Level 5: Rebooted, Resuited

In this level you’ll need characters with the following abilities: Explosives, Hacking, Extinguishing, Agility, Heat/Fire, Telekinesis, Grappling, Mind Control, Magnetism, Electricity, Flight, Super Strength, and Freezing.

You will also need the characters Captain America and Sandman.

First Time

Start off by tossing Captain America’s shield up to break the barrier, then do so again to activate the switch. Smash everything in the room that’s revealed, then assemble the pieces and use Tony’s hacking ability to attempt to disable the force fields. It doesn’t work completely, so you’ll still have to do some navigating. Carefully head through and, at the end, a large laser will come out of the ground. Head over to the shield plate and deflect it back at itself, then assemble the remaining pieces and use Tony to hack it. Fly the ship through the small slit in the glass and over to the indicated place on the wall, then bring Tony over and put on his Mark 1 suit. (Keep in mind that in this suit you cannot fly, but you do have access to explosives.) Aldrich Killian will appear not long after putting on the suit, leaving behind some enemies behind another force field. Head to the center of the room and use explosives to destroy the cage on the shield switch above, then use Captain America to throw his shield in. Now, you’ll have to deal with the enemies. Once they’re all gone, head into the elevator and step on the red buttons to go to the second area.

Defeat a few more enemies, then head down the stairs to the right and pull the switch in the back. Use Tony to hack the computer that appears to bring the cart over. Captain America will jump on it, then it will go back (as long as you stop hacking once he’s on). Switch to him once he’s made it to the other side, then use his shield to extinguish the flames and smash the generator to let Tony through. Some more enemies will attack at this point, so plow through them and use Tony to explode the silver locks on the door. Use Captain America’s agility to swing from the poles and reach the second floor, then head inside and destroy the enemies. Double jump up to the large switch to the left of the door to allow Tony to join you. Head to the right and use Tony’s explosives on the wall, then jump down and defeat some more enemies. Destroy the box in the middle of the floor, then use Tony’s explosives on the wall to the far right and have Captain America climb the walls. Head onto the balcony and push the turnstile in a clockwise direction, then use Tony’s explosives to blow up the wires revealed below. This will start the lasers, so drop down and use Captain America’s shield to deflect them at the generators. Once the lasers have disappeared, head up into the room that is revealed and deflect the laser back at itself once again. Assemble the pieces on both sides and have the characters hang from the switches to open the door. A number of enemies will attack you in here, so just try to get Captain America into the back of the room and throw his shield into the two switches. This will set off a bunch of lasers, so make your way back to the shield pad where you came in. Deflect the laser at the generator on the right, then have Tony head up and switch into the Mark 42 suit (which will give you access to fire powers, so, if you want, you can head back through the area and destroy the holograms as explained in the “free play” section below). Use your new ability to cut around the gold wall and head through to the next area.

Now for your boss battle with the Mandarin and Aldrich Killian. Before starting to fight the enemies, you can head down the walkway on the outer left and jump onto the post for a Canister. Now head back to the center and fight off enemies. Aldrich Killian’s boss battle will be first, and he’ll spend most of the time teleporting while you fight the other enemies. Once they’re gone, the Mandarin will appear and mind control your character. Use the other character to hit the Mandarin, then hit Aldrich Killian. Repeat this twice to move onto the second boss battle, the Mandarin. He’ll start by sending a number of enemies after you, so destroy them all. The Mandarin will eventually attack, so use Iron Man to shoot explosives at him repeatedly. The other suits will join you soon, and he will destroy them after a certain amount of time. Once they’ve all been destroyed, assemble the pieces from them and throw Captain America’s shield into the switch. Finally, use Iron Man’s fire ability on the gold section of the suit to end the level.

Free Play

After making it past the laser, go to where it once stood and use a character with mind control to take over the man behind the glass and pull the switch. This will open a door to your character’s left, so go inside and use telekinesis to put he wheels on the vehicle. Jump on top of it and use a character with magnetism to add the final piece. Hop into the car and follow the trail of studs to the Canister. Go to the upper right corner and use a character with telekinesis on the drawers. Use a character with a grappling ability on the other drawers, then assemble the pieces. Use a character with electricity on the generator to create another Canister.

As soon as you enter the second area, go down the stairs and activate the sandbox with Sandman to get the Stan Lee In Peril. Five holograms of Iron Man will need to be destroyed with a heat or fire ability, one of which is underneath the second floor balcony. On the second floor, there’s a door that leads to the outside. Head through it, then fly up to the Canister. In the area with the agility wall, either climb or fly up to the small opening on the right. There is another hologram on the right side. Also, in the same room, use telekinesis on the two shelves and grappling in the center, then assemble the pieces for another Canister. Drop down to the room on the left and use a character with super strength to pull the wall apart for a Canister. After you’ve deflected the lasers and the door has opened, head up the stairs and into the room to the right of the door to find another hologram. Then, go into the door that had opened and, after destroying the laser, there will be another hologram on the right side. The final hologram is found on the right side of the final room of the area, after opening the doors. Destroying all five will earn you a Canister.

Head to the walkway on the right and use a character with a freezing ability to freeze the puddle on the ground for a Canister. Then head to the inner left walkway and use a telekinetic power on the chain for another Canister, courtesy of Pepper. Once you’ve defeated Aldrich Killian, you’ll be able to fly up to the balcony. There are two spotlights here, and one to the upper left, that you must use magnetism on for the final Canister.


Skydive down to the ground and follow the trail of ghost studs, then become invisible using Black Widow and pull the switch. Follow the studs again, then use Hawkeye to pull down some pieces. Shoot an arrow at the sign and assemble the pieces, then jump up and turn the sign until the entrance to the next level appears.


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