Episode III, Chapter 4: Defense of Kashyyyk

In this level you’ll need a Grappler, Bounty Hunter, High Jumper, and Sith.

First Time

Use Yoda and Force the two square-ish objects on either side of the raised bridge to lower it. Follow the path around the tree to where all of the Clones wait. Their cue to attack comes in, and you’ll have to get rid of all of them. Then, go to the raised bridge and lower it like you did before and you’ll see that three Wookiees have been captured. From this point, Clones will be attacking sporadically throughout the area. To reach the first Wookiee, use Chewbacca to grapple up and across a few times. Once you reach the area where you can’t jump without falling, shoot the Clones from where you are. Jump down and go down the other bridge path to reach a junction with three paths. If you go to the left side, there are no Wookiees to be saved, but you can get a Canister from grappling up. Go to the right side and Force the object on the ground to make a grappling point, which you can now use to save another Wookiee. Go down the middle path and then to the left, and step on the buttons to lower the bridge. Go down the right path to enter the next area.

You’ll be battling your way through nonstop enemies, so just try to do what you need to do without stopping to attack everyone. My advice would be to get an AT-XT, either by building the one on the ground or stealing it from one of the Clones. This will help you get to where you need to go without getting shot at by everyone, but it’ll slow you down a little. There is a Canister you can get in this area by pulling three carrots out of the ground, which just really look like the other plants in this area. One is on the far right side, to the right of the huge boulder, mostly hidden by some grass; one is toward the middle around a set of rocks; and one is on the far left side, in between two giant rocks along the left wall. The Canister will appear high above on a platform, but you’ll be going up there soon anyway. Use Yoda to Force the bridge together, then Force a plant on the ground to reveal a grappling point for Chewbacca. Grapple up and shoot the two targets to lower the bridge, then go through to the next area.

Nonstop droids will be coming after you, so fight your way to the back corner and take care of the Droid Commander on the ledge on the right. You’ll also find a Canister on this ledge. There’s another Commander on the ledge on the left. Now go back down and take care of the rest of the droids, and then go through the hole in the rock wall between the two ledges.

Fight your way through the droids and Clones to get further down the path. Eventually you’ll reach a slanted area made of stone. Force the plants in the right corner to reveal some platforms, and climb up. Be careful going up this path, because rocks will be rolling down toward you. Use Yoda for this, since he can Force the rocks to destroy them if needed. Keep going up, but use Chewbacca on the grappling point on the second slope for a Canister. Drop back down and continue going up, then Force the stairs together once you reach the end and step on the buttons. Destroy the droids and Clones here while Forcing the four corners around the hole on the ground. Then destroy each of them to make a little ship raise out of the ground. Force it to open it, and go inside to finish the level.

Free Play

Right at the beginning, after lowering the bridge, take a right onto a bridge instead of going straight around the tree. Use a Sith character and use the Force on the generator here, then use a Bounty Hunter to throw a thermal detonator and make it explode. The Power Brick – Super Thermal Detonator will be left behind. Go to the platform where you save the first Wookiee, then use an Astromech or Bounty Hunter with a jetpack to hover across. Keep grappling across until you reach the last one, then high jump to the left to reach a Canister.

Use a high jumper to reach the Canister that’s visible on top of a rock on the right side. Go to the big tree and high jump to the lowest platform, then the next platform up. Switch to an Astromech/Bounty Hunter with a jetpack to hover across and reach the Canister.

After getting rid of the droids, use the Force on the ship on the ground. Once it can’t be Forced any more, quickly jump on top of it and high jump to the Canister above it before it lowers back to the ground.

Make your way to the back, where you’ll find a black plant that glows red. Have a Sith use the Force on it, then grapple up and use an Astromech/Bounty Hunter with a jetpack to hover across to the right side for a Canister. At the very end, before opening the little ship, jump on top of it and use a high jumper to reach a Canister.


In Challenge mode, the level plays as usual, but you must collect ten blue Canisters before your time limit of ten minutes runs out. The level will end as soon as you collect the final Canister. These are not found in the same areas as the white Canisters of regular gameplay, but are as follows:

  1. After lowering the bridge at the very beginning of the level, head down the path and go right. The Canister is behind the generator.
  2. Where the Clones start attacking, you should be able to see a Canister behind the Clone commander.
  3. On the ledge on the tree where you save the first Wookiee, use an Astromech/Bounty Hunter with a jetpack to hover to the left.
  4. At the junction where you can go left, right, or forward, go to the left and grapple up to the platform.
  5. In the second area, jump down and go into the water. You should see a sort of vehicle on fire, with the Canister right next to it.
  6. Go to the far left wall, and the Canister will be between two large rocks.
  7. In the third area, the Canister is right behind the droid commander on the left side.
  8. In the final area, go forward and to the right behind the tree.
  9. Climb into the AT-XT and go to the part with the rocks. In the left corner are three elevated rocks with a flat top, and one has the Canister sitting on it. Jump from the AT-XT to the rock.
  10. Go past the AT-XT and behind the rock.

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