Episode IV, Chapter 6: Rebel Attack

In this level you’ll need a Cable Craft and a TIE Fighter.

First Time

Once again, don’t stop shooting. You won’t run out of ammo, so if you keep shooting, there’s a good chance you’ll hit everything you need to hit. Also, you’ll have to destroy all of the laser shooters in each area (the gray and blue things that fire green at you) for the force fields to open up, along with anything that’s listed here.

Fly over the pink bullet dispenser, then shoot one once the pink arrows appear showing your target. Fly through the disabled force field, shooting everywhere. If you fly over the left area and shoot the green part enough times, a box with a Canister will appear, which you’ll have to shoot to reveal. Take out some TIE Fighters if you want, but more will keep appearing, so it’s best to just ignore them. Fly to the next force field and stock up on some more pink bullets to use on the four objects that come out of the ground. Also, to the right of these objects are some blue wall panels, which you can shoot to reveal another Canister. Now, shoot the four objects with the pink bullets to disable the force field, then shoot the barriers behind it to get through to the second area.

Fly down the left side near the TIE Fighter gate and shoot the green areas again to make a Canister appear. Then, switch to the right side and collect some pink bullets if needed, and shoot the targets. After coming around the corner on the right, look for a TIE Fighter gate and shoot the blue wall panels to the right of it to reveal another Canister. Destroy the four targets at the end with more pink bullets, which should disable the force field. Destroy the barriers and go through.

Go forward instead of around the corner as you enter the area and shoot the green areas yet again for another Canister. There are four targets to the right of this, so go to the end and load up on bullets if need be and destroy them again. There are also four on the right side near the end to shoot and disable the force field, then shoot the barriers for a third time. After going through, don’t go into the next area just yet– fly immediately to the left and shoot the blue wall panels again, then fly inside for a Canister. Now go to the right to enter the final area.

When flying through the trench, my advice is the same as always: don’t stop shooting. You’ll most likely hit the majority, if not all, of the laser shooters. Make sure you collect at least one pink bullet before reaching the open area, because if not, you’ll have to fly through the trench backwards to get it. In the open area, shoot all of the laser shooters, then fly to the back left and shoot the green areas for a final time for a Canister. There is also a little opening in the back right side that you can fly through for the Power Brick – Score x2. Once you’re done with all of this, shoot the pink bullet at the opening in the center to end the level.

Free Play

At the second force field, go to the right and through the TIE Fighter gate. Destroy the two things that are shooting you, then shoot a pink bullet in the center and shoot through the box for a Canister.

On the right side of the second area, there are two TIE Fighter gates, one at the beginning and one near the end. Open them both up, then use a Cable Craft to tow the little bomb from the first to the second and blow up the orange panels on each side of the wall. You’ll have to do this twice to disable the force field. The Canister is in the middle, inside of a box. On the left side, there is a TIE Fighter gate. Go through and fly over each of the green squares to light them up and make a boxed-up Canister appear.


In Challenge mode, the level plays as usual, but you must collect ten blue Canisters before your time limit of ten minutes runs out. The level will end as soon as you collect the final Canister. These are not found in the same areas as the white Canisters of regular gameplay, but are as follows:

**NOTE: Instead of having the usual ten minutes to complete this Challenge, you’ll only have seven.

  1. Fly to the right immediately as you start the level.
  2. After getting past the first force field, fly to the right and you should see it near a laser shooter.
  3. Near the second force field, fly to the corner in the back of the right side.
  4. Near the second force field, go through the TIE Fighter gate on the left side and the Canister is in the center.
  5. In the second area, go through the TIE Fighter gate on your right as you enter.
  6. In the second area, fly up the left side and shoot the laser shooters along the wall to reveal this one.
  7. In the second area, go through the TIE Fighter gate on the left side about halfway down and fly to the back right corner.
  8. As you enter the third area, shoot the laser shooters along the left wall to reveal this one.
  9. As soon as you enter the trench, turn around and fly backwards to get this Canister.
  10. In the open area at the end of the trench, the Canister is right in the center.

Congratulations, you’ve finished Episode IV: A New Hope!


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