Episode VI, Chapter 4: The Battle of Endor

In this level you’ll need a Grappler, Astromech, Protocol Droid, Short Character, Jedi, Sith, Imperial, and Bounty Hunter.

First Time

Start off by going to the right, past the hut, and have Wicket crawl through the vent. Build the gears to raise the bridge and allow the rest of the characters through. Pass the hut with the Canister inside (you won’t be able to get that until free play) and go to the next hut. Shoot the boards off, then use C-3PO on the panel and build the grappling point. Grapple up and pull the lever to raise another bridge and cross, then head down the path to the next area.

As you enter the next area, blast the four hooks that allow enemies to keep grappling up. Destroy any leftover enemies, then destroy anything on the checkered part of the ground. Assemble the box, then push it to the left until it is raised. Use Wicket to climb through the vent and pull the handle, then push the box toward the red lights to raise the bridge. Step on the buttons to lower the elevator to the next area.

In the lower left corner, destroy the purple boxes and assemble the pieces into a grappling point. Grapple up and destroy the boards on the hut, then go inside for a Canister. Drop down and get rid of the enemies, then destroy the plants on the right and assemble the pieces into a turnstile. Push it, then have Wicket jump up, go through the vent, and step on the button. Another character should grapple up and pull the lever, raising a ramp to allow you to continue. Cross the river, then destroy the purple boxes and assemble the pieces into a tractor. Drive the tractor into the water and ride it up to the waterfall, then hop out and on top of the tractor to reach the Canister. Destroy the panel in front of the Protocol Droid panel, then use C-3PO to activate it and reveal some buttons. Stand on them, then use Wicket to crawl through the vent and pull the handle. Go to the other side and build the ramp, then head back. Build the grappling point and grapple up, then stand on the buttons again. Continue forward to reach the next area.

Destroy any enemies, then jump in the catapult and throw a few rocks to destroy the fence. Up ahead are a few more enemies, one inside an AT-ST, so destroy them and climb in. Use the AT-ST to blast the next fence, leading to even more enemies and two more AT-STs up ahead. Use one of the AT-STs to blast the orange barrier around one of the trees, then jump off and onto the platform. Step on the button to uncover a grappling point, and another character will use it to pull the handle. This will drop the pieces to build another grappling point, which leads to yet another one on the next platform. Use it to get onto the roof, then blast the top and assemble the pieces. Push the object off of the roof, then drop down with it. Build the ramp for the droids and assemble the panel, then use R2-D2 to activate it and go inside.

Head along the path and blast the red lights to enter another room. Take out the enemies, then pull the blue handle and blast the door on the left. Step on the button to the left, then blast the wall and step on the button there. The last button is to the right, in front of the window. Jump up and push the object to the left, and the platforms should convert into a ramp. Use C-3PO on the panel, then pull the lever. Exit this room and this time, blast the door on the right. Take out the enemies in here, then use R2-D2 on the panel. Go up the elevator and assemble the pieces to the bridge, then use C-3PO to go up and activate the panel. Pull the handle that is revealed. Drop down and switch to R2-D2, and go up the elevator. Go to the left and hover across, then activate the Astromech panel. Drop down and assemble the pieces to make a vent, and use Wicket to climb through. Take out the Stormtroopers and pull the handle, then head back out and exit the room. Pull the two handles in the first room to disable the force field, then go inside and build the four objects to end the level.

Free Play

At the very beginning, destroy the purple boxes and assemble the pieces. Push the turnstile to raise a platform, then hop on the chair and have a character with the Force use it to float you up. From here, use either an Astromech or a Bounty Hunter to hover to the other side and collect the Canister. After you build and cross the first bridge, you should see an orange platform on the ground. Stand on it to be raised up, then pull the lever. Use an Astromech or Bounty Hunter to hover to the platform on the left, then use the Force to lower the rock and subsequently lower the elevator. Jump on it quickly, pull the handle, and drop down to collect the Canister. After crossing the second bridge, jump up onto the tree and use the Force to bring down the platform. Jump up and to the right, then use the Force again to bring the platform back up. Jump across to the Canister.

Right before the end of the third area, there is a vent hidden behind some plants. Crawl through, then use an Astromech or Bounty Hunter to hover to the Canister to the right.

Toward the end of the fourth area, there is a grappling point hidden behind a bush to the left. Destroy the purple boxes and build the turnstile, then push it and grapple up. Use the Force to raise the platform, then jump across and destroy the enemies there. Use the Force on the rock, jump up, and use an Astromech or Bounty Hunter to hover across. Drop down to get the Canister. In the same area, head to the right and throw a thermal detonator at the silver boxes. Assemble the pieces, stand on the platform, use the Force on the rock, switch to a short character, and crawl through the vent. Use the Force on a platform here and jump across, then use the Force again and jump up to the Canister.

In the final area, go to the left from the first room. Activate the Imperial panel, then use a Sith character to raise the box and push it along the path. Step on the button on the other side of the room. Blast the wall to the right and step on the button there, then climb up. Hover across using an Astromech or Bounty Hunter and activate the Protocol Droid panel on the other side, and a vent should be revealed. Climb through and push the box down the path, then use it for a step to reach the Power Brick – Super Ewok Catapult. Go back and into the room on the right. Blast all of the panels on the walls, then use the Force on the four upper ones and build the Canister. Use an Astromech on the panel to start the elevator and go up. Hover across to another Astromech panel and use it, then drop down and assemble the pieces to a vent. Go inside and hover across to the final Canister.


In Challenge mode, the level plays as usual, but you must collect ten blue Canisters before your time limit of ten minutes runs out. The level will end as soon as you collect the final Canister. These are not found in the same areas as the white Canisters of regular gameplay, but are as follows:

  1. Stand on the chair at the very beginning, and the other character should Force you up to the Canister.
  2. At the huts on the right at the beginning, walk along the path from the left until you reach it.
  3. After you cross the first bridge, walk along the right side of the path and you should run into it.
  4. In the second area, it’s in plain sight by the checkered ground.
  5. As you enter the third area, go to the lower left corner and destroy the purple boxes. Build the grappling point, and grapple up to the Canister.
  6. You’ll run right into this one after stepping on the button and having the other character raise the ramp.
  7. As you enter the fourth area, go to the right and jump over the log.
  8. After you destroy the first fence with the catapult, go to the left and behind a tree from where the fence was.
  9. This Canister is immediately to the right of the bunker, among some plants.
  10. In the final area, go into the left room. The Canister is in the back right corner.

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