Year Eight, Level Five: Snape’s Tears

In this level you’ll need a Regular Wizard, Dark Wizard, Weasley, Bag Character, Goblin, Mechanic, Strong Character, Deluminator Character, and Book Character.

First Time

As you begin, use Aguamenti to fill up the tank and put out the fire. Use Ron on the Weasley box and climb up the wall to the right. Assemble the pieces with Wingardium Leviosa to build a hand, then lift it and stick it on the left wall by the gears to turn them and open the gate. This releases the troll, who smashes through the door on the right, allowing you further access around the area. Jump down and head down the path, blasting any randomly appearing Death Eaters out of your way. You’ll eventually reach a point where the troll is on higher ground. If you’re still playing as Ron, switch to either Harry or Hermione, because Ron’s fear of spiders in this area makes him useless a good portion of the time. As you’re playing here, don’t forget to stop every once in a while to shoot the Death Eaters and occasional spiders. Destroy the statue in the center of the area with Reducto, then use Hermione’s bag plate to build a catapult. Bring it back, then shoot the target on the side to fling a rock up and hit the troll. After this, more spiders and Death Eaters will appear, so destroy them all. Bring the catapult back again, but don’t shoot until the troll is in the middle and the Death Eater with the shield is gone. After this shot, he’ll destroy the catapult, so build it again and get it ready for when he’s in the middle and the shield has been destroyed. He’ll fall off the side of the building after being shot the final time, and some pieces will fall that can be used as platforms to reach where he was previously standing. Head to the right, still blasting away the Death Eaters, until you reach a new room with the troll in the back. If you go to the right, toward the screen, you’ll come across a Death Eater attacking another student. Destroying this Death Eater will earn you the Student In Peril. Now, use Harry to put on the Invisibility Cloak and sneak past the troll. Head to the right, by the red wall, and put out the flames with Aguamenti. Shoot the wall with Diffindo and cut out the music note, then use the pieces to build a phonograph to make the troll dance. Head to the left and use Ron on the Weasley box, then place the box in front of the troll to make him disappear and continue to the next area.

Use Lumos on the vines covering the anchor to your right and levitate it up to make some pieces scatter. Assemble them and turn the handle to destroy the wall. Use Hermione on the bookcase and assemble some more pieces for a boat that destroys itself in the water. Hop in the water and assemble even more pieces to make a fan that allows you to reach the other side. To the left of Snape you’ll see a lit lantern that you must use Ron’s Deluminator to trap. Bring it to the right side on a wall and a wheel will drop. Carry it to the right and fill the tank with Aguamenti, then turn the handle and pick up the little container. Set it down next to Snape, then have Harry shoot the cloud and then give him the container to finish the level.

Free Play

Right at the beginning, you should be able to see a red and black object behind the sticky wall. Go through the little doorway to the left to climb behind it, and use Dark Magic on it for the Fenrir Greyback character token. Here you will also find the first of three chests you must use Dark Magic on for a collectible– after using a Weasley to climb the sticky wall, it’s immediately to your right. The Gryffindor Crest piece can be obtained once you’re up here as well: after attaching the hand to the wall and opening the gate, use Dark Magic on the gears for the crest piece. The next chest is in the area where you fight the troll for the first time, in the back left corner. After destroying the troll on top of the roof and heading down to the right, you’ll come across a safe that must be opened with a Goblin for the Death Eater character token. In the next area with the troll, you’ll find the last chest, to the left of the troll when he’s standing in front of the doorway. Opening it will give you the Slytherin Crest piece.

In the second area, after destroying the wall, use Dark Magic on the fish for the character token for Professor Snape. Behind the bookcase, use a Mechanic to fix the machine for the Ravenclaw Crest piece. Finally, to the right of Snape near the wall is a handle that must be pulled by a strong character for the Hufflepuff Crest piece.


Follow the ghost coins all the way across the grounds to Hagrid’s hut to reach the final level.


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