Level 2: Times Square Off

In this level you’ll need characters with the following abilities: Extinguishing, Agility, Grappling, Hacking, Climbing, Super Senses, Magnetism, Explosives, Electricity, Flight, Digging, Power Cosmic, Telekinesis, Fire/Heat, and Super Strength.

You will also need the characters Mister Fantastic, Captain America, and Venom.

First Time

Destroy both waves of Octobots, then head up the stairs and assemble the pieces into a transformation pad. Use Mister Fantastic to turn into a screwdriver, then throw Captain America’s shield up and go up the elevator. Equip his shield and walk across the flames to temporarily extinguish them, then head forward and drop down. Take care of some more Octobots, then switch to Mister Fantastic and build the grate on the lower level. Squeeze through to reach the second floor, then use Mister Fantastic’s grappling ability to pull the pieces off the wall. Assemble them into a shield switch and throw Captain America’s shield in, then climb the ladder and pull the switch here using Mister Fantastic. Step on the button, then drop down to the lower level and assemble the pieces. Use Captain America’s shield to direct the laser at the two generators and make an elevator appear, then ride it to the second area.

Go to the right and down the ladder. Glide across using Mister Fantastic and destroy some more Octobots. Switch to Captain America and use his agility to swing on the poles at the top of the ladder. Switch back to Mister Fantastic and smash the flower box near the ledge, then use his grappling ability to pull down some pieces and build them into a ladder. Climb up, smash the boxes, and assemble some more pieces into a turnstile to push and allow Captain America to reach the other side. Switch to him and smash the fan to build a transformation pad, then go down the stairs and smash another flower box. Throw your shield into the switch, then switch to Mister Fantastic, climb through, and activate the pad. Climb the stairs and assemble the pieces, then slide across. Doctor Octopus will attack whatever character you’re playing as, so switch to the other and hit him once to scare him off. Take care of some more Octobots once he’s gone, then climb up the wall he destroyed. Smash the next flower box to the right of the green $ sign, then throw Captain America’s shield at the bottom left corner of the red HOTEL sign. Once it leans, hit the other side with the shield to drop it completely and climb up. Get rid of some more Octobots as you make your way to the right, then smash the covering on the ladder with Captain America’s shield to drop the ladder. Climb up, extinguish the flames to the right, and hop up the wall to the roof. Head around the left side to smash another flower box, then head back to the right and smash the final one for a Canister. Smash the fan pipes and use the pieces to build a shield switch, then throw the shield in to lower the elevator. Switch to Mister Fantastic and grapple up, destroy the Octobot, and head into the elevator. Glide across and get rid of some more Octobots, then assemble the pieces in the corner so that Captain America can join you. Use Mister Fantastic to hit Doctor Octopus and pull down the sign, then assemble the pieces into a transformation pad and use it to move on to the next area.

Spider-Man has joined you once again. Use either him or Mister Fantastic to pull down the tower, then climb up and use Spider-Man’s super senses to climb the pipes. Use his super senses again to activate a fan, then head to the right and smash and assemble the pieces on the wall. Use Mister Fantastic to hack the computer and lower the gate, then use him on the transformation pad at the other end of the roof. Use either him or Spider-Man to pull down the billboard and climb up. Doctor Octopus will smash through the next building, so just follow him to the final area.

For this boss fight, you’ll basically be running around avoiding Doctor Octopus until he gets one of his arms stuck in the ground. When he does, stand on the green circle near him and follow whatever button it tells you to press. After each lost heart, he’ll make another hole in the ground, so watch out for those. If he grabs you, just switch to a different character. Once he’s lost three arms, he’ll attempt to flee, and all you have to do to defeat him is hit him once.

Free Play

Right at the start of the first area, use a character with a magnetism ability to open the safe underneath where Doctor Octopus is standing for a Canister. Head up the stairs and use a character with explosives to blow the metal grate off of the wall, then a character with electricity to power up the generator and reveal another Canister.

At the start of the second area, drop down to the left and destroy the pile of garbage. Use a digging character to dig up some pieces, then use a character with Power Cosmic to build a rocket and make a Canister appear. After crossing the zipline and defeating Doctor Octopus for the first time, blow up the metal grate using explosives, then use Venom to drop through the ground and appear inside of a greenhouse with a Canister.

Toward the beginning of the third area, fly up to the tower with the pink sparkles. Use a character with explosives to destroy the silver objects, then assemble the pieces. Use a telekinetic character to assemble more pieces and turn the wheel to rescue Stan Lee In Peril. In the grassy area, destroy the silver objects and assemble the pieces. Jump on the pump a few times, then use Mister Fantastic to mow the grass and reveal a Canister. In the same area, destroy the gold object with heat or fire, then put out the flames to reach the Canister.

In the final area, walk toward the screen in the left corner and use a character with super strength to pull the van apart for a Canister. On the opposite side, to the right of the hole, use explosives to destroy the silver car, then use a character with super strength to smash through the ground for another Canister. Finally, your last Canister will be obtained by using heat or fire to blow the tops off of five fire hydrants. One is in the top left corner by the hole, one is more toward the screen around all of the tables, one is underneath the Thor sign in the right corner toward the screen, one is to the right of the hole near a taxi, and the last one is in the top right corner.


Follow the ghost stud trail until you reach Times Square. Using Hawkeye, aim an arrow at the silver part of the billboard, then shoot arrows into the holes. Swing across the poles, then switch to Black Widow and hop up the wall and hack the switch to the left to shut down the electricity. Drop down and follow the trail again, then use Hawkeye to open the gate. Switch back to Black Widow and use her cloaking device to get past the cameras, then turn off the switch to enter the building.


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