Episode II, Chapter 2: Discovery on Kamino

In this level you’ll need a Jedi, Sith, Grappling Character, Bounty Hunter, Protocol Droid, Short Character, High Jumper, and Imperial.

First Time

Right where you begin the level, there will be a Kaminoan be standing between two rods. Walk to the one on the left and Force the gear back onto it to create a path for you to reach the next area. Don’t go there yet, though; go a bit to the right and use R4-P17 to hover across the gap that separates the platform to get a Canister. Now you can follow the Kaminoan inside and enter the next area.

Follow Taun We through the doorway to reach another area.

Here, you’ll have to light up all of the circles on the floor. You have to be quick, but it’s fairly easy. Use the Force on the machine that sprouts out of the ground to open both doors. Head down the left side and activate all of the blue handles for a Canister. Now use your Astromech buddy to activate the panel and allow entrance to the next area.

Follow Taun We into the doorway to reach another area.

Uh oh, you’ve found Jango Fett! Destroy the enemies he’s left behind, then you can spend some time exploring the area. The lever in the back corner can be pulled four times to get some Lego pieces, which can be used to complete the picture of Jango Fett on the wall nearby. Doing so will open the panel and allow you to gain another Canister. Now, exit the room and go back into the hallway.

Reflect the bullets that are shot at you, then follow Jango Fett into another room.

He’ll escape through a small tunnel, but before chasing after him, you can get yet another Canister. Go to the back where there are two panels of three lights on the ground, and two corresponding objects on the wall. You and your partner must step on the corresponding light to whichever is white on the wall. Doing so will open the panel on the wall, where you can get your Canister. Now you can go through the tunnel to find Jango Fett.

Instead of going right immediately and chasing him down, turn left and use R4-P17 to hover across the gap and reach another Canister. Now you can chase after Jango Fett. The trick here is to get close enough to make the thermal detonator explode, but far enough to be able to run away and not get caught in the blast. Just keep detonating them and jumping across the gaps until they’re gone. Follow Jango Fett down the runway and press the button on the ground, then use R4-P17 to hover across and reach the other button. Force the object out of the way and use the Astromech panel to the next area.

Jango Fett skips out on you yet again, leaving you to deal with the enemies he’s left behind. If you’re not smart about this one, you could just end up battling these things nonstop forever. But the trick is to get you to use your Astromech to activate the two panels on the right-hand wall to close the holes, preventing any new enemies from dropping down. Finish off whoever is left, then Force away the blocks in front of the panel to reach the final area.

In the final battle, your main focus is to destroy Jango Fett. It doesn’t matter if you chase him down and hit him or just deflect his shots. If you have to, you can use R4-P17 to activate the panels and stop the ship for a while. Once you’ve got Jango Fett down to four hearts, he’ll start to shoot missiles, which you can easily redirect the path of by using the Force. Then, once he’s down to one heart, chase him down and hit him to end the level.

Free Play

Start by going a little to the left and down the runway, then Force the gears onto the platform and high jump up to the first Canister.

After lighting up the panels on the ground to open the doorways, head down the right and use a Bounty Hunter to get inside. You’ll probably have to use a high jumper to reach the first platform. Jump onto it and press the button, then wait for your partner to press the next, and so on. Eventually you’ll reach a large white platform, where you must Force the trap door on the ground to make a platform spring up. This will help you reach the Canister above. Now, jump back to the second platform and use a grappling character to shoot the target