Level 1: Sand Central Station

In this level you’ll need characters with the following abilities: Super Strength, Flight, Explosives, Grappling, Electricity, Digging, Heat/Fire, Super Senses, Claws, Mind Control, Telekinesis, and Freezing.

You will also need the character Sandman.

First Time

When you start off the level, you’ll have access to two characters: Iron Man and Hulk. Switch to Hulk and head forward until enemies start to appear from the sand. Once you’ve gotten rid of them, lift up a taxi and turn to the left. Aim it toward the green spot on the wall and throw it, then pick up another taxi and do the same thing. Once it’s been smashed, switch to Iron Man and fly up to get the Minikit Canister. From here, drop down and destroy the blue mailbox here. Fly back up and use Iron Man’s explosives to blow the chains off of the two fire hydrants. Switch to Hulk and smash through the green cracked wall, then pull the green handles until the bus comes apart. Head forward a little more, then switch to Iron Man and drop down on the left side to destroy another mailbox. Fly back up and drop down on the right side, then destroy the mailbox here for another Canister. Fly back up and use Iron Man’s explosives on the silver section of the truck, then build the handles and have Hulk pull them. Head forward with Hulk to start a battle with Abomination. Follow the button prompts on the screen to defeat Abomination and move on.

As the second area begins, use Iron Man to fly up to the balcony on the left side, where Stan Lee is trapped under a vending machine. Use Iron Man’s explosives to destroy it and free him, earning you the level’s Stan Lee In Peril. Drop back down and switch to Hulk to lift the object with the green handles and throw it at one of Sandman’s hands. Use Iron Man to destroy the blockage on the right side, then use Hulk to throw another object at Sandman. A train will arrive, bringing 25 more enemies for you to destroy before you can move on. A wall will raise once the train is gone, so use Iron Man to destroy the clock on the tower to the right and assemble the pieces into a water gun. Aim the water at the center of the wall to weaken it, then use Hulk to smash through. Now, Sandman will raise a castle. Use Iron Man to destroy the fence on the right side, then assemble the pieces into an object Hulk can throw at the middle of the castle. This will end the second area.

Now you’ll have access to Spider-Man for the remainder of the level. First use Hulk to destroy the letters and other objects on the ground, then use Iron Man to destroy the metal on the left. Use Spider-Man’s super senses to stop the electricity on one side, then head to the other side and use them again. Climb the wall, then pull the satellite down. Drop down and assemble the pieces, then use Hulk to pull the handles and stop the electricity altogether. Use Spider-Man’s super senses in the center to pull down the A, then climb up. Walk forward to the target on the ground and shoot a web up to allow the other characters to climb. A prompt should appear on the screen that tells you how to switch from Hulk to Bruce Banner. Follow the prompt, then use Bruce Banner to climb up the web. Transform into Hulk once you’re up, and pull the handles. Build the water gun and shoot it at Sandman, then use Hulk to smash through his hand. Now, use Hulk to smash the object on the left and another character to assemble the pieces. Use Hulk to pick it up and throw it at Sandman, then smash his hand again. On the right side, use Iron Man to destroy the silver covering and activate the switch. Switch to Spider-Man and head to the left to pull the covering and activate the switch here. Head to the center and activate the water tank using Spider-Man’s super senses, then use Hulk to smash through Sandman a final time to end the level.

Free Play

In the first area, drop down on the right side and use a digging character to dig up the bike. This will cause a trail of studs to appear, and if you follow them to the end, a Canister will appear. In the same area, walk along the right side until you reach the blue generator. Use a character with electricity to charge the generator, then head underneath the “NYC Comics” sign. Use a character with super senses to find the grappling points on the door and pull them down, allowing you to go inside and get the Canister.

In the second area, fly up to the balcony on the left. Use a character with heat or fire to destroy the gold weight on the wall. This will drop the Canister. Immediately after the train, head to the right and use a character with super senses to find the gold spot on the wall. Use a character with heat or fire to destroy it, then use Sandman on the sandbox to uncover the Canister. After destroying the wall, go to the left and use a character with heat or fire to cut around the gold wall. Assemble the pieces, then use a character with claws to activate the switch. Finally, use a character with the mind control ability to make the person collect the Canister.

In the third area, walk toward the screen and use a telekinetic character on the clock to make a Canister appear. Now, head to the left and destroy the gold object next to the T. Fly up or use super senses to climb the wall on the right to reach and destroy the next gold object, behind the satellite dish. After climbing up the fallen A, another gold object to destroy will be on your left. Drop down near the tower on the right and destroy the gold object down here, then hop onto the railing to the left of Sandman and destroy the final gold object on the left and fly over to the Canister. The final Canister can be obtained after building the water gun by using a character with a freezing ability to make a slide out of the puddle and ride it down.


To get to the area where the next level will commence, you’ll first have to skydive off of the Helicarrier into the park. Destroy the streetlight and assemble the pieces, then use Mister Fantastic to reach the other side. Destroy the satellite dish and assemble the pieces, then use the pad to unlock the gate and allow Captain America to join you. Throw Captain America’s shield at the switch, then climb up and glide across using Mister Fantastic. Activate the panel on the wall, then use Captain America’s shield to deflect the lasers at the wires above to open the door.


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