Star Wars TCS: Super Story Tips and Walkthroughs (In Progress – Episodes I Through IV Complete)

When I completed Star Wars: TCS to 100℅, the achievement didn’t unlock. So, since I’m a freak about these things, I’m going back and playing the game to 100% all over again in the hopes that I’ll get the achievement. I’ve just made it through story mode of Episode I and remembered that I didn’t really mention Super Stories much, if at all, so here’s a quick explanation: the game gives you an hour time limit to finish all six levels in the episode and collect a total of 100,000 studs. Completing a Super Story doesn’t earn you a Gold Brick, just percentage toward the 100%. It’s very likely that, if you’re very close to 100% and don’t know what you’re missing, it’s the Super Stories.

A few things to remember when working on Super Stories:

  • The one-hour time limit is a challenge, not a requirement. You can go over the hour and still get the percentage toward your 100% completion. Same goes with the 100,000 studs.
  • If you do want to get through as quickly as possible (and you probably will, because six levels nonstop is tiring and sometimes even boring), only collect the studs that are laying around or appear by doing things you would have to do to move on in the level anyway. Basically, don’t smash or Force things for more studs– it just wastes time.
  • Don’t explore the areas; just do what you need to do to get through the levels.
  • Sometimes you can sneak past enemies– do this as much as you can.

Here I’ve chronicled my Super Story playthroughs so that you can see exactly what I did to get in and get out as fast as I could. I’ll post it and update whenever I finish a new Super Story.

Episode I: The Phantom Menace

Negotiations: Collect the studs laying around in the first room, then Force the doors open and battle the droids. Continue down the hallway, defeating more droids, then take a right and do the same thing again. Use TC-14 to activate the panel and head through, then Force the switch on the wall and assemble the pieces for another panel. Activate it using TC-14 and head through. Smash the crates for some studs, then Force the barrier off of the wall and battle some more droids. Head through the doorway to the second area.
Battle the droids here while collecting any studs laying around, then head to the left and drop down for a path of studs. Hop back up to the upper level at the end of the path, collect the power-up, and drop down again to collect some studs while battling some more droids and Droidekas. Once they’re gone, get the rest of the studs on the ground and on the upper ledge to the right, then Force the platform and hop over. Collect some more studs on the ground and on top of the transport. Disable the force field and battle the droids that subsequently appear, then use TC-14 on the panel and head inside. Total Time So Far: 4:29. Total Studs So Far: 23,250.

Invasion of Naboo: Head forward, keeping your Lightsaber out in case any of the droids decide to attack. Head right into the clearing for a group of studs, then back onto the path. A group of four droids will attack near the fallen tree, then five more once you’ve Forced the tree up. Collect the studs along the sides of the path and Force the engine until the transport explodes. Collect as many studs as you can before they disappear, then take care of the five droids. Collect some more studs along the sides of the path. A quick cutscene will give you Jar Jar, then you can finish collecting the studs on the stairs and head into the second area.
Collect the studs on the ground, then Force the mosaic of Jar Jar into a platform and collect the studs in the alcove. Hop across and drop down for more studs, then Force the gears and jump up on the platform with Jar Jar for four blue studs. Keep jumping up and across, collecting any studs along the way, and defeat the droid in the alcove and the two once you’ve reached the ground. Force the blocks into a platform, then use Jar Jar to jump onto the ledge for some more blue studs. Jump across on the platform and defeat two more droids, then smash the stone face on the wall for some more studs and head into the third area.
Collect any studs laying around, Force the platform and drop down for a blue stud, and head up the ramp. Go through the swamp, battling any droids, and head for the power-up behind the tree on the right side. Drop down, take care of the droids, and Force the wood in the back for lots of studs. Switch to Jar Jar and head to the right, jumping up on the ledge and collecting any studs before lowering the rock. Head through to the final area.
Collect some more studs while fighting through droids and heading toward the water. Get the studs at the edge before going in and finishing the level. Total Time So Far: 9:58. Total Studs So Far: 58,730.

