Use Mister Fantastic’s grappling ability to pull himself up, then pull the switch at the top to make a ladder so that the rest of the heroes can join you. Use Invisible Woman’s force field ability to redirect the beam onto the pole, then cross the path. Use the Thing to pull the handles on the wall, then use Invisible Woman to make a pad for Mister Fantastic. Use it, then use him to hack the computer and create another path. Cross and smash the wall with the Thing, then use Invisible Woman to place the platforms. Turn invisible once you’ve reached the top to sneak past the security camera and press the button. Use telekinesis on the case, then use Mister Fantastic to grapple up and assemble the pieces. Push the turnstile to disable the security camera and drop back down, then use the Thing to smash through the newly revealed wall. Have Invisible Woman move the debris and Mister Fantastic go through the bars, then glide to the opposite side and grapple across. Assemble the pieces and transform to open the door to the next area.

Head down the stairs and smash through the wall with the Thing. Use Invisible Woman to sneak past the camera, defeat the enemy, and use telekinesis on the wall to disable the camera. Use Mister Fantastic’s hacking ability to fix the bridge and cross, then use his grappling ability to pull down a ladder. Climb up and smash the statue in the center for some pieces to assemble, then switch to the Thing and throw the object with the handles at the wall on the other side. Use Invisible Woman on the pad to redirect the beam to the left, then cross the next bridge. Switch to Human Torch and you’ll be able to use him for the rest of the level. Defeat the enemies, then head up the staircase on the right side and melt the golden statue for a Canister. Go to the staircase on the left side and use the Thing on the handles, then climb up the ladder and switch to Nick Fury. Use Invisible Woman’s telekinesis, then melt the gold casing with Human Torch and pull the switch. Head through the doorway and use the grappling point with Mister Fantastic, defeat the enemies, and cut around the gold square on the elevator. Head in with the Thing to go to the boss battle with Green Goblin.

Defeat the enemies, then use Invisible Woman to assemble the pieces and Thing to throw the crate at Green Goblin. When he falls down, hit him until he’s lost three hearts, and he’ll fly away. Repeat the process, only this time you’ll assemble the pieces into a net and use Invisible Woman’s telekinesis to stop Green Goblin. Attack him again until he’s down to one heart, and he’ll eventually smash through the back window while you’re battling more enemies. Assemble the pieces, then use Mister Fantastic on the pad and hit Green Goblin a final time to end the level.

Free Play

In the first area, there will be five golden statues that you must destroy using a character with a heat or fire ability. The first one is found to the left of the starting point, behind some blocks, while the second is found immediately after smashing the first wall and climbing up. After crossing the force field-bridge to the area with the satellite dish, there is another golden statue in front of the dish. Fly up to the area with the dish and use a character with magnetism to reveal a Canister. Another golden statue is found in the left corner after climbing the platforms to reach the area with the security camera. After grappling up to the top of this area, melt the wall of ice with heat or fire, then mind control the character on the other side for a Canister. The final golden statue is found at the very end of the area, where you have Mister Fantastic squeeze through the bars; melt it for a Canister.

You’ll need your heat or fire ability again for this area. Use it on the pile of ice to the left from where you start, then assemble the pieces; you’ll have to do this five times in different areas. While you’re here, use explosives on the silver object on the wall. After climbing up the ladder, head right to the cannon and use a character with super senses to reveal a grappling point. Grapple to raise the cannon, then use a heat or fire ability on the small gold piece to fire it and get the Stan Lee In Peril. In the area where you rescue Human Torch, climb the stairs and melt the ice on the left, then assemble the pieces. Up the left staircase is another pile of ice and a dig spot, where you can assemble the pieces into a trampoline to reach a Canister. Up the right staircase is the fourth pile of ice. From here, fly up to the ledge and use explosives on the silver door, then power up the generator with electricity and fly up to the Canister. The last pile of ice is also here, next to the generator, and it will give you a Canister. Head left from here and use super senses to reveal another grappling point. Destroy the wall with explosives, then again with heat or fire for a Canister. Finally, fly up and use explosives to destroy the two silver objects on the wall for the last Canister.


All you have to do to head to the next level is skydive off of the Helicarrier, then follow the trail of ghost studs.


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