Level 10: That Sinking Feeling

In this level you’ll need characters with the following abilities: Hacking, Claws, Heat/Fire, Super Senses, Grapping, Magnetism, Electricity, Explosives, Flight, Digging, and Telekinesis.

You will also need the characters Sandman, Thor, and Captain America.

First Time

Spider-Man, Thor, and Iron Man– not a bad group to start with. After defeating the enemies, smash and assemble the pieces in the left corner and use Iron Man to connect the pipes. This will put out the fire in front of the gold wall, allowing you to cut through it. But before doing so, hack the console again and move the sprinkler to the left. Press the center button to put out the flames here for a Canister. Now, go back and cut through the wall, then use Spider-Man’s super senses to climb up. Use them again to reveal a grappling point, then pull it and drop back down to the lower level. Destroy the hologram under the stairs, then use your super senses once again to reveal the grappling point that’ll put out the fire. Smash the pieces on the ground and assemble them into a generator. Use Thor to power it up and open the door. Head through to be attacked by some more enemies, and after defeating them, head down the stairs. On the left edge of the water is another hologram of Doctor Doom to destroy. Head to the right and fly onto the top of the ship with Iron Man, then destroy the silver crates with his explosives. Use Thor to power the generator, then drop down and use Spider-Man’s super senses to grapple and get some pieces. Assemble them and use Iron Man to control the submarine. Head to the center and get the Canister before pressing the buttons on either side to build a bridge. Before crossing, fly back up to the boat and power the generator again, then use Iron Man to destroy the gold crate for a Canister. Cross the bridge and heat up the crate, then use Thor to power the generator to open the door at the top of the stairs. You’ll find the last hologram here, and get a Canister for destroying all three. Continue down the hallway and you’ll be thrown into a boss battle with M.O.D.O.K. Destroy the enemies until his force field goes down, then throw Thor’s hammer at him. When he falls, hit him to make him spiral out of control. Repeat these steps until he’s out of hearts to move onto the next area.

Jean Grey is helping you out by creating a force field, but you won’t be able to play as her. Head left and smash the pieces, then use Thor’s hammer and assemble the starfish. Use Spider-Man’s super senses to grapple and pull the wall down, revealing some enemies. Fight through them and head right. Use your super senses and grappling once again, then smash the pieces and continue. Use Iron Man’s explosives, then Thor’s hammer to clear your path, and use Iron Man’s explosives again to get rid of the leftover pieces. Use Iron Man’s laser to burn the gold shackles, then use Spider-Man’s super senses and grappling to pull the pillar down, allowing you to cross. Defeat some more enemies and use Thor’s hammer to smash through the wall to end the level.

Free Play

After extinguishing the fire in front of the gold wall at the start of the level, use the claw switch for a Canister. After climbing the wall, head to the right and use magnetism on the pipes to save Stan Lee In Peril. After opening the first door, use Captain America to throw his shield into the switch on the wall for a Canister.

At the start of the second area, head to the right and dig up the chest. After destroying the structure, use explosives on the pillar underneath the visible Canister above to uncover a sand pit, and use Sandman to go through and reach it. Head forward a bit and use telekinesis on the wall above you for a Canister. From here, head to the right and smash the sandcastle to uncover a Canister. Head up the slope to find another dig spot on the right. The final dig spot is at the very end, after pulling the pillar down, and will get you a Canister.


Just like the previous level, skydive off of the Helicarrier and follow the ghost studs to the next level.


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