Episode IV, Chapter 2: Through the Jundland Wastes

In this level you’ll need a Jedi, Astromech, Protocol Droid, Short Character, Sith, and Bounty Hunter.

First Time

Smash away the rocks to get up to the Tusken Raiders, then attack. Continue down the area, getting rid of any Tusken Raiders that come after you. At the end of the area, you’ll have to Force the pieces on the hill to make a ramp to reach the top. Then you can reach the second area.

Destroy the Tusken Raiders that are shooting at you, then assemble the pieces to make a box and push it to the end. Jump on top of the box, then to the two ledges, and then down onto the ground. Go forward, build the grapple point, stack the boxes on top of each other, and Force the platform down. Grapple up and pull the handle, then jump to the next platform and grapple up to here. Pull this handle to make a little elevator, which will help you reach the top. Pull one handle and your partner will pull the other, then jump down and go into the Sandcrawler.

Go down the hallway and destroy the coverings on the wheels, then Force the ones on the right to open the door. Pull the handle in the next room, then push the box across to the nearest red light for a Canister. Push it to the one on the other side that traps R2-D2, then use him to activate the panel. Go onto the elevator.

Quickly run over each set of buttons to raise two levers. Pull them both to open the gate to the next area.

Start by destroying the Jawas so that they don’t blast R2-D2. Push the turnstile in the middle of the room until the silver object on the ceiling is above the cage that holds C-3PO. Then use him to unlock the panel on the door, then Force the supports on each side of the wall to lower it and allow you to the next area.

Force together the grappling point near the end of the area to reach a Canister. Go back to the beginning of the area and use C-3PO to activate the panel. Build a little walkway for him, then have him activate the next one. Go down the canyon and defeat some more Tusken Raiders, then hop onto the rocks and Force the pieces over to make a bridge. Go a little to the left and jump onto the large rock to lower it, allowing you to reach a Canister. Now jump up the rock steps on the right and push the box over, then Force the pieces to make a bridge. Activate the panel, then cross to the final area.

As you enter the final area, you’ll end up by a broken Landspeeder. Fix it, then use it to fly forward. Build the grappling point, use it, then jump to the rock with the Canister. Fly back and to the right, then assemble the pieces and pull the handle to make a bridge. Your partner will cross, allowing the both of you to step on the buttons to reveal another handle. This handle will open the door and allow you inside.

Free Play

Go forward to the ledge as much as you can without falling off. Use a Bounty Hunter with a jetpack or an Astromech to hover over to the right, then use a thermal detonator on the blockage to access a secret area. Force the boxes on the right into a stack, then jump from here to the rock in front of you (it may take a few tries). Hover across, then push the cart off the rock. The cart will roll and break some boards, uncovering the Power Brick – Fast Force. Also in this area is a Canister, found by jumping up using the mound of dirt and going to the left, then hovering across. Go back to the regular level area, then use a Sith character to Force away the wall. Inside here, you can Force a little bomb onto the wall to blow a hole in it, then do it again after smashing some planks. Hop between the holes to get the Canister. Now, go to the grappling point (build it if you haven’t already) and go up, then use a character that can hover to reach the opposite ledge. Use a Short Character to crawl through the vent and reach the Canister underground.

After reaching the top of the Sandcrawler in the second area, have a Bounty Hunter use some thermal detonators to destroy the silver covers on the left. The ones in the top right corner and the middle right will uncover buttons, which you must step on. Use a Short Character to climb through the vent that just appeared and get the Canister.

Inside the Sandcrawler after going up the elevator, go to the left and have a Sith use the Force on the lights. Use a Short Character to crawl through, then step on the buttons to open the gate. Force the valve and object above it to stop the lava, then hop across to the Canister.

Have a Sith Force the barrier on the left to reach a previously inaccessible area. Destroy the Tusken Raiders, then hop on one of the Banthas and steer it onto the large button. Your partner should step on the other button, raising the covering over the Canister.


In Challenge mode, the level plays as usual, but you must collect ten blue Canisters before your time limit of ten minutes runs out. The level will end as soon as you collect the final Canister. These are not found in the same areas as the white Canisters of regular gameplay, but are as follows:

**NOTE: Instead of having the usual ten minutes to complete this Challenge, you’ll have twelve.**

  1. As you enter the area, head to the left and jump up the little ramp that you’ll slide back down.
  2. Use a Bounty Hunter with a jetpack to hover to the right, then use a thermal detonator to destroy the blockage. On the right, there is a Canister hiding behind a box.
  3. In the same area as the previous Canister, Force up a dirt pile to reach the upper level. Force the door off of the left hut and go inside.
  4. After dropping down in the second area, build the grappling point and go up.
  5. By the Sandcrawler, step on one of the boxes and jump into the hole on the right, or high jump.
  6. Build and use the Protocol Droid panel inside the Sandcrawler and go into the secret room. The Canister is in the back, behind a chair.
  7. After going up the elevator in the Sandcrawler, go to the left and have a Sith character Force the lights.
  8. After exiting the Sandcrawler, head down and to the left and have a Sith character Force down the barrier. Go in the very back and jump up to the ledges.
  9. In the same area, after having a Protocol Droid activate the last panel, smash the one on the left and destroy the flowers. This will make a little platform to reach the ledge above, and you’ll have to use a jetpack character to hover across.
  10. In the final area, use the objects on the side as a boost to get on top of the house. The Canister is in the middle.

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  1. I found an error. One of the minikits was just after the bridgevent that was made the the force, in the area just before Ben’s house. Use a hover character to float over to a rock that has the kit behind it to lower the rock.

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