Episode VI, Chapter 1: Jabba’s Palace

In this level you’ll need a Jedi, Grappling Character, Astromech, Protocol Droid, Sith, Imperial, Short Character, and Bounty Hunter.

First Time

Assemble the pieces by the door, and two guns should come out of the wall and shoot at you. Destroy them both, then hop onto the platform you’ve just built and a third one will appear. Once you destroy all three, the door will open. The Gamorrean Guards will start to attack now, so pull the handle on both walls to stop them. Once they’re gone, continue until you reach the Bounty Hunter panel. Head down the hallway on the left and pull the handle, then get a helmet that’ll allow you to get through that door. Ascend the stairs and pull the handles in this room, then assemble the box on the right side and push it into the button. This will make a grappling point appear to the left. Grapple up and go around the balcony to the Power Brick – Super Zapper. Then, build and activate the Bounty Hunter panel once again and go through to the second area.

Head to the left and pull the handle, then head to the right. Destroy the object and assemble the pieces. Hop on using a character other than Luke and he’ll Force you up, allowing you to walk left along the ledge and drop down into a cell. There is a Gamorrean Guard in here for you to destroy, then pull the handles to open the door. Since that helmet gives you the ability to go through Bounty Hunter doors, you can also throw a thermal detonator at the blockage in the doorway. Pull the handle, then assemble the pieces to the left and shoot/hit the object three times to make it explode and reveal the way to the Canister. Walk over to the gate and destroy both blue objects to open it. Maneuver around the white grates on the floor, take out the Gamorrean Guards at the end of the hall, and go into the next room, where you’ll have to take out a few more Gamorrean Guards. Back at the beginning of the room, use Luke to do the jump-jump-attack combo and destroy the brown paneling of the floor. Follow the tunnel underground to a Canister. Use the Force on the wall here and assemble the pieces, then go to the right and pull both handles, and assemble the pieces here. Push the box over to each of the cages and use Luke to jump up to free the droids, then use them to open the panels by the door. Head up the stairs where two Gamorrean Guards are waiting for you (you can build the radio to distract them), then use R2-D2 to open the panel.

You can pull the handle here to close one of the holes, but you’ll have to do some work to reach the other one. You should see three boxes on the ground to the right. Line them up, smallest to largest, and climb up. Destroy the canisters and assemble the pieces for a platform, then double jump across and pull the handle. You can use the Force to put another platform down to make a bridge. Use R2-D2 to hover across the little gap and activate the panel to make a bridge for everyone else. Shoot the canisters and assemble the pieces to make a panel, then use C-3PO to activate it and move on.

Pull the handles here, then destroy the Gamorrean Guards to open the door.

Pull the two handles once more, then destroy the Gamorrean Guards again. You might have to go back to the previous area to get the Bounty Hunter helmet to activate the panel.

This is really the only part of the level where you want the holes that the Gamorrean Guards come from to stay open. Head to the left and use C-3PO to activate the panel. The Rancor will grab the guard and carry him to the left, which is your cue to destroy the box next to him to make him lose a heart. Next, use R2-D2 to open the panel on the opposite side and do the same. Once he’s down to his final heart, choose a panel to release a Gamorrean Guard. This time, he’ll stand in the middle, allowing you and the other character to pull the handles and shut the gate on him, ending the level.

Free Play

Head to the left and use a Bounty Hunter to throw a thermal detonator at the silver pile on the ground. Grapple up and either jump or hover across to the Canister. There is also an object that you can have a Sith character use the Force on, then grapple across a few times and drop down to a different Canister. Once you get inside and to the Bounty Hunter panel, take a right down a little hallway and build the panel, then activate it with a Protocol Droid for a Canister. Use the Astromech panel after going up the stairs for a Canister.

I’m sure thishas a much more detailed way of achieving, but this one I just got by opening the Protocol Droid panel in the area with the cells and doing the jump-jump-attack Jedi combo, then walking over the Canister.

In the third area, activate the Astromech panel, then have a Sith character use the Force on the objects up there and jump to the Canister.

In the fifth area, use the Imperial panel for a Canister.

In the final area, assemble the pieces to the grappling point and grapple up, then double jump to the Canister.


In Challenge mode, the level plays as usual, but you must collect ten blue Canisters before your time limit of ten minutes runs out. The level will end as soon as you collect the final Canister. These are not found in the same areas as the white Canisters of regular gameplay, but are as follows:

  1. As you start the level, go straight to the right.
  2. As you start the level, go to the left and have a Sith character use the Force on the rocks. Grapple across the whole way and drop down to the Canister.
  3. Before activating the first Bounty Hunter panel, head down the left hallway and around the grate on the right.
  4. After going up the stairs, use the Force on the covering next to the right Gamorrean Guard hole.
  5. In the first part of the second area, use a short character to crawl through the vent. Destroy the blue object in here, then crawl through the next vent.
  6. On your way across the dropping floor panels, this one should be right in your way. You might have to sacrifice a life to get it.
  7. In the next room, use the jump-jump-attack combo to break the brown paneling on the floor and walk partway through the tunnel.
  8. In the third area, go to the back right corner.
  9. In the fifth area, it’s to the left of the Imperial panel.
  10. In the final area, go to the back left corner.

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