Episode IV, Chapter 3: Mos Eisley Spaceport

In this level you’ll need a Jedi, Astromech, Protocol Droid, Grappler, Sith, Imperial, Short Character, and Bounty Hunter.

First Time

This level has a lot of Sandtroopers that are constantly attacking you, so we’ll try to get this part done quickly. Walk along the left side of the area until you see four small gray trash bins that glow blue. Force the lids off of all of them, then assemble the pieces to make a door. Use R2-D2 to open it for the Power Brick – Super Lightsabers. Now, use the Force on the set of stairs on your right to move them, allowing you to reach the Sandtroopers up above. Once you’ve gotten rid of them, use C-3PO on the panel to open the door underneath. If you want, you can grab the Landspeeder and ride it through to the next area for a little bonus.

Get rid of some more Sandtroopers. On the right side of this area, you should be able to see a Canister up on a ledge. Stack the boxes up and jump to it. Now, break the box that you didn’t stack and build a ramp for C-3PO. Assemble the pieces in the middle of the area and smash the trash bins on the right for more pieces. Use R2-D2 to open the door on the left and C-3PO to open the door you just built the ramp to, and assemble all of these pieces as well. You should now have a working AT-ST, but a Sandtrooper will soon take over. Force him out, then take control and blast whatever you want. You can even use this vehicle to reach an area on the right side near the entrance, build some chairs, and blast ten Womp Rats for a Canister. Now, you can use the blaster on the AT-ST to break down the two orange fences found near the beginning and end; this will, however, release some more Sandtroopers to attack. Once they’ve all been defeated, head back through the first fence near the entrance to another Double Score Zone. If you haven’t yet noticed, this area is also a car wash and dealership for your Landspeeder for a ton of extra studs– just drive the Landspeeder up to the car wash, hop out, and pull the two handles to wash it. Then, drive it to the right side of the area and a Jawa will walk over to it, giving you a ton of studs. (For even more studs, try to take it back. The Jawa that gave you all of the studs will run through a doorway in the back and return with Sandtroopers. If you have the character studs extra turned on, the studs gained from killing these Sandtroopers will count as double, since you’re still in the Double Score Zone.) Now, go back to the other fence you destroyed and destroy some more enemies until you can reach the door in the back.

Shoot the four objects on the wall that are preventing C-3PO and R2-D2 from getting through, then step on the buttons to open the door.

Now there’s a little character switch– you’ll have control of Han Solo and Chewbacca, but there isn’t much to do besides trying to get studs. You can exit through the back of the right side of the area once you’re done exploring.

Grapple up and exit through the opening in the rock to follow the Imperial Spy, destroying any Sandtroopers in the process.

Destroy any more Sandtroopers, then grapple across to the left side and pull the handle. Push the box until you get it into the orange target, then destroy it to reach the next area.

Destroy every possible Sandtrooper, especially the ones riding on the Dewbacks. Then, hop on a Dewback and launch yourself up to the ledge where the Imperial Spy escaped. Go down and through the door to the final area.

More Sandtroopers are called in by the Imperial Spy, but after destroying them all he’ll call in more. Destroy those ones, then it’s time for you to battle the Imperial Spy. The Sandtroopers will still be coming after you, but you’ve got to be quick to catch the Imperial Spy. One quick shot will make him lose a heart, so just run back and forth between the left and right doors when he tries to escape and take him by surprise whenever you can. After you kill him, destroy the rest of the Sandtroopers to make an exit appear via the Millennium Falcon and go inside.

Free Play

Use an Imperial character to open the door on the right as you start the level. Turn on both of the shower heads along the left wall to make the Canister appear. Go back outside and, near the entrance to that area, there is a set of stairs that leads to a Double Score Zone. From here, walk to the left and use either a Bounty Hunter or Astromech to hover across, then have a Bounty Hunter open the door to make a bunch of pieces shoot out. Assemble them to make a fan. Now you’ll have to destroy some garbage cans to find three carrots– one is to the right of the stairs to the Double Score Zone, one is on the left side about halfway down, and one is on the right side near a tent. The Canister will appear high in the air after finding the carrots, so use the fan to float up to it. Walk up the set of stairs on the right near the tent and have a Sith character use the Force on the object in the ground to destroy it, then jump in the hole for another Canister.

Use a Bounty Hunter to destroy the shiny silver canister in the middle of the area, then assemble the pieces. Push until the black ship is erected, then build a grappling point and use it to reach the Canister.

In the Cantina area, there is a vent to crawl through using a short character to the right of where you enter. Inside of here there is a Canister, and then you can pull the handle to disable the force field.

In the tiny area you enter while chasing the Imperial Spy, destroy the trash bin on the left side of the door for a radish. This is one of three, the others of which are found in different areas. Now, use the grapple point, then build a second one and grapple up to that one and go through the door.

Use a Bounty Hunter on the panel to open the door. Hop down, then walk to the back of the area and use the Force with your partner on the walls in the back for a Canister. While you’re here, also destroy the trash bin to the right of the opening with the pieces inside for a radish. This is the second of three. To exit the area, you can either use the Protocol Droid panel, destroy one of the gates with a Sith character, or hop back up to the Bounty Hunter door using one of the dips in the wall as a platform.

To the left of the movie theater is the final trash bin to be destroyed. The Canister appears in the previous area on a ledge that can be easily reached by grappling or jumping. To get the final Canister, use an Astromech on the panel outside of the movie theater and go inside for yet another Double Score Zone. Destroy all of the lights at the bottom of the area to open the curtain, then make the Lego logo to make the movie start. Destroy part of the screen to make a hole, then climb through for the canister.


In Challenge mode, the level plays as usual, but you must collect ten blue Canisters before your time limit of ten minutes runs out. The level will end as soon as you collect the final Canister. These are not found in the same areas as the white Canisters of regular gameplay, but are as follows:

**NOTE: Instead of having the usual ten minutes to complete this Challenge, you’ll have twelve.**

  1. Walk to the right as you start. The Canister is in the back left corner, behind the trash bins.
  2. Walk along the left wall in the first area until you find a little dip in the wall. The Canister should be there.
  3. Before exiting the first area, use an Imperial on the panel to enter the second area a different way. The Canister should be right here as you enter.
  4. After destroying the fence and enemies with the AT-ST, jump down and go to the right corner before the exit to find the Canister.
  5. To the left of the Cantina’s exit, go to the back where you’ll see the Canister on a table.
  6. After leaving the Cantina, grapple up and build the second grappling point, then use it. Go through the door and use a Bounty Hunter on the panel to enter the secret area. Hop down and go through the opening with the pieces inside for the Canister.
  7. In the area that leads to the secret area, hop down from the grappling point and go into the right corner.
  8. In the area with the movie theater, go to the left of the theater and you should see the Canister.
  9. Use an Astromech to get inside of the movie theater and walk through the left side of the seats.
  10. In the final area, jump up onto the ledge using the pipes and walk to the right.

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