Escape from Naboo: Ignoring the studs, head straight for the droids and start attacking. Grapple up and head along the balcony, collecting a few studs at the end, then grapple up again. Go left for a blue stud, then attack two more droids and destroy the flowers at the end for another grappling point. Destroy the gold canister on the right for a power-up, then destroy the flowers and windows for studs. Grapple up again, defeat the droids, and head for the exit on the right.
Head toward the screen and collect the studs, then destroy the flowers for more studs. Collect some more on your way to the droids, then defeat them and head to the next area.
Get whatever studs you can in this little circular room before shooting one of the windows and breaking out. Destroy the droids along the balcony, then head left and drop down. Defeat a few droids, then head along the balcony to the right for some studs and grapple back up. Head right, shoot the target, and go through to the next area.
Destroy the green casing and drop down, quickly switching to one of the Jedi, and get rid of the droids. Grab the power-up and continue forward, moving along the stairs in order to collect the studs on the stairs and those on the ground at the same time. Defeat the droids, then destroy the gold canisters to get the elevators moving and use either Queen Amidala or Captain Panaka to hop on the elevators and shoot the targets on the wall. This will raise the gate, allowing you into the next area.
Destroy the flowers for some more studs and continue to the droids. Defeat the first group, then head up to the second group. Jump to the upper level and push the first two buttons on the skylights, then defeat the next two droids and push the third button. Drop down and defeat the rest of the droids, then destroy the casing with the green lights and jump into the hole to end the level. Total Time So Far: 16:35. Total Studs So Far: 84,740.

Mos Espa Pod Race: Ignore all studs, poles, etc. and just focus on hitting all of the boost pads and going as fast as ou can. You’ll automatically hit a bunch of poles and get a ton of studs anyway, and if you were anywhere near my stud total so far from the previous level, there’s a good chance you’ll be over 100,000 by the time the level’s over. (Just look at the difference between my stud total from the previous level and for this level.). All you have to do is make it through three laps and be in first place by the end. Total Time So Far: 19:35. Total Studs So Far: 132,480.

Retake Theed Palace: Since I’ve reached my stud goal, I’ll be ignoring the studs from here on out for the most part, but keep collecting any loose studs if you haven’t made it yet. There’s a ton of droids and two Droidekas up ahead for you to defeat, then Force the blocks into a ramp and use R2-D2 on the panel to get to the next area.
Force the hook and the platform, then head forward where some more droids and Droidekas will attack. Step on the buttons on the floor and a few more droids will be revealed. Head down the hallway for four more droids, then destroy the statue on the left. Assemble the pieces into a panel and use R2-D2 to open the door. Head out into the next area.
There’s three sets of droids on the ground level, so once they’re defeated, head forward and Force the blocks into stairs. A few more droids are waiting up here. Once they’re gone, Force the bridge together and head forward for one more set of droids. Walk along the balcony, destroying the large crate on the opposite side with the Force, then destroy the flower pot and step on the button. Use Anakin to crawl through the vent to reach the other side, then through another vent and step on the button to open the door. Drop down and go back to the other side, then head to the next area.
There are two sets of droids on the ground level. By the time you defeat them both you should be on the far right side. Force the pieces onto the elevator, then head to the left and destroy the flowers for a grappling point. Go back to the beginning of the area and use one of the Jedi to stand on one of the crates. Force each other up, hop onto the window sill, Force the next platform up, and hop across to the vent. Step on all of the buttons to raise the gate to the next area.
Take care of the droids, then head toward the stairs for a few more droids to run out. Up the stairs you’ll find a Droideka. Destroy the statue in the center once it’s been defeated and head down the stairs and to the right.
Walk into the hangar and head to the left. Start by destrying the gold canister to reveal a grappling point, then grapple up and hop across. Shoot the droid, then drop back down. In the back corner, stack the large crate, then the two smaller crates using the Force, then climb up and destroy the droid up here. Head right and you’ll be attacked by a group of droids and a Droideka. To the right of this group will be two more droids to destroy, and directly to their left are two crates for the Jedi to stand on to force each other up. The final droid will be found up here, so after destroying it you can head toward the far right. Activate the panel with R2-D2 to end the level. Total Time So Far: 30:26. Total Studs So Far: 136,180.

