Level 8: Juggernauts and Crosses

In this level you’ll need characters with the following abilities: Telekinesis, Heat/Fire, Mind Control, Extinguishing, Electricity, Freezing, Flight, Magnetism, Grappling, Explosives, Super Strength, Digging, and Teleportation.

You will also need the characters Sandman and Captain America.

First Time

Fight some enemies as the level begins, then destroy the debris in front of you until you can assemble the pieces into stairs. Head up, avoiding the fire, and use Jean Grey’s telekinesis on the picture of her. Then, use Cyclops to burn an X through the gold underneath and assemble the pieces. Pull the switch to make an escape hatch. Now head to the left side and destroy the gold statue with Cyclops, then use Jean’s telekinesis to reveal another switch. Pull it for the second escape hatch, and once the students have gone through, Juggernaut will bust through the walls. Follow him, fighting through a few more enemies until you reach the second area.

Head forward and Juggernaut will smash through the wall again, trapping you for the moment. Use Jean’s mind control power on the man on the other side of the fire to assemble the pieces in the bathroom, then open the door with telekinesis. Continue fighting through the enemies as you make your way around and eventually you’ll come to a doorway blocked by pieces of wall. Use Cyclops to melt the gold object, then Jean to move the rest. Head into the room to find Storm incapacitated by Toad, and press the indicated buttons to free her, giving you access to Storm. Storm can extinguish fires by hovering over them with her little tornado things, and you must do so with the fires around the room. Then, smash the piano in the back left corner and assemble the pieces into a chair. Use Jean to move all three chairs, which will raise a generator that you must power using Storm. When the wall is lowered, defeat the enemies and use Cyclops to cut around the gold rectangle on the wall. Use Jean’s telekinesis to hook it up to the generator and Storm’s electricity to power it. Head out into the next area.

There are five statues around this area, the first being behind the fire to the right as you begin. Use Cyclops it to destroy it. From the first one, shoot the second one above the doorway you came in and to the right. Continue right and down the stairs from the X statue to find Pyro and Iceman in battle. Switch to Iceman and freeze Pyro, then head back up the stairs to see a battle between Juggernaut and Colossus. To the right from here you’ll find another statue next to the broken stairs. Head back to the fountain and use Iceman to freeze it to create some stairs, then head up and to the right. Use him to put out the fires, then use Cyclops to destroy the gold object on the other side of the gap and Iceman again to freeze the puddle into a bridge. Go across and you’ll find the final two statues, one along the balcony to the right and one down the stairs and to the right, earning you a Canister. Use Jean to clear the vines away from the window, then have Cyclops cut around it to allow you to the fourth area.

Use Jean to move the bookcase with telekinesis, then mind control the person inside and pull the switch. Step on the corresponding buttons to the screen to open the hatch and allow the students to exit. Defeat a few more enemies, then assemble the pieces and use Jean to allow the heroes up to the balcony. Use Iceman to extinguish the flames on the other side, Jean to assemble the bridge, and Cyclops to melt the gold hinges to gain access to the next area, or rather, back to the first area.

Drop down and head up the stairs on the right, then extinguish the flames on the stairs and the top balcony. Assemble the suits of armor and place them on their pedestals, then use Storm to power the generator. Defeat a few more enemies and head into the elevator.

Here’s your boss battle with Juggernaut, and the location of the final Canister. Use Jean’s telekinesis to destroy the computer screens, one in each corner of the area. If you’re able to ignore the enemies attacking you while you do this, you should be able to ignore them long enough to redirect the path of whatever Juggernaut throws at you. This will bring him down one heart and prevent him from attacking for a while, other than just running around in circles. Use Iceman to put out the flames in the left corner, then use Jean to assemble some pieces and pull the levers using two characters. Destroy the box, assemble the pieces, and use Jean’s telekinesis on the radio, then Iceman to freeze Juggernaut in place and Jean again to toss him. Head to the right side and do the same thing, starting with redirecting the box he throws at you and extinguishing the flames. Use Beast to hack, then smash the crate and use Jean to build an alarm clock. Freeze Juggernaut in place once again, then use Jean to toss him. Now that he’s down to his last heart, he’ll toss another crate at you, the pieces from which you can assemble to make another computer and hack it with Beast. Press the correct arrows to bring Beast onto the ground and initiate a quick sequence between him and Jean: mash the correct button until you can mind control him, then pull the handles on the wall. Freeze him a final time, then toss him to end the level.

Free Play

At the start of the level, fly up and to the left to a small balcony. Use a character with magnetism on the phonograph for a Canister. Drop down from here and extinguish the flames to your right, then melt the lock off of the bookshelf. Assemble the books into an X for a Canister.

Use a grappling character to open the door behind  you as you start the second area to get another Canister. After mind controlling the man near the beginning, open the door and destroy the stall in the bathroom with explosives. Use a telekinetic character to get the Canister. After freeing Storm from Toad, use a character with magnetism on the blue statue to the left of the doorway for a Canister.

As you enter the third area, head right and put out the flames on top of the box. Assemble the pieces and use a super strong character to move the box. Assemble the pieces again into a trampoline for the Stan Lee In Peril. To the right of the X statue, destroy the silver objects with explosives to reveal a digging spot. Dig it up and assemble the pieces, then use Sandman for a Canister. Once you’ve reached the balcony, dig up the pieces of a chainsaw and assemble them. Use a telekinetic character to use the chainsaw for a Canister.

After mind controlling the character in the fourth area, head to the right and use a character with magnetism to get some pieces. Assemble them into a shield switch and use Captain America to throw his shield in. Since the glass is down from when you mind controlled the character, you can use a teleportation character to go through the grate for a Canister and reach the balcony.


Follow the trail of ghost studs and use the Invisible Woman’s telekinesis on the stand. Assemble the pieces, then use Mister Fantastic to reveal the vehicle and ride to the next level.


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