Episode IV, Chapter 1: Secret Plans

In this level you’ll need a Grappler, Astromech, Protocol Droid, Jedi, Sith, Bounty Hunter, and Imperial.

First Time

You’ll start off in a tiny room with not much to do. However, the little generator on the left side is good for infinite coins, if you keep pulling the lever. Whenever you’re ready, build the two objects to open the door. Pull the two levers with your partner and head to the left with the Rebels. You’ll have to destroy three sets of Stormtroopers before you can go through to the second area.

Grapple up to the second level, then again up to the third. Build the two objects to make a bridge, then cross to the third area.

You won’t be able to run right down and attack Darth Vader or his Stormtroopers, so pull the levers on each side of the wall to release some containers. Shoot them, along with the Stormtroopers, and Darth Vader will leave. Go through the next two rooms and blast your way through some more Stormtroopers, then enter the door they came from.

Push the boxes on top of the red buttons on the ground to open the door. Some Stormtroopers will pour out, which you must defeat before going on. Use C-3PO to open the Protocol Droid panel, then R2-D2 to open the Astromech panel to enter the next area.

Jump on the crane in the middle of this side of the room and use it to get rid of the Stormtroopers attacking the Rebel on the other side. He’ll pull the lever on that side of the room, which will allow you to the other side. Now, since C-3PO can’t jump, he won’t be able to get to the door and activate the panel. You’ll have to use the crane again to help him across, then jump over yourself and use him to open the door.

Battle the Stormtroopers to get back the Rebels, then battle the rest that come through. Build the bridge then cross, still battling the Stormtroopers. Head to the right and build another bridge. Use R2-D2 to open the left panel and pull the handle. Now open the middle panel and destroy the Beach Troopers, then pull the lever. Use C-3PO on the right panel, then R2-D2 on the panel inside to end the level.

Free Play

As you notice the Rebels running to the left in the first area, head to the right instead. Use a Sith character to Force open the door, and you’ll discover a Canister in a Double Score Zone.

Use a Bounty Hunter to throw a thermal detonator on the silver object on the floor to make a hole to reach the Canister. Use a character with the Force to build the two platforms on the upper level, then climb up to reach a Canister.

There are three little grape bricks to find in this area. One is in the second room by the Bounty Hunter panel. You can either use the green Bounty Hunter panel in this room or the white Imperial panel in the third to do this one; they both lead to the same place. Head in and go through the area. Behind the Protocol Droid panel, you’ll find another grape brick, and another about halfway down the hallway. Finding all three will earn you a Canister. Continue down this hallway and go into the holes on either side of the wall to get some pieces to build. A doorway will be built, and a Canister will appear inside. Go back down to the Protocol Droid panel and into the room in the back. Use the Force on the shower head on the right, closest to you as you walk in. Destroy the plants it causes to grow for the Power Brick – Super Blasters.

On the right side of this room, Force the two objects on top of each other and jump on top. Jump from here to the nearby ledge for a Canister. This next one is a little weird, since there is nothing to distinguish it, but it can be found by using the Force on the little orange thing in the top left corner after the Protocol Droid panel. It’ll open a secret door with the Canister inside.

After reaching the fifth area, go back a little and into the secret tunnel from the third area. Use a Bounty Hunter to destroy the silver object on the floor of the tunnel and build the orange vehicle. Drive it from here to the area you just left, then go up the little ramp in this area to make a Canister appear.

Before entering the second room of the final area, destroy the wall on the left side to find a blue flower. Use an Imperial to get into the room a little further down, then smash the boxes to find another. Before building the bridge down the next hallway, use a Bounty Hunter to throw a thermal detonator at the shiny object and find the last flower. A Canister will appear at the end of the hallway. Open the middle panel using an Astromech and use a Sith to pull the handle for the last Canister.


In Challenge mode, the level plays as usual, but you must collect ten blue Canisters before your time limit of ten minutes runs out. The level will end as soon as you collect the final Canister. These are not found in the same areas as the white Canisters of regular gameplay, but are as follows:

  1. Head to the left as the level begins.
  2. Go right down the next hallway with the running Rebels.
  3. Go a little further down the hallway and turn toward the Protocol Droid panel. It’ll be on top of a box.
  4. Use a Bounty Hunter to throw a thermal detonator at the object on the ground in the second area, then drop down to get the Canister.
  5. You’ll be able to see it right above Darth Vader before he runs off.
  6. Destroy the left side of the wall in the next room, and the Canister will be right behind it.
  7. Use a Bounty Hunter or Imperial to get into the secret tunnel, then activate the Protocol Droid panel to find it.
  8. In the next area, go into the right corner.
  9. In the area with the crane, destroy the box in front of the door and grapple up. Use a high jumper to reach the ledge with the Canister to the left.
  10. In the final area, as you turn right, you’ll walk right into it.

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