Episode VI, Chapter 2: The Great Pit of Carkoon

In this level you’ll need a Jedi, Grappler, Astromech, Protocol Droid, Sith, Short Character, and Bounty Hunter.

First Time

Destroy the guards as you begin, then build the two gun chairs in the middle and the two levers on the right end. Pull the levers and walk across. Pull the lever in the center and push the first box forward, then assemble the pieces. Push the second box across the little path and forward, and assemble the pieces again for a Canister. Walk back to the lever in the middle, and from there walk toward the screen and jump out for another Canister. Pull the levers and walk across again to start a battle with Boba Fett. He only has four hearts, so it shouldn’t be too difficult at this point. After you’ve destroyed him, hop across and defeat a few more enemies. Hop onto the left platform and walk across, destroying any guards. You’ll find a lever behind one of the panels here, and another one at the left end of the panels. To the right of the left lever is a panel that stays up for a few seconds after being opened. Use the Force on it, then jump up and across. Push the box forward and down, assemble the pieces, and grapple up. Go behind the cage to the last lever, pull it, and go back. Now you can jump across and use the Force on both sides of the door. Keep using the Force on the right one until the middle light is yellow, then push the object in the center until the door opens and go inside.

Destroy everything inside, then build two gun chairs. Use these to destroy the bars on the door and any enemies inside before you walk through to the next room. Destroy everything in the room once again, then assemble the pieces on each side of the room. Use the Protocol Droid panel to make an elevator, then hop on it to be carried to the next area.

Once again, destroy and build everything you can in here. Once you’ve got everything, some lit-up floor panels will appear. Step on the white ones to make a disco with dancing guards. You can either wait until it’s over and attack them, or just walk past them into the next room. Here, destroy all of the windows on the left side, then assemble the pieces into a Canister. Walk through the doorway.

Destroy any enemies that get in your way as you go through this area. You should come across a box on the left side that you must push along a path to a spinning target-thing. After doing so, go to the other side, where the path is much smaller, and push the next box. The casing will explode, so now you should switch to C-3PO and activate the panel. Now, head to the right and destroy the structure with the orange circle to drop down. Walk along the path underneath and head to the left to be brought back up. Pull the lever, then walk to the right and push the box along the path and to the right. Use the Force on it to make a ramp. Build the stairs near here, then jump up and destroy the little structure in the ground here. Use the Force to raise the ladders, then destroy the ladders on each side of the wall and use the Force to put them together. This creates a ramp to let you reach the final area.

Use R2-D2 to activate the panel, then switch to another character and fire the gun at one of the rotating target things. Go back to the previous area and climb into the hole where it was, then walk underneath for a Canister. Go back and shoot the other object to end the level.

Free Play

After you’ve defeated Boba Fett and hopped across, have a Sith character use the Force and jump across to reach a Double Score Zone. Grapple up from the first point, build the left lever, then pull them both and destroy the covering in the back. Assemble the pieces for a Canister. From here, drop down and walk to the right until you reach the panels. Use the Force on the second, seventh, and nineteenth panels to reveal Astromech and Protocol Droid panels underneath, and pull the lever under the twelfth panel. Activate each of them, then grapple up, pull the lever, and walk through. When you reach the end, use a thermal detonator to break the last wall and get the Canister. Drop down and jump across, then destroy the box and build the grappling point. Grapple up, destroy the guard, then use a Sith character’s Force on the first lever. Your partner should grapple up and pull the other two handles to make a Canister appear.

After destroying the first door, use a short character to crawl through the vent in the back on the left side and pull the handles for a Canister.

In the fourth area, destroy the box and build the grappling point, then keep grappling across until you’ve reached the Canister. On the very right side, build the stairs and jump up, then destroy a box and build a grappling point, then jump across until you’ve collected the Power Brick – Bounty Hunter Rockets. Drop back down and walk to the back, then use a short character to go through one of the vents and reach another Canister.


In Challenge mode, the level plays as usual, but you must collect ten blue Canisters before your time limit of ten minutes runs out. The level will end as soon as you collect the final Canister. These are not found in the same areas as the white Canisters of regular gameplay, but are as follows:

  1. When you start the battle with Boba Fett, it’s right behind where he starts.
  2. Use a Sith character’s Force to bring down the platform on the right after battling Boba Fett, and jump to the right to reach the Canister.
  3. Go back and to the other side, then lift the seventh panel from the right.
  4. Walk past the door that leads you into the building, and you should see a Canister floating on the left side.
  5. After destroying the door in the first room, walk to the back right.
  6. After taking the elevator up, throw a thermal detonator at the left side of the wall and go inside.
  7. In the room with the disco ball, you’ll find a Canister after grappling up.
  8. As you enter the fourth area, you should see it in the back.
  9. From the previous one, walk down to the spinning things. There’s one to the left of the one with the panel.
  10. Build the stairs and double jump up, then walk to the right.

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