Darth Maul: Head to the edge of your side and some droids will run out. Deflect their bolts back at them to destroy them, then Darth Maul will try to Force something at you. Use your Force to redirect it back at him, and the droids will return. Do the same thing as you did before a few more times, and eventually Darth Maul will leave. Force the pieces down to reach the other side and go through the door.
Just follow Darth Maul, jumping across gaps and Forcing platforms until you reach the end.
Hop onto the platform in the center, then onto the one after that. Droids will be called in, so defeat them as quickly as you can. Next you’ll be faced with two Droidekas, so just deflect their bolts back until they’ve been destroyed. Hop onto one of the platforms and step on the button to raise another platform and reach the next area.
Just keep flipping the switches until you reach the end.
Hit Darth Maul as many times as you can before he jumps up on a platform and Forces things at you. Force them back, and eventually he’ll jump down where you can finish him off.

Total Time: 35:51. Total Studs: 140,320.

Episode II: Attack of the Clones

Bounty Hunter Pursuit: Keep the button to shoot held in during the entire level, and don’t go after piles of studs– you can do this in the actual character levels. Just follow the other vehicle through to the second area.
Shoot all of the turrets, then fly over each white light on the ground. Collect three torpedoes from the center and shoot the yellow things, then refill and shoot them on the opposite side. Follow the other vehicle.
Follow the vehicle around the area and through the tunnel at the end.
Exactly like the second area, only with more turrets and things to explode with torpedoes at the end. Shoot the turrets, shoot down the blue things, fly over the white lights, collect the torpedoes, and shoot down the yellow things to continue.
Keep your shoot button held in and attack the other vehicle until the level ends. Total Time So Far: 6:18. Total Studs So Far: 23,400.

Discovery on Kamino: Go ahead and collect some of those tempting studs that are lying around everywhere. Force the gears near the Kaminoan, then follow her to the next area.
Follow her through the second area.
Step on the buttons to light them all up, then Force the handle down. After a quick cutscene, head down the left hallway and use R4-P17 to unlock the panel on the wall. Head through to the next area.
Follow the Kaminoan down the hall and through the door.
Defeat the drones, then exit the room back into the previous area.
Deflect the bolts and follow Jango Fett into another room.
Follow him through the escape hatch.
Follow Jango Fett, getting close enough to the detonators to set them off but staying far enough away that you won’t be killed in the blast. Once you reach the button, step on it and use R4-P17 to hover across and step on the opposite button to allow Obi-Wan across. Force away the blockage from the panel, then activate it and continue.
Head down the hall with R4-P17, activate the panels on the wall, then switch to Obi-Wan and defeat the drones. Force away the blocks on the left side and activate the panel to move onto the final area.
Deflect Jango Fett’s shots, then Force his detonators back at him. Hit him a final time to end the level. Total Time So Far: 12:32. Total Studs So Far: 47,520.

Droid Factory: A bunch of Geonosians are hiding in the cracks of the walls, and once you’ve defeated them all, the door to the second area will open.
Walk across the conveyor belt, being careful not to touch the presses, which will automatically kill you. A Droideka will attack after passing through the first press. Head past its location to two more presses in a row, after which you’ll be reunited with R2-D2. A few droids are around the corner. You can Force the fans together for some studs, or just Force the last one and ride it up to the next area.
Grapple up and shoot the target with Padme. Drop down and hop across, then grapple up again and shoot the second target. Wait for the bucket to come back, then hop on and jump off on the other side. Drop down to the lower level if you aren’t already there, then use Anakin to Force the piece on the wall and Padme to shoot the target. Ride the bucket up into some droids and a Droideka, and destroy them before dropping down again. Quickly hop across the next bucket, then cross the gap and destroy the crates. Activate the Astromech panel and go through to the next area.
Use the Force on the center console to allow Anakin and C-3PO onto the platform. Force it two more times to turn it, then Force the other one. Cross to the second one and Force it until you can reach the other side. Activate the panel with C-3PO and go through to the next area.
Defeat a bunch more Geonosians until you reach the lava pit. Grapple up with Padme and shoot the pieces down, then Force them up with Anakin. Cross with R2-D2 and activate the panel, then defeat the two Droidekas and activate the panel with C-3PO.
Activate the right panel, then Force the crate down and hit it to destroy the force field. Grab the power-up and head through, defeating all of the enemies. Once they’re gone, Force Obi-Wan’s restraints off to end the level. Total Time So Far: 22:00. Total Studs So Far: 102,980.

