Episode V, Chapter 5: Cloud City Trap

In this level you’ll need a Jedi, Astromech, Sith, Short Character, Imperial, and Bounty Hunter.

First Time

Well, now that Luke has the Force, a Lightsaber, and the ability to double jump, you’ll be able to do a lot more in story mode. Deflect the Stormtroopers’ shots, then use the Force on the ship to build a platform. Use R2-D2 to hover over and activate the panel so you can get across. Once you’re on the other side, build the panel, then switch to R2-D2 and hover around the corner to reach a Canister. Then have R2-D2 activate the panel and go inside.

Take out the Stormtroopers, then use R2-D2 on the panel and push the box onto the red light. Destroy the object along the left wall, then use the Force to build a gun chair and shoot the blue part of the wall. Fight through a few more Stormtroopers, then use R2-D2 on the panel to move on.

As you enter the next area, you’ll be battling Darth Vader again. Once he loses two hearts, he’ll start to flip to the other side whenever you come near him. Just use R2-D2 to activate the panel and disorient him, and you can probably get two or three more shots at him. Once he’s gone, assemble the pieces, then hop onto the crane and pick up R2-D2 and drop him on the other side, by the Stormtroopers. Use him to activate the panel, head back to the beginning, put on a helmet, and hop across. Use the Imperial panel to open the door and move on.

Use the Force on the fan as you enter the next area and jump up. Do the jump-jump-attack combo to destroy part of the wall and hop up to the Canister. Drop down and use R2-D2 to activate the panel, then go back up and ride across. Drop down again and use the Force on the second fan, then go up and use R2-D2 on the next panel. Hop onto the platform and jump to the left for another Canister, then get back onto the platform and chase Darth Vader into the next area.

During this fight, for every two hearts you knock off off, Darth Vader will jump to a high-up platform and call in some Stormtroopers to come after you. Take out the Stormtroopers, use the Force on the ramp, and use R2-D2 on the panel to make Darth Vader come down. Once you knock two more hearts off, assemble the pieces on the ground and push the green to make R2-D2 go up and activate the next panel. Use the first panel again when he’s down to four hearts, and the second again when he’s down to two. Then he’ll leave, allowing you to explore the area as you wish. Whenever you’re ready, exit the same way he did.

Use R2-D2 to hover across to the side with the Stormtroopers. Activate both panels to crush the Stormtroopers, then use Luke to use the Force and make a platform. Go through the door to the final area.

As soon as you enter the area, walk to the left for a Canister. Make Darth Vader lose two hearts and he’ll jump to the next platform. To reach him, use the Force on the ramp, climb up, and jump across. Two more hearts gone and he’ll jump to the next platform, allowing you to double jump toward the screen to reach another Canister. Drop down, use R2-D2 on the panel, and jump onto the platform, then onto the balcony where Darth Vader is waiting for you. Once he’s down to four hearts, you’ll have to chase him down the path, and then that’s it: hit him four more times to end the level.

Free Play

In the first area, use a Bounty Hunter to throw a thermal detonator at the grate behind the Stormtroopers to reveal the Power Brick – Score x6.

Use a Bounty Hunter on the panel in the second area for a Canister.

In the third area, use a Sith character to use the Force on the handle after defeating Darth Vader, then drop one of the Stormtroopers into the hole and assemble the pieces for a Canister.

In the fifth area, or your second fight against Darth Vader, use a short character to crawl through the vent in between the two panels to reach a Canister.

In the sixth area, use a Bounty Hunter to throw a thermal detonator on the white spot on the side you start out on for a Canister. It’ll probably take a while to get your aim just right, so don’t get discouraged too easily.

In the final area, once Darth Vader is down to four hearts, use the Imperial panel for a Canister.


In Challenge mode, the level plays as usual, but you must collect ten blue Canisters before your time limit of ten minutes runs out. The level will end as soon as you collect the final Canister. These are not found in the same areas as the white Canisters of regular gameplay, but are as follows:

  1. Double jump onto your ship.
  2. In the second area, walk to the back right corner.
  3. In the third area, on the round floor where you battle Darth Vader for the first time, hover out to the left. You’ll probably have to sacrifice a life for this one.
  4. You’ll walk right into this one in the fourth area.
  5. This is another one you’ll have to sacrifice a life for: right at the end of the fourth area, you should see it floating slightly to the right of the final platform.
  6. In the fifth area, or the second time you fight Darth Vader, go to the left corner.
  7. This one will be on your platform in the sixth area, in the right corner.
  8. In the sixth area, after you reach the other side, it’s to the left of the Stormtrooper on the left.
  9. In the final area, you should run right into this one once Darth Vader has lost four hearts. It’s by the Astromech panel that starts the moving platform.
  10. In the final area, this one is right next to the Imperial panel.

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