Episode V, Chapter 1: Hoth Battle

In this level you’ll need a TIE Fighter and a Cable Craft.

First Time

So, you know how you sometimes have to use a tow cable to explode things in other ship levels? Well, you’ll be doing that here, but without a bomb. When you approach an AT-ST (the ones with two legs), a little red target should show up. Hold down the button you would hold down to tow a bomb when that comes up, then start to drive in the opposite direction to make the AT-ST fall over. If you do that ten times, you’ll make a Canister appear near the arrow. Ride up to the second wall and shoot to the right for another Canister. Now, go back to the beginning where you may have seen one of those little bombs. While you’re attempting to tow it past the arrow, some of the droids will be trying to pull it away from you, but just focus on going forward and you should be okay. Once you’ve reached the arrow, gun down the droids, then blow up the wall by the arrow to move on.

Just like the first Canister you obtained in the level, bring down ten more AT-STs for another Canister. Now, remember this scene in the movie where they take down the AT-ATs by wrapping their ship’s cable around their legs to trip them? That’s exactly how you’re going to bring down these AT-ATs. Then, once they’re on the ground, go back and grab a bomb and push it into them to destroy them for good, or else they’ll just get back up in a while. When you destroy the one in the back, it’ll also destroy the pile of snow, allowing you time to grab another bomb and push it into the wall before the next AT-AT reaches you. Once the wall has been blown up, fly along the right side of the walls and into the little hole, then shoot in the back for a Canister. Take out the AT-STs here, then fly back to the bomb dispenser and drag it all the way to the wall at the end to blow it up and get to the last area.

This last part should remind you of the Episode II level Jedi Battle, when you had to destroy a certain number of each enemy in order to end the level. At the beginning you’ll have to destroy eleven of those little black droids that try to steal your bombs. There are also two Canisters in the area, both found by shooting the little snow piles in the back, then shooting their casings. (Seeing as though the area doesn’t really have many landmarks to go off of, I can’t give specific instructions on which snow piles, but they shouldn’t be hard to find since the area is just a circle.) After you’ve destroyed the little black droids, you’ll be faced with eleven AT-STs, which can be destroyed either by shooting or pulling down and then shooting. Now, here come the AT-ATs, only two of them this time. Wrap your cord around them, then use the bombs in the center of the area to blow up their bodies. And, for the big finale, you’ll have four droids, six AT-STs, and one AT-AT. Destroying them all will end the level.

Free Play

In the first area, use the TIE Fighter gate to the left as you start the level and fly to the back. Shoot the little pile of snow for a Canister. Go back to the outside of the TIE Fighter gate and grab a bomb, then tow it to the back of the area and blow up the wall and reach a secret Double Score Zone. Bring down the enemies to make a Canister appear.

Go through the TIE Fighter gate on the left side of the second area, next to the bomb dispenser. Go through the tunnel and turn to the left, then shoot the casing for another Canister. Then turn to the right side of the tunnel and go to the end. As you exit the tunnel, shoot the snow pile on the left for a Canister. Now go back and to the right. See that wall? You’re going to have to go back to right outside of the tunnel, grab a bomb, drag it through the tunnel, and blow up that wall. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to get the Power Brick – Self Destruct.


In Challenge mode, the level plays as usual, but you must collect ten blue Canisters before your time limit of ten minutes runs out. The level will end as soon as you collect the final Canister. These are not found in the same areas as the white Canisters of regular gameplay, but are as follows:

  1. Go through the TIE Fighter gate at the beginning of the level, and the Canister is on the left side.
  2. In the Double Score Zone (found by blowing up the wall in the back of the TIE Fighter gate), the Canister is in the back left area.
  3. When you’re at the end of the area by the arrow, fly to the left.
  4. Near the back of the second area, the Canister is behind a snow pile.
  5. Go through the TIE Fighter gate and fly immediately to the right.
  6. Through the TIE Fighter gate, go through the tunnel and it’s about halfway down on the right side.
  7. Get a bomb near the entrance of the tunnel and fly through to the end, then blow up the wall in the very back (same place as the Power Brick in story mode/free play).
  8. Near the end of the second area, once you’ve destroyed the two AT-ATs and the wall, fly into the hole on the right side and in the back.
  9. From where you start in the final area, fly to the right and behind a snow pile.
  10. From the last Canister, fly further to the right and behind a snow pile.

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