Jedi Battle: Destroy the required five droids and two Droidekas, then Force Padme down. Head to the right, where you’ll find Anakin surrounded by five Super Battle Droids and two more Droidekas. Force Anakin down once they’re gone, and head right again for two Super Battle Droids and five Droidekas. Force Obi-Wan down and prepare for more battle. First, six droids, then three droids and three Super Battle Droids. Finally, a quick and easy battle with Jango Fett, and the level’s over. Total Time So Far: 27:45. Total Studs So Far: 116,250.

Gunship Cavalry: Start off by going through and shooting all of the enemies in the area, so that you won’t have as much trouble with the cable. Remember that lasers are not your friend. Head back to the dispenser once the enemies are gone and use your cable to tow the little bomb to one of the sides of the force field. Go back for another and hit the other side to disable the force field. Repeat the process, beginning with destroying all enemies. Destroy the sides of the next force field with the two little bombs, then head through to the second and final area.
Just keep shooting to get rid of the enemies once again, then seek out the dispenser. Use it to destroy each of the lasers with a bomb, then once a set of two lasers next to each other has been destroyed, shoot the three little blue things that appear. Get them all to end the level. Total Time So Far: 34:50. Total Studs So Far: 159,490.

Count Dooku: Follow Dooku and you’ll be attacked by three droids. Continue following him and he’ll send five Geonosians to attack, shutting the door behind him. Defeat them, then step on the button on the right side and allow the other player to step on the next one. Continue this way until you can reach the top and pull down the levers together to open the door. Drop down and go through the door for your boss battle with Dooku.
Hit Dooku enough times to make him lose three hearts and he’ll start to Force things at you. After Forcing them back, Anakin’s out of the battle an Yoda is in. Make Dooku lose three more hearts and he’ll shock whichever character you’re playing as, temporarily incapacitating them. Switch to the other character and hit him. This will happen three times, after which you can finish him off by hitting him.

Total Time: 37:46. Total Studs: 166,070.

Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

Battle Over Coruscant: Remember the controls for up and down in this level are flipped. Keep shooting no matter what, although you won’t need to hit anything until the five red circles. Stay low when flying under the ship, then you won’t have to do much until when you have to shoot two more red circles on a tower. Shoot the next two red circles to open the gate, then two more at the end of the level. If you followed my advice to never stop shooting, this level should have almost earned you your entire goal of 100,000 studs. Total Time So Far: 3:42. Total Studs So Far: 76,250.

Chancellor In Peril: Destroy the droids, then use the Force and head through to the next area. Battle some more droids, then drop down and battle a few more. Force the platforms onto the wall, hop up, destroy a few more droids, then use the Force on the grate on the wall and head through. More droids to battle are here, and you’ll be reunited with R2-D2. Use him to open the door on the far right, then Force the box out and Force it again to drop a ramp to the next area. Head right and use the Force on the wall panel to allow you to get to the upper level. Defeat the Droideka and use R2-D2 on the panel. You’ll battle Dooku after going inside, and during this battle, just remember to switch characters and hit him when he incapacitates you. Head up the stairs and through the doorway and start your race down the hall. Avoid the holes and head through the door. Head down the next hallway, using the Force on the gears if needed, then using R2-D2 on the panel. Carefully maneuver him around the platform and to the next panel to continue. Battle Grievous’s bodyguards and a few more droids, then use the Force on the switches to end the level. Total Time So Far: 11:06. Total Studs So Far: 83,910.

General Grievous: Hit Grievous once and he’ll jump away. Shoot the canisters next to him and he’ll hop back, allowing you to get him down three more hearts. When he jumps away for the second time, Force the pieces to make a bridge and head across. Go up as far as you can, Force the platform, and use Commander Cody to stand on it, jump, and shoot the canister next to Grievous. He’ll jump down again and you can battle him until he’s left with only three hearts. Go back to where you were previously and Force the pieces into some stairs. Climb up, then destroy the brick wall and Force a canister over to Grievous. Shoot it again, hop down, and finish Grievous off. Total Time So Far: 13:20. Total Studs So Far: 85,550.

