Character Guide (First Draft)

Similar to my character guide for Lego Star Wars: TCS, I’ll be posting this character guide for Lego Marvel Super Heroes before I begin posting walkthroughs of any of the levels. This will clarify any types of characters I mention and just make it overall easier for you. Since this is a first draft, I’ll only have character types and descriptions, but I’ll update this guide later on so that it also contains a list of each character’s abilities. So, for now, these names and ability descriptions will get you through my guides just fine.

Here are the main abilities you’ll use throughout the game, along with the main characters you will play as throughout Story Mode that has each ability.

Agility: Characters with this ability can swing on poles or arrows. (Spider-Man, Captain America, Hawkeye, Wolverine, Beast)

Claws: Characters with this ability can activate the claw switches that are found throughout the game. (Wolverine, Beast)

Climbing: These are characters who can climb walls. (Spider-Man, Wolverine, Beast)

Digging: This mainly applies to animal-like characters who can be used on digging spots on the ground. (Wolverine, Beast)

Electricity: Characters can use electricity powers to charge up things and gain progress in levels. (Thor, Storm)

Explosives: Some characters can throw explosives that are needed to move on in some levels. (Iron Man, Hawkeye)

Extinguishing: Certain characters can use other abilities they have to put out fires. (Captain America, Storm)

Fire/Heat: These characters can cut around or destroy gold objects. (Human Torch, Cyclops)

Flight: This ability is exactly how it sounds: characters with the ability to fly. Characters who can hover, such as Storm and Jean Grey, don’t apply to this category, since they can’t raise or lower themselves as is needed for flying characters. (Iron Man, Spider-Man [web], Human Torch, Thor)

Grappling: I wasn’t really sure what else to call this ability, since it varies between characters. Basically, this is the ability to latch onto things and pull, like Spider-Man can do with his web and Hawkeye can with his arrows. (Spider-Man, Mister Fantastic, Hawkeye)

Hacking: Certain characters can break into computers. (Iron Man, Mister Fantastic, Black Widow, Beast)

Ice: These characters can freeze people or objects and put out fires. (Iceman)

Invisibility: Some characters can make themselves invisible or appear invisible to fool security cameras. (Black Widow, Invisible Woman)

Magnetism: Sometimes characters with magnetic abilities are needed to activate certain objects. (Magneto)

Mind Control: Mind Control characters can occasionally control other characters and have them perform tasks for them. (Jean Grey)

Power Cosmic: Like the magnetism ability, characters with this ability can activate objects that would be inaccessible otherwise. (Galactus)

Super Senses: The Super Senses ability can be activated only at certain points in the game. It will allow you to perform or notice things that others cannot. (Spider-Man, Wolverine, Beast)

Super Strength: This mainly applies to the larger characters. With Super Strength, you’ll be able to pull green handles and throw larger objects. (Hulk, Thing)

Telekinesis: Telekinetic characters can activate objects that others wouldn’t be able to. Many telekinetic characters can also create a force field to prevent themselves from being hurt. (Jean Grey, Invisible Woman)

Teleportation: Not all characters with this ability teleport, but some do. This is the ability to squeeze through bars or teleport across. (Mister Fantastic, Loki)



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