Level 4: Rock Up at the Lock Up

In this level you’ll need characters with the following abilities: Flight, Digging, Super Strength, Agility, Claws, Super Senses, Hacking, Explosives, Teleportation, Magnetism, Grappling, Freezing, Heat, and Electricity.

You will also need the character Sandman.

First Time

Walk down the path to open a door with some prisoners and fight them. To the right will be a small drop off, and going down will make some prisoners appear on the other side. Before working on finding a way across, use Iron Man to fly across the water and shoot explosives at the silver object in the boat. This will get you a Canister. Fly back and land on the other side of the water. Defeat the prisoners, then build and push the turnstile to raise the bridge and allow the other characters to cross. Head up the slope and use Wolverine on the dig spot, then assemble the pieces and pull the handles with Hulk. Now, switch back to Wolverine and use his super senses to climb the wall. Smash the yellow cylinders in the top right corner and activate the claw switch, then switch to Hulk and step on the elevator button. This will set off an alarm that causes turrets to appear that can only be stopped with explosives, so use Iron Man to fly up and destroy all four of them. Once they’ve stopped, switch to Hulk and pull the green handles, then defeat some more prisoners. Use Wolverine’s super senses to climb the wall, then jump up and smash through the weak wall. Fly Iron Man up and use him to get rid of the corner barriers, then head inside, defeating more prisoners as you progress. Use either Hulk or Wolverine to smash through the wall to move onto the second area.

Head up the stairs for a mini-boss battle with Leader. All you have to do is fly up using Iron Man and destroy each of the silver objects. Drop down and Leader will use his mind control on you, so switch to another character and hit him to make him disappear. Head forward and use Wolverine’s super senses to destroy the wall, then again to climb the next wall. Drop down at the top and use the claw switch to open the gate, then drop down and head through. Go to the right and destroy the yellow cylinders to build a panel, then use Iron Man on it to change the electricity flow. Head to the center with Wolverine to reveal some handles, then use Hulk to pull them. Climb up the rope using Wolverine, then use his super senses to climb the wall. Fly up using Iron Man and break all of the silver chains with explosives. Build a claw switch and use Wolverine on it to open the doors, then drop down out of the window and head up the stairs. Defeat some more prisoners and use Iron Man to hack the computer, pressing on each of the question marks to find Sabretooth at the very end. Soon, an elevator to the third area will appear.

First you’ll have a boss battle with Sabretooth. He’ll hop around a lot but won’t let you hit him, so just work on defeating the prisoners until Sabretooth is floating on a platform. Assemble the pieces, then throw the object at Sabretooth using Hulk to drop him and make him hop around some more. Defeat some prisoners again until Sabretooth is back on a platform, and do the same thing you did the first time. Once Sabretooth is down to one heart, you’ll have to hit him twice to end the battle.

Next is a boss battle with Abomination. Switch to Wolverine and head to the back left corner to dig up a dig spot. Assemble the pieces and head up the ladder, then use his super senses to climb the wall. Hop on the spotlight and direct it at Abomination until the meter fills, and you’ll automatically switch to Hulk. Follow the command prompts, then switch back to Wolverine. Use his super senses to reveal the hole in the wall, switch to Hulk and smash it, then switch back to Wolverine to hop up to the top. Use Wolverine’s agility to hop up the wall and activate the claw switch, then get onto the next spotlight and direct it at Abomination once again. Fight with him using Hulk for a second time, then switch back to Wolverine. Climb the ladder on the left side and go into the elevator, then use Wolverine’s agility to swing on the poles. Activate the claw switch in the back room, then smash the pieces and reassemble them for a second claw switch to activate. Direct the spotlight at Abomination for a final time, then fight with him using Hulk to end the level.

Free Play

Starting from the beginning, you’ll need to find and break 5 life preservers. The first is in the right corner toward the screen at the start of the level. Walk down the path to the door with the prisoners and use a character with magnetism to pull the grate on the left, then fly up to the Canister. Down the little slope you’ll find another life preserver. After crossing to the other side, walk along the bottom ground and use a grappling character to pull off the grate. Use a character with a freezing ability to freeze the puddle for a Canister. Walk up the next slope and all the way to the right to find another life preserver. At the top of the elevator on the right side is another one, and the final one can be reached after destroying the turrets and pulling the green handles, along the wall. Breaking all five will get you a Canister. Finally, go through the grate using a character with teleportation. Use a character with super senses on the spot, then use a character with grappling to pull down the chains and save Stan Lee In Peril.

After opening the first gate in the second area, use a character with magnetism to open the grate. Go inside and smash the beds on the wall, then assemble the pieces into a grate to teleport through and reach the Canister. Slightly forward from here, use a character with a grappling ability above Abominaton’s cell to reveal a gold wall. Use a character with a heat ability to cut around the wall, then assemble the pieces for a Canister. Head to the right and use a character with magnetism on the blue trash can three times for a Canister. At the very end before getting into the elevator, use a character’s super senses to reveal a generator. Power it up with a character with electricity, then hack the computer and open up the Canister.

During the boss battle with Abomination, head to the lower left corner and blow up the silver objects with explosives. Use a digging character to dig up the pieces and assemble them, then pull the switch nearby. Head to the opposite lower corner and destroy the gold box with a heat power, then use Sandman on the box. Finally, you’ll have to get up to the third tower with the spotlight and activate the switch inside for the Canister. After activating the elevator, fly up to the top for the last Canister.


Return to the Helicarrier, then skydive back down to the ground and follow the trail of ghost studs. Throw Captain America’s shield up, then use Iron Man to hack into the computer and rotate the arrows to open the door.


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