Level 3: Exploratory Laboratory

In this level you’ll need characters with the following abilities: Explosives, Grappling, Hacking, Super Senses, Invisibility, Heat/Fire, Magnetism, Super Strength, Mind Control, Electricity, Claws, Digging, Telekinesis, Ice/Freezing, Teleportation, and Power Cosmic.

You will also need the characters Hawkeye and Captain America.

First Time

First, head to the right and use Black Widow to hack the computer by selecting the circles’ colors in the order shown. Head to the right and use either Spider-Man or Hawkeye’s grappling ability to pull the pieces from the ceiling, then use Hawkeye to blow up the silver grate on the wall. Assemble the pieces and hack the next computer, then head right again. Once the Green Goblin flies through the scientists will start to attack, so defeat them as you work your way through the level. At the end of the hallway use Spider-Man’s super senses and pull the door down, then shoot the Green Goblin once with any character to make him fly away. Head across the board and use Spider-Man’s super senses to climb the wall. Shoot the casing, then use Hawkeye’s arrows to explode the silver casing above. Use Spider-Man to shoot a web up and climb, then pull down the wall and head up. Defeat some more scientists, then use Spider-Man’s super senses to pull down the wall. Shoot the silver casing with Hawkeye to lift the wall. Switch to Black Widow and use her cloaking device to head down the hall and pull the switch on the right. Use either Spider-Man or Hawkeye to pull the one on the left to open the door, and head through to the next area.

Shoot the object on the ground and the silver object up top with Hawkeye, then assemble the pieces into a ladder and climb up. You’ll have more scientists to defeat, but now they’ve all been infected with symbiote. Head toward the red sign once they’re gone and shoot the silver supports with Hawkeye. Use Spider-Man’s super senses, then pull down some crates. Climb up both floors on the ladder using Black Widow and hack the switch. Shoot Hawkeye’s arrows into the four holes, then use Black Widow to swing across and turn on her cloaking device. Pull the switch here, then drop or swing back down and climb up the ladder.

Head to the right and bust down the crates. Keep heading forward and use either Spider-Man or Hawkeye to bring down some pieces. Assemble them, then shoot one of Hawkeye’s arrows into the hole. Swing across using Black Widow and hack the computer by completing the maze. This will deactivate the cells and release a mirage of enemies. As you make your way back to the left fight through them, then have one character stand on the button in the left cell and another in the right cell. Destroy the enemies that come out of the door, then head through and smash the crate and everything on the walls. Assemble the pieces and grapple, then head down the hallway.

Head down the hallway (warning: jump scare ahead) and explode some more casings with Hawkeye. Use him or Spider-Man to pull down the blockage and head through to the final area, the boss battle of the level.

Venom will start by retreating into the ceiling, so just take care of the symbiote scientists until he hops to the left. Assemble the pieces into a stereo, making him hop down and allowing you to attack once. Defeat some more enemies, then when the switch is revealed, head to the back and pull it. This will allow you to shoot Venom once before he drops down again and you must hit him. Waste some more time defeating enemies, then head to the right and use Spider-Man’s super senses to make Venom lose his balance. Assemble the pieces, then use Hawkeye to hit the target and bring Venom down. Hit him one last time to end the level.

Free Play

In the first area, blast the gold frame off of the wall to your left as you start with heat or fire. When you get into the lab area after hacking the computer, use a character with magnetism to put the batteries on the wall in the back. Head into the left room and use a character who can hack to match the picture on the screen. This will reveal a Canister. Head through the next hallway after hacking another computer and heat up the gold frame here. In the next room where Green Goblin appears, heat up another gold frame on the right wall. On the left wall in the same room, have a character with super strength pull the green handle on the left wall, then use Captain America to activate the shield switch for a Canister.  After climbing up from there into the glass room, use a character’s mind control on the scientist on the right side. Have him pull the switch, then use a character with teleportation to get to the left side. Heat the frame on the wall here for a Canister, then use a character with electricity on the two generators. Activate the claw switch with a clawed character to reveal a Canister.

In the second area, after climbing the ladder head to the right and drop down. Use a digging character to dig up the Canister. After climbing the next ladder to the second floor, head to the left and destroy the crate, then teleport. Destroy some more crates, then assemble the pieces for a “1/3” indication. Climb up the ladder to the third level and use a super strong character to break the wall slightly to the right, then assemble the pieces here. Two down, one to go. Go along the walkway on the right and use a telekinetic character to spin the wheel. Drop down and use the same character to assemble the pieces and get the Canister.

After deactivating the cells in the third area, head to the area with many single cells in a row. In the center, use a character with an ice or freezing ability to freeze the puddle. Switch to a character with a heat power and destroy the ice for a Canister. Head to the left from here and go into the left cell, then heat up the gold vent for another Canister.

As you enter the fourth area, use a character with magnetism to destroy the box immediately to your left, then activate the switch with a character’s claws to rescue Stan Lee In Peril. From here, a few pods are opened, so jump into the front right one for a Canister.

In the final area, fly up to the balcony in the back and blast the crates, then assemble the pieces with Power Cosmic for a Canister.


Follow the studs, then use Iron Man’s explosives to break the box. Head up and assemble the pieces for a ticket, then bring it back down to the captain and get on the boat. Once you’re on the island, open the door with Hulk and use Iron Man’s explosives to get in.


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  1. I keep missing the jump! Am I doing something wrong?

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