Year Eight, Level Four: Fiendfyre Frenzy

In this level you’ll need a Regular Wizard, Dark Wizard, Digging Character, Deluminator Character, Book Character, Animagus, Strong Character, Weasley, Parselmouth, Mechanic, and Goblin.

First Time

And we start off with another area of one of the fans’ favorite couples, Ron and Hermione. First, shoot the bottom cauldron on the right side, then use the Weasley box and give the fan to the sweaty-looking wizard in the painting. In exchange, you’ll get a popsicle, one of the ingredients in your potion. Shoot the flowerpot right next to the painting and use Crookshanks to dig for the second ingredient. Then use Hermione’s bag plate for the last ingredient and add them all to the cauldron. Once the barricade is destroyed, you’ll be looking for a way to reach the Spectrespecs dispenser up on top of what looks like a cabinet. Use Hermione to open the bookcase, then assemble the pieces and give the knight his shield for a way up. Use the Spectrespecs to build the catapult and launch it to clear more of the path. But wait, where are those odd struggling noises coming from? Shoot the swing to the right of the row of armors at the end to free the Student In Peril. Now you can go about using Ron to move the light from the lantern behind the bookshelf to the left to the one by the table on the right. This clears the way to the next area.

Harry’s back and Ron’s gone, but this isn’t a problem. Head down the path and shoot the object on the scale with Reducto three times to lower the piece of the tunnel, then place it on the bottom. Twist the upper one, then have Crookshanks crawl through and press the button on the left, then exit out the other side to topple the knight. Jump down and head forward to move on.

For a while you’ll just be hopping across gaps and flames, and extinguishing smaller flames with Aguamenti. Once you’ve all reached the part where you’re standing on a painting next to a vault, a dragon made of fire will destroy the entire area you just climbed across, and part of the area you need to get to now. Use Wingardium Leviosa to help your friends across, and once they’re there, they’ll help you. Keep jumping across and extinguishing flames with Aguamenti until you reach the end, where you have to shoot the chair with Reducto and assemble the pieces into stairs. Once again, the dragon comes through and destroys where you just were. Extinguish some more flames, use Ron on the Weasley box, and use the firework to make another path across. Keep jumping, then shoot the cabinet and use Diffindo on the wall and build the ladder. After climbing, the dragon will come through again, ending the area.

Follow the blue coins up to the leftmost platform first. Shoot the structure with Reducto, then build the airplane. Ride it to destroy the rest of the structure, then destroy the rest of the items here to make some pieces to assemble. Fill up the water tank with Aguamenti, then jump back on a broom and ride toward the screen to the left. Jump off the broom and onto the ledge. Open the chest and build the bed, then jump on it to reach the Tom Riddle character token. Get back on the broom and ride it to the next platform to the right and toward the screen. Use Wingardium Leviosa to set up the tank, then fill it up with Aguamenti. Jump on the broom again and follow the trail of blue coins to the last platform. Destroy everything until you’ve cleared a path to the Parseltongue wall, and use either Harry or Ron to solve the puzzle. Assemble the pieces, place the tank, and fill it with Aguamenti to end the level.

Free Play

In the first area, after making the potion, you should see a red glowing lock on a cage to the left of the bookcase. Use a Dark Wizard on it, then fill the balloon with water using Aguamenti until it bursts, giving you the Ravenclaw Crest piece. Also, shoot the chest in the front right corner toward the end of the area for a skeleton, then assemble it. This is the first of three skeletons that will get you a crest piece in the next area.

To the left as you start the area, there is another chest you must shoot and assemble the skeleton. Shoot the dragon’s body, then pull the handle with a strong character to destroy it. Then, turn the handle on the chest to open it and give you the Hufflepuff Crest piece. Back here, you should also find another chest to shoot and assemble the skeleton for the Gryffindor Crest piece.

Near the beginning of the third area, you’ll come across a red cage with the Slytherin Crest piece inside. Use a Dark Wizard to open and get it. As you’re jumping across the bottom level, you’ll eventually reach a vault that a Goblin can be used to unlock and get the Gregory Goyle character token.

Similar to getting the character token for Tom Riddle, on the opposite side is a random platform with a broken machine. Use Arthur Weasley to repair it for the character token Harry (Brown Jacket).


Follow the ghost coin trail once again.


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