Level 6: Red Head Detention

In this level you’ll need characters with the following abilities: Invisibility, Explosives, Hacking, Heat/Fire, Agility, Grappling, Magnetism, Freezing, Flight, Electricity, Claws, and Teleportation.

You will also need the characters Hawkeye and Captain America.

First Time

Use Black Widow’s cloaking ability to sneak past the cameras as you begin the level. As you head down the walkway, shoot the spider above the left camera. Step on the button in the elevator to raise it, then shoot the second spider to the left as you reach the second floor. Use Black Widow’s agility to climb the wall and destroy everything there to allow Hawkeye to join you. When you drop down, assemble the pieces into a switch. Hang Black Widow from it, then head to the right with Hawkeye and shoot the silver part of the spinning platform. Destroy everything in the lower right corner, then use Black Widow to hack the computer and complete the maze to open the door. Before going through to the next area, shoot the spider to the right of the door. The Canister will appear high up, but it is possible to reach it by standing on the railing and double jumping to it using Black Widow.

For the rest of the level, you’ll have Human Torch as an ally as well. Before starting to fight off enemies, use him to fly to the upper left corner of the area and shoot the machine for the Stan Lee In Peril. You can also use him to destroy the five gold statues around the room for a Canister: one very close to where you start the area, one straight up from the previous, one found by going around the walkway (toward the screen and to the right), and one on the far right side of the room, very high up. Fly back and fight some enemies, then start working on making your way around the area by using his power to cut around the gold wall. Use Black Widow to hack the computer and create the shapes shown to make a path to the other side. Go up the stairs to the left and down the path, then pull the switch to the right of the elevator and step on the button to raise it. Head to the left and up the stairs, turning on your cloaking device to get past the camera and destroying the two boxes inside to allow the other characters to join you. Head out the door on the right, then use Hawkeye to shoot an arrow into the grappling point and swing from the rope. Above the computer that needs to be hacked is another rope that you should hang Hawkeye from before switching to Black Widow and coming across. Use her to hack the computer and swing him across, then switch to Hawkeye and fight a few enemies, steering clear of the laser gun. Use the grappling point and pull the switch, then destroy the gold object with Human Torch and shoot an arrow into the slot with Hawkeye to allow Black Widow to cross. Black Widow’s cloaking ability should be used to sneak past the laser gun, then continue across the moving platforms until you reach the switch that shuts off the cameras. Once Hawkeye joins you, use him to pull the door open. A few enemies will come out, so you can either defeat them or go through the door to ignore them.

Use Human Torch to cut around the gold wall and climb the ladder. After fighting some enemies, switch to Hawkeye and head to the right, using his grappling ability on the wall for a Canister. Head back and shoot a few explosive arrows at the silver object, then assemble the pieces and climb up the wall. You’ll need Black Widow’s cloaking ability to get past some more laser guns and over to the computer on the left. Hack it to destroy the lasers, then switch to Human Torch to destroy the enemies’ gold armor. Head through the door to the final area.

As always, the final area is a boss battle. This time you’re fighting Red Skull, and you’ve got Captain America on your side again. Start by flying up to the left and right corners nearest to you and destroying the flags there using Human Torch. Do the same in the two back corners of the room for a Canister. Now, switch to Captain America and attack Red Skull. Head to the lower right corner and pull the switch, then go to the middle left and assemble the pieces. Throw the shield into the switch, then switch back to Human Torch. Use him to cut through the two gold walls you’ve revealed and destroy the circuits. Attack Red Skull with Captain America again, and repeat your previous actions. Attack Red Skull a final time to end the level.

Free Play

Use a character with agility to climb the wall near the beginning of the level, then use a character with magnetism on the wall to reveal a Canister. After crossing from the spinning platform, freeze the puddle, then melt the ice for a Canister.

On the floor above the gold wall, go around to the right to find a generator. Power it up using a character with electricity for a Canister. Once you reach the part with the laser gun, go to the ledge and carefully drop down. Use a character with a freezing ability to put out the fire for a Canister.

Near the end of the third area, fly up to the balcony above the door and use the claw switch for a Canister.

Use a character with teleportation on the grate in the upper right side of the room of the last area for the final Canister.


Just follow the trail of ghost studs to reach the next level.


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