Episode III, Chapter 6: Darth Vader

In this level you’ll need a Jedi and an Astromech.

First Time

This level is unlike the others, since Obi-Wan and Anakin are working together, but still fighting each other. It’s a little strange, but fun. Right from the start, you’re thrown into an area where you’re trying not to fall in the lava. Don’t stand too long on the ground without jumping, and don’t get too far behind because you’ll probably get stuck. Right before you reach the end, turn left and get the first Canister of the level.

As you enter the second area, you’ll be given thirty seconds before the entire area collapses. You can extend the time period by Forcing the fallen beams  in the center of the room. If you head to the very back of the room, you’ll find a Canister surrounded by tons of studs. From here, head up and to the left and smash the yellow brick barrier for another Canister. Walk toward the screen from here and use the Force to turn the handle to get another Canister. Now walk toward the screen again and use the Force on the two handles to the left of the Astromech panel. A Canister will appear above. To get to the third area, go to the right and use the Force to move the yellow beams away from the door, then work with the other character to Force the door open.

You should see the next Canister easily as you enter the third area, and one more Canister in your path as you work through the level. Smash the two canisters and step on the buttons to lower a platform and jump across. Now work with your partner to Force the two yellow handles, and then put the red ones onto the wall. Stepping on the next platform will automatically transport you to the fourth area.

Three Canisters can be found in this area, but only two are currently accessible: one Canister on the left side of the room, while jumping across the stones, and one Canister on the right side. Your main goal, though, is to make it to the huge pillar at the center. Once there, climb up as far as you can without falling and wait for the pillar to topple, acting as a bridge for you to reach the rock where you’ll have your final battle.

Whatever character you were working with a few moments ago is now your enemy, and it’s up to you to destroy them. Both of you will have ten hearts for this battle, so make them count. The easiest way to do this is to use the jump-jump-attack combo, which will likely allow you to win with a few hearts to spare.

Free Play

The only collectible in this area that can only be earned in free play mode is the Power Brick – Dark Side, found in the second area by activating the Astromech panel on the left side of the room.

The other collectible that can be earned in free play mode is the final Canister of the game in the fourth area. Jump across the rocks to the large pillar in the center, then use an Astromech or a character with a jetpack to hover out to the rock that is inaccessible from any other way. From there, jump onto the large rock to collect the Canister.


In Challenge mode, the level plays as usual, but you must collect ten blue Canisters before your time limit of ten minutes runs out. The level will end as soon as you collect the final Canister. These are not found in the same areas as the white Canisters of regular gameplay, but are as follows:

  1. The first Canister is right behind you as soon as you start the level.
  2. Go to the very back of the second area. (Same place as an in-game Canister.)
  3. Destroy the yellow brick barrier near the previous Canister. (Same place as an in-game Canister.)
  4. Use an Astromech to activate the panel on the left side of this room.
  5. It’ll be right next to you as you enter the third area.
  6. After stepping on the buttons to reveal the platform, the Canister will appear on top.
  7. In the fourth area, it’ll be at the right end of the last platform before you step onto the rocks.
  8. While stepping on the rocks, head to the left onto the larger platform.
  9. While stepping on the rocks, head to the right and it should be pretty easily spotted. (Same place as an in-game Canister.)
  10. Jump up on the pillar and use this height advantage to hover onto a previously inaccessible rock. Jump from here to a large rock. (Same place as an in-game Canister.)

Congratulations, you’ve finished Episode III: Revenge of the Sith!


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