Episode III, Chapter 3: General Grievous

In this level you’ll need a Jedi, Grappler, High Jumper, Astromech, and Bounty Hunter.

First Time

This entire level is a battle with General Grievous. After costing him one heart at the beginning, he’ll jump to a ledge on the left. You should be able to see one Canister from here, on the lower ledge that can be easily jumped to, even using Commander Cody. Use Commander Cody to shoot the canisters on either side of Grievous and he’ll jump back. Cost him two more hearts and he’ll find a higher hiding place, more to the right than the previous one. Force the bricks on the ground to make a bridge to the ledge Grievous first jumped to. Jump up to the next ledge, and you can Force the bricks here to reach a Canister. Jump or grapple up to the next ledge, Force the bricks into a platform, and use Commander Cody to jump and shoot from here. You can go back down and continue your battle with Grievous, or you can Force the bricks into stairs and reach the ledge Grievous was just standing on. Jump down from here and destroy the brick cover on the wall to uncover another Canister in an alcove. Go back down to the center platform and get Grievous down to three hearts, then go after him again. Destroy the breakable-looking wall on the ledge where Grievous hid from you last time, then Force the canister out of the way and onto the opposite ledge, and a Canister will appear in the hole. Shoot the canister to cost Grievous another heart. Jump down from the ledge where you are now and follow the little ramp down to a grappling point and Canister. Now go to the middle platform and attack Grievous two more times to end the level.

Free Play

Jump onto the ledge that Grievous first jumps to, and go as far to the left as possible. Use a Bounty Hunter with a jetpack or an Astromech to hover even farther to the left to reach another ledge. Use a Bounty Hunter to destroy the wall here with a thermal detonator. Jump across to the next ledge. There is a Canister on the ledge above this. On the ledge where Grievous jumps the second time you battle him in the center platform, there is a Canister that can be reached by using a high jumper. After causing Grievous to jump back for a third time, you’ll be able to see a Canister on the ledge where he just stood. Use an Astromech or a Bounty Hunter with a jetpack to hover across and get it. Keep going around this wall and drop down for another Canister. Follow the path here to find a hidden building. Make all of the bombs on the ground explode for a Canister. This area is also where you’ll find the Power Brick – Super Jedi Slam, if you Force each handle on the center console.


In Challenge mode, the level plays as usual, but you must collect ten blue Canisters before your time limit of ten minutes runs out. The level will end as soon as you collect the final Canister. These are not found in the same areas as the white Canisters of regular gameplay, but are as follows:

  1. Right on the center platform, there is a Canister to the right.
  2. From the middle of the center platform, go forward to a ledge that is easily reached. (Same place as an in-game Canister.)
  3. Hover to the far left and use a Bounty Hunter to destroy the wall with a thermal detonator. (Same place as an in-game Canister.)
  4. After getting Grievous to jump up to the higher ledge, go to the ledge he was previously standing on. There is a Canister just sitting here.
  5. Force the bricks into stairs and go up to the second ledge Grievous jumps to, and the Canister is in plain sight.
  6. Go across this ledge and jump down on the other side.
  7. After getting Grievous to jump back a third time, use an Astromech or Bounty Hunter with a jetpack to hover to his previous hiding spot. Go around the ledge to get a Canister.
  8. Drop down from here and go across the bridge path.
  9. Inside the hidden building, there is a Canister by the wall if you go around counter-clockwise.
  10. Inside the hidden building, use the Force to pull down all of the handles of the center console and a Canister will appear in the middle. (Same place as the in-game Power Brick.)

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