Year Eight, Level Three: Burning Bridges

In this level you’ll need a Regular Wizard, Dark Wizard, Parselmouth, Deluminator Character, Weasley, Digging Character, and Animagus.

First Time

Start off by pulling the cored and putting the painting pieces in the correct areas (from bottom to top: plant, cloud, sun) to get the pieces for a Spectrespecs dispenser. Put out the fire to the right with Aguamenti, then put on the Spectrespecs and build the chisel. Head down the stairs and use it to destroy part of the barricade, just enough for you to be able to use Reducto and destroy the rest. Head forward to the cauldron and use Aguamenti on the left side to get the first ingredient. Then turn the statue and head up the other set of stairs to solve the Parseltongue puzzle. Turn the statue back and go up the stairs for the next ingredient. Go back to the beginning and put the Spectrespecs back on, and then come back and go up the stairs to put the pieces together. Shoot the statue for the last ingredient. Drink the potion, pull the handle, and use the vacuum-thing to clear away the goo and move forward. Fill up the next tank with Aguamenti and put it over the fire to put it out, then shoot the statue for the Grey Lady character token. Go down the hallway to move on.

Now you’ll be playing as Neville and Seamus. (Keep in mind that extinguishing the little flames all over the area with Aguamenti is a great way to earn coins, and a surefire– no pun intended– way to help you achieve True Wizard!) First shoot the box and get the dynamite to the left of where you start, then set it in the area it shows you. You can’t do anything with the Deluminator or Weasley wall right now, so head down the ramp to move on. Spray all three flowers with Aguamenti, then hop across. First head forward down the ramp, and turn to the vine-covered chest. Use Lumos for another stick of dynamite, then carry it back up the ramp and place it in the designated area. Head back down the ramp and set up the first platform, then hop on it and place the second one where you need it. Hop across, shoot the spider web, and place the third stick on the wall. Now you can head up in the other direction from the flowers, use Aguamenti on the fire, and then float the torch up to the vines to make the platform swing. Head down the ramp and around the corner by the wall, build the stairs, and use Diffindo on the wall. Jump up using the web that has been made and shoot the box to open it, then place the dynamite on the wall. One more to go– head up the stairs you’ve just built and follow the path, clearing the way with Aguamenti. You should reach the ground and a digging spot. Neville, being such an expert in Herbology, does count as a digging character, so here you’re saved. But before you pick up the dynamite and place it back where it goes, head up the hill where you’ll find tons and tons of coins, mostly purple and blue. Bam, automatic True Wizard. Now you can go place the dynamite on the wall to move on.

With Hermione and Ron down in the Chamber of Secrets, you can assemble three skeletons for the Gryffindor Crest piece between this area and the next. The first is right in front of you as you start. Go slightly to the right and have Hermione use Lumos on the vines, then use the bag plate and brush away the purple from the Weasley wall. Before you jump up to reach the Weasley box, head right and put the three fish into the water for the Ravenclaw Crest piece. Now head back and jump up until you reach the top of the waterfall, then jump to the right and have Ron use the box. It’s a little hard to get Ron to stick to the wall at first, but once you do, your main priority is to stay on the wall. It’s hard to walk without swerving, but just stay on the wall and you’ll make it across just fine. Once you’ve gotten him to the other side, use the Deluminator and move the light all the way across to the other end of the area. Assemble the pieces to the Parseltongue puzzle, then use Ron to “imitate” the language to open the box and allow your entry to the next area.

First, shoot the pieces of the skeleton in front of the second snake and assemble them. Then walk to the end of the path and use Wingardium Leviosa to get Hermione’s bag plate out of the last snake’s mouth. Use it for a drill-thing, and ride it to clear away the rocks. Here, use Crookshanks to dig up the parts of the third skeleton and assemble them for the crest piece. Lift up the basilisk skeleton for another bag plate, then use it for some pliers. Move the pliers in front of the basilisk to pull out the tooth, then walk forward to end the level.

Free Play

As you start the first area, you should see a tank on the lower floor that glows red. Use a Dark Wizard to activate it, then fill it with water using Aguamenti for the Slytherin Crest piece. At the foot of the stairs, there is a glowing lantern that you can use the Deluminator on and move the light to the lantern just before the cauldron, then squirt the faces with Aguamenti for the Hufflepuff Crest piece.

In the area with Neville and Seamus, use Ron’s Deluminator to move the light from the lantern down the ramp to the one by the spider. This will cause the spider to drop the Weasley box you need to climb the wall. Use a Weasley to open it, then climb the wall for the Seamus Finnegan character token. At the end of the area, go past the digging spot and use a Dark Wizard on the object up the hill. Then, use Aguamenti on the plant to free the Student In Peril.

In the first area of the Chamber, use a Dark Wizard on the objects on the right side. Use Hermione’s bag plate, then use a digging character and place the object on the statue for the character token Neville (Cardigan).


Follow the trail of ghost coins into a door to the left.


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