Episode II, Chapter 3: Droid Factory

In this level you’ll need a Jedi, Grappler, Astromech, Protocol Droid, High Jumper, Imperial, and Short Character.

First Time

As you enter the level, walk toward the screen for the first Canister. Another Canister is hidden in one of the holes in the wall on the right side.

Jump down from the ledge and keep moving to the right, but avoid being crushed or stepping on the edge, which will drop. It may look like there’s a screen separating you from the Droideka, but you can walk right through it to attack. Keep moving forward, destroy the droids, then Force together the fans to propel yourself and your teammates upward to the door to the next area.

Go forward, grapple up, and shoot the target to cause a big bucket to drop down, allowing you to get across. Do the same a second time to cause the bucket to now move and drop you in another area. Destroy the objects and force the object onto the door and ride up to battle the droids and Droideka. Past the Droideka to the left you’ll find another Canister. Go back and open the panel using R2-D2, then make it across the moving platforms to get to another Canister. Go back and down the ramp to the right, jump on the bucket, and quickly jump to the other side. Grapple across, destroy the objects, and use R2-D2 to open the panel and enter the next area.

Use Padme to grapple across the back right at the start of the level to come across a Canister. Go back and use Anakin to Force the switch and rotate the platform, allowing yourself and C-3PO across. You’ll have to do this again for the second platform, then use C-3PO to open the panel.

Beware of hiding Geonosians as you enter the next area. They’re hidden in the holes in the cave walls and will jump out and fire as you walk by. About halfway through the area, you’ll come across an oddly placed brick structure that is easily smashed. Go inside the doorway that has been made and use R2-D2 to activate the panels and disable the force fields until you’ve disabled the one that conceals the Power Brick – Character Studs. Continue to battle a few more Geonosians, then grapple to the upper ledge and destroy the bricks. Jump down and Force them into a platform, then use R2-D2 to cross and activate the panel. You can also use this opportunity to have him disable the Droidekas before the others cross, making it a whole lot easier to destroy them. Go past the Protocol Droid panel and get the Canister before using C-3PO to activate it and move on.

In the final area, the goal is to activate the panel on the right and Force the object to the force field. However, by instead activating the left panel and Forcing the pieces together, you can make a small elevator and use a high jumper to reach the Canister high above. Then, do what you need to do to get that object over to the force field, smash it, and go through to battle an army of droids, Geonosians, and Droidekas to get to Obi-Wan. When you’ve wiped out the enemies, Force the restraints from Obi-Wan to end the level.

Free Play

Right at the beginning of the second area, you may be able to jump to the left and reach the small ledge using an average double-jumper. If not, use a high jumper to jump back up and try again with this character. Use a Short Character to climb through the vent to reach a Canister. When you reach the part with the fans, step on the platform with the middle fan and walk toward the screen. Force together the piece on the ground and twist the platform to send you toward the door. Grapple up, then shoot the target and use an Imperial on the panel that appears. Go inside to find three Astromech panels and another container with a circle on it. The circle shows the color that you need to make: starting with orange, use an Astromech to activate the red and yellow panels; then, activate the red and blue panels to make purple; and finally, the yellow and blue panels to make green. This will open up the cover from the Canister and allow you to get it.

The oddly-placed brick structure in the fifth area can be Forced into two platforms; use a high jumper on the left platform to reach a Canister.


In Challenge mode, the level plays as usual, but you must collect ten blue Canisters before your time limit of ten minutes runs out. The level will end as soon as you collect the final Canister. These are not found in the same areas as the white Canisters of regular gameplay, but are as follows:

  1. In the first area, you’ll find a Canister inside one of the holes in the wall on the left side.
  2. Right before the Droideka in the second area, you’ll see a pipe structure. Jump on the platforms to climb up, then destroy the two droids above and collect the Canister that waits up top.
  3. After the conveyor belt, you’ll see a silver cylinder. The Canister is inside.
  4. Use an Imperial to get inside the secret room (as was previously done in Free Play mode to find a Canister), then walk past the container that shows the color you need to make to find the Canister in the corner.
  5. Use R2-D2 to unlock the panel behind the Droideka in the next area and go across the moving platforms. (Same place as a regular Canister.)
  6. Go down the ramp after exiting the room where you found the previous Canister.
  7. In the fourth area, use a grappler to go around the room and you’ll find a Canister on the way. (Same place as a regular Canister.)
  8. Destroy the brick structure in the fifth area and go inside to the right.
  9. Walk toward the screen from the previous Canister and use a character with a hover or flying ability to go off the ledge and more toward the screen. A Canister is sitting on a small piece of land here.
  10. Near the end of the fifth area, where you have to cross the lava, the Canister is sitting near the lava on a small ramp.

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