Episode V, Chapter 4: Dagobah

In this level you’ll need a Jedi, Grappling Character, Astromech, Sith, High Jumper, Short Character, and Bounty Hunter.

First Time

Your first time, you won’t be able to use the Force without the help of Yoda in the third area. So for now, assemble the boards to climb up and destroy any bats that try to attack. Walk down the path and to the swamp. Although R2-D2 can go through the swamp, Luke will die, so destroy the plants on the right to get a grappling point. A snake will come out in this area for you to destroy. Use R2-D2 to go through the swamp to the back, then hover to the left and activate the panel for a bridge. Use Luke to destroy the plants and move on.

Assemble and step on the button, then use R2-D2 to hover across and step on all of the buttons that appear. Eventually you should be able to cross to Yoda’s hut and go inside. Then, follow him to another area.

You can’t use the Force alone; Yoda has to be riding on your back. Destroy all of the plants with your Lightsaber, then have Yoda help you use the Force on the rest of them to get some pieces to make a bridge. Before you leave, swing your Lightsaber at the white casing to open it. Cross the bridge, swing at the next casing, then press all of the buttons and jump across to reach the other side. Swing at the final casing on your left for a Canister, then you can go about finding your way out. Force down the two mushroom things on the right and have R2-D2 climb on the first, then hover across to reach the second. From there, he can hover to the Astromech panel and raise the gate that allows you to exit.

Now you’re back in the second area, where Luke can use the Force by himself and you can play as Yoda. Walk to the left and use the Force to make a tractor and a ramp. Have R2-D2 go up the ramp and hover across, then activate the panel to make a platform appear. Jump across and to the piece of land at the end, destroy the barrier, and head into the cave.

Step on the buttons and jump across, then either go across the platforms or climb along the ledges until you reach the open area. Continue forward to the open area where you’ll be fighting Darth Vader. He has eight hearts, but the strategy to defeating him is fairly simple. Once you attack him until two hearts are gone, he’ll appear on the left ledge. Hop on one of the boxes and Yoda should hop onto the other, and you can Force each other up. Attack him until he loses two more hearts and he’ll switch to the ledge on the right. Use the Force to stack up some boxes to reach the lower ledge, then jump to the higher one. Two more hearts gone and he’ll appear back on the ground, where you can finish him off and enter the final area.

Use the Force on the plants, then push the green part until the bridge is raised and cross. Build the little ramp for R2-D2 before you continue. Head to the back left side and work with Yoda to raise each other to the ledge, then push the box off of the edge and assemble the pieces. Use R2-D2 to activate the panel, go forward, and use Yoda to raise the ship to end the level.

Free Play

Use the Force to stack up the three boxes when you start the level. Jump on top, then up to the little tree canopy here. Use a high jumper to jump to the right to get a Canister. After climbing up the boards, in the area with all of the plants, use a Sith character to destroy the ones on the right. Jump across the gap and destroy the box on the track, then build the tractor and ride along the red lights on the track to get the Power Brick – Regenerate Hearts. This next one might be a little tricky, but it’s doable. In the swamp area, get to the very back area with the plank and use an Astromech to hover to the left, where the Astromech panel is. Hover forward from here, onto the small rock, and double jump to the rock on the right. Climb up and destroy the box for a Canister.

To the right of Yoda’s hut, have a Sith character use the Force on the box and assemble the pieces, then hop on the platform to cross. Use a Bounty Hunter to throw a thermal detonator onto the silver barrier in the back for a Canister. If you manage to get into Yoda’s hut, it’s a Double Score Zone where you can destroy practically everything. Also, have a Sith character use the Force on the TV for a Canister.

Technically in the second area, but you’ll pass right through it after the third area– when you build the tractor and activate the Astromech panel, use the grappling point to reach a Canister.

In the fifth area (the cave), have a Sith character use the Force to build half of a bridge. Walk across, then use the Force again to get the rest of the bridge. Switch to a Bounty Hunter and throw a thermal detonator at the silver boxes on the left to get the pieces to make a grappling point. Grapple up to the Canister. The next Canister is suspended in the air by a cage, which you can double jump close to and use your double jump-attack combo to destroy and drop to the ground. Move forward either along the ledges or across the platforms, then have a Bounty Hunter throw a thermal detonator at the silver part of the wall on the right. Once it’s destroyed, carefully navigate the traps to the back for a Canister.

You can reach the final Canister by one of two ways: use a short character to climb through the vent, go to the left, and jump up to it; or build the grappling point on the ground, go up, and jump to it.


In Challenge mode, the level plays as usual, but you must collect ten blue Canisters before your time limit of ten minutes runs out. The level will end as soon as you collect the final Canister. These are not found in the same areas as the white Canisters of regular gameplay, but are as follows:

  1. Near the beginning of the level, have a Sith character use the Force on the plants to reach the area where you’d get the Power Brick in free play, and it’s right on the track.
  2. From the Astromech panel, hover toward the screen to the rock.
  3. In the second area, after pressing all of the buttons and getting across, double jump onto a rock to the left of Yoda’s hut.
  4. In the second area, go to the right of Yoda’s hut and have a Sith character use the Force on the box. Jump onto the platform and then onto the land, then walk to the Canister.
  5. Go into the third area, then walk behind the casing closest to the Astromech panel.
  6. In the fifth area (the cave), use a Sith character to use the Force to build the bridge and cross.
  7. In the cave, jump up to the left ledge and activate the Astromech panel, then go inside.
  8. In the cave, in the open area where you fight Darth Vader, it’s in the left corner.
  9. As you enter the last area, go to the right and jump up on the rock.
  10. After you cross the bridge in the last area, go to the left corner between the two boxes.

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