Level 7: Bifrosty Reception

In this level you’ll need characters with the following abilities: Heat/Fire, Electricity, Flight, Claws, Digging, Super Senses, Grappling, Explosives, Magnetism, Telekinesis, and Super Strength.

You will also need the characters Thor and Captain America.

First Time

The first sequence will be your flight to Asgard, and there isn’t much you can do besides collect studs. However, there is also a Canister found in the upper left corner.

Use Human Torch to melt the ice in the middle of the room, and walk behind the sword that’s revealed for a Canister. Assemble the pieces into a generator and use Thor to power it to open the door, then defeat some enemies before heading out.

Fight through the 20 indicated enemies on your way down the bridge to Loki. Once you reach him, he’ll mind control the character you’re playing as, so switch to another one and hit him to make him disappear. Melt the ice on the door using Human Torch, then throw Thor’s hammer at the door to gain access to the next area.

Defeat some more enemies, then fly up to Loki. The character you use will be mind controlled, so use another flying character (whichever one you didn’t use to get up there) and attack Loki. He’ll disappear again, leaving you to find an escape. Start by melting the ice in the left corner to reveal a flower, then smash the pieces on the ground and assemble them into a ramp to allow the other characters to join you. Use Wolverine’s super senses to climb the wall and activate the claw switch at the top, then use Thor to power the generator below, then defeat some more enemies and use Human Torch to melt the statue. Assemble the pieces into a shield switch and throw Captain America’s shield in to raise a turnstile. Push it for stairs to the upper level and meet up with Loki above, who will once again mind control your character. Switch to another and hit him to make him disappear again, then fight the rest of the enemies. To the left of the “super senses” sparkles will be another chunk of ice that you must melt to reveal a flower, and the final one will be to the right. Melting all three will earn you a Canister. Destroy everything to the left of the third flower and use Wolverine to dig up some pieces, which may then be assembled into a Canister. Now, use Wolverine’s super senses and dig up the pieces, then assemble and activate the claw switch. Use Thor to power the generator and start the elevator to allow the other characters up. Use Wolverine’s super senses again, then throw Thor’s hammer at the statue and melt it with Human Torch. Assemble the pieces to make Loki appear again, and follow him into the next room. Loki will create duplicates of himself, so use Wolverine’s super senses once again to figure out which one is real. Attack the real Loki, then assemble the pieces and throw Captain America’s shield into the switch to open the doors to the final area.

Loki will get the Destroyer to fight for him first, but before tending to that, use Human Torch to melt the two golden statues on each side of the stairs. Next, use him to melt the ice around the back of the lower level, revealing some pieces you can build into a shield pad. Use Captain America to deflect the Destroyer’s beam back at Loki, and he’ll destroy the shield pad. Using Human Torch, go around the Destroyer and melt the final statue for a Canister. Switch to Thor and approach the Destroyer, then hit him with the hammer and Loki will regain control. Repeat the previous steps twice to defeat the Destroyer and get Loki down to his last heart. Loki will try his duplicating trick again, so use Wolverine to detect the real one and he’ll mind control you. Switch characters and hit him a final time to end the level.

Free Play

In the first room, use a grappling character on the right side, then melt the golden eye with a character with heat or fire for a Canister. Underneath the leftmost spinning wheels in the back is a silver wheel lying on the ground; destroy it with explosives for the Stan Lee In Peril.

After defeating Loki on the bridge, use a character with explosives to destroy the silver statue on the left, then use a grappling character to pull down the Canister. As for the statue on the right, use a character with magnetism for another Canister.

Defeat Loki again on the stairs, then fly up to the far left and destroy the silver object with explosives. Use a character with electricity to power the generator, then drop down and move the ice with telekinesis. Melt the ice for the Canister. After powering Thor’s generator to reach Loki for a second time, go down the stairs and fly over the ice to reach a secret balcony. Destroy the object on the right and assemble the pieces, then use explosives on the one on the left and assemble some more. Push the turnstile, then assemble the handle and use a character with super strength to pull it. Assemble the pieces once again, then lift the hand with telekinesis for the Canister.


Use Jean Grey to mind control Stan Lee and make him build the broken pipe, then use Jean’s telekinesis to turn the wheel. Go to the right and use her telekinesis again to open a door to the next level.


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