Defense of Kashyyyk: Use the Force on the generators and head down the path to the clones. Defeat them after a small cutscene, then Force the generators here and begin your rescue of the Wookiees. Start by using Chewbacca to grapple up and across to save the first Wookiee. Follow this Wookiee and head to the right, destroying some junk on the ground to make a grappling point to reach the second one. From here, go straight down the path to the last one, then turn left after saving it and step on the buttons to lower the bridge. Head to the right and go through to the next area. Go to the left and Force the bridge, then Force the plant on the ground for a grapple point. Shoot the two targets to lower the bridge and go through. Defeat the droid commanders on the top ledges of the rocks, then fight through the remaining droids until you are able to head down the path. Fight your way through the enemies until you can Force the plants near the maze with the rocks to make platforms. Hop up, Force any rocks that come too close, then Force the platforms at the end. Step on the buttons and fight through some more enemies. Force the four corners at the end and hit them, then Force the pod out of the ground. Total Time So Far: 23:48. Total Studs So Far: 98,650.

Ruin of the Jedi: Fight through the disguised clones and Force the door to the next area. Fight some more, Force the red pillar into stairs, head up, destroy the clone here, and drop down on the other side. Force away the red objects and then the gears to open the door. Battle your way through some more clones until you reach the end of the hallway. Starting on the left side, Force the platforms until you can reach the switch or the button to deactivate the force field, then the switch, until you are able to exit. Through this door, some more clones will attack. Once you defeat them, Force the disc on the right to end the level. Total Time So Far: 29:16. Total Studs So Far: 103,210.

Darth Vader: Carefully make your way around the holes and lava until you reach the next area. Force some beams for more time, then head to the right and clear the beams from the door. Work with the other character to open it and go to the next area. Clear the buttons and stand on them to drop a platform. Hop across and Force the objects together to raise another platform. Your goal now is to make it to the center without dying in the lava, so head to the left and toward it once you get across the long, straight beams. Once you are on it it will drop, so jump up as it falls to reach the rock before you fall into the lava. The fight with Anakin is extremely easy, and then the level will end.

Total Time: 32:52. Total Studs: 125,220.

Episode IV: A New Hope

Secret Plans: Assemble the pieces in front of you, grab a few studs that are lying around, then head forward. Pull the handles and head to the left. Shoot through the Storm Troopers and head out the door. Grapple up to the top, assemble the pieces, and head through the door on the other side. Another quick battle with some Storm Troopers, then pull the handles on each side of the wall. Shoot the canisters next to Vader and head through the door once he’s gone. Through the next room you’ll fight some more Storm Troopers, then head into another room. Push the boxes onto the red lights and fight through a few more Storm Troopers to get C-3PO, then use him on the panel for R2-D2. Use him on the next panel and head into the next room. Hop on the crane and toss the Storm Troopers into the pit, and your buddy will lower the bridge for you. Stay on the crane and help C-3PO across, then hop off and use him on the panel to the next area. Fight through another set of enemies, continuing forward. Build the bridge for the droids and do the same in the next room to the right. Open the left and front panels with R2-D2 and pull the switch inside, then use C-3PO on the right panel. Go inside with R2-D2 and open the last panel to end the level. Total Time So Far: 7:16. Total Studs So Far: 14,220.

Through the Jundland Wastes: Begin by destroying the boards on the right side to lower the boulder and allow you to the upper level. Fight through enemies until the end of the section, where you must Force the broken piece of ship to make a bridge. Deflect the Tusken Raiders’ bolts with Ben’s lightsaber and assemble the pieces, then push the box to the end to use as a boost. Hop over to the pieces on the ground and head forward. Build the grappling point, Force down the platform, and grapple up, then pull the handle to allow Ben up. Force the next platform and pull the next handle, then head to the roof and pull the two handles. Drop back down and go into the ship. Destroy all the ladders and turn the wheels to open the door, then pull the handle on the right and push the box in front of R2-D2 to free him. Use him on the panel and go inside. Walk across each set of buttons and pull the handles. Go into the next room and kill the Jawas to prevent them from zapping the droids. Use R2-D2 on the panel, push the turnstile, and use him on the panel again to free C-3PO. Use him on the next panel, then Force the poles and head out. Fight through some more Tusken Raiders and use C-3PO on the nearest panel. Build the little bridge and use him on the next panel. Head up the hill, Force the pieces to make a bridge, push the crate, and Force the next pieces while fighting off more enemies. Use C-3PO on another panel and head forward. Assemble the pieces on the speeder, fly across, assemble the pieces to the switch, and pull it. Fight through the Storm Troopers, then stand on the buttons to end the level. Total Time So Far: 20:02. Total Studs So Far: 33,610.

Mos Eisley Spaceport: Head to the end of the area and fight through some Storm Troopers until you are able to Force the stairs into a ramp for C-3PO. Use him on the panel at the top and go through, then fight through some more Storm Troopers. Now, you’re going to want to build an AT-ST. Destroy the garbage cans on the side and build a ramp for C-3PO, then use him on the panel. Destroy the other garbage cans for some pieces to assemble. On the other side, use R2-D2 on the panel and Force out some more pieces. Force the AT-ST together, and, of course, someone else steals it before you. Get him out and use the AT-ST to destroy the barrier ahead. Fight through another set of Storm Troopers with an AT-ST to continue forward. Shoot the beams that hold the droids in place, then step on the buttons and enter the bar. Leave as Han Solo or Chewbacca and assemble the grappling point, then follow the Imperial Spy. Swing across, pull the handle, and push the box over the edge, then push it to the end of the area and shoot it. Keep fighting through enemies, then jump onto a Dewback and use it to launch you over the left side. Follow the Imperial Spy to the final area and fight through two sets of enemies before facing off with him. After defeating him (the best way is to use Ben to confuse him, then hit him four times in a row), finish off the rest of the enemies and head into the Millennium Falcon. Total Time So Far: 31:36. Total Studs So Far: 46,200.

Rescue the Princess: Use the Force on the door, fight through the Storm Troopers, and put on a helmet to activate the Imperial panel. Fight some more enemies and assemble the pieces, then use R2-D2 on the panel. Fight through the next set of enemies and Ben will Force across a bridge for you. Continue through, shooting whatever barriers or enemies as needed and activating Imperial panels. Build the turnstile and push the bridge, then continue through the next areas fighting enemies. Build and activate the Imperial panel, then head forward to the elevator and go inside. Defeat the enemies, assemble the pieces, and pull the switches to open a room with lots of switches. The last one on the right is Leia’s, and you can step on the buttons to free her and end the level. Total Time So Far: 38:09. Total Studs So Far: 59,130.

Death Star Escape: Assemble the pieces and pull the handle, then fight through enemies. Continue through and pull the handle on the wall until it is on the last setting. Drop down and handle the enemies again, then push the platform over to the turnstile. Push the turnstile, then grapple back up and across to the top of the platform. Pull the handle, push the crate off, and ride the sweeper across the five buttons on the ground. Grapple back up and across, then activate the Imperial panel. Defeat some more enemies, assemble the pieces, pull the switches, and push the crate until you reach the next area. Pull the three switches and jump across. Assemble the pieces, grapple up, pull the switch, and head up the elevator. Use the next Imperial panel and head into the next area, then pull the switches. Defeat all enemies needed to build the grappling point and grapple across. Do so again and use the Imperial panel, then head down the hallway continually shooting. This next part is tricky: immediately pull the handles to shut the doors, then get rid of the remaining enemies. Quickly assemble the pieces on the ground and shoot the middle. Head to the right, fighting through enemies, until you can assemble the pieces and push the wall to free C-3PO and R2-D2. Push the blue object and assemble the pieces for a grappling point, then pull the handle. Use R2-D2 to activate the nearest panel, then use him on the panel on the left side to get a sweeper. Ride across the buttons. Pull the handle on the left side and use C-3PO to float up and activate the panel. After destroying all remaining enemies, the door to the Falcon will open, allowing you in. Total Time So Far: 54:54. Total Studs So Far: 88,650.

Rebel Attack: Ship level, so you’ll definitely earn the rest of the studs you need if you haven’t already. As always, my advice is to never stop shooting. You pretty much just have to collect torpedoes and shoot them at the pink targets (four in the first section, eight in the next two). Head through the trench, then destroy the turrets and shoot your final pink torpedo at the center to end the episode.

Total Time: 1:00:18. Total Studs: 145,360.

Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back


Episode VI: Return of the Jedi


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  1. Jason Phelps

    A bit of an error or really misleading in Chancellor in Peril. You don’t say anything but “carefully maneuver R2 around the beam” when you actually have to destroy the Lego panel and it becomes a ramp that R2 can then roll over. You cost me about 20k just trying to fly around that beam, over and over sigh… 1st world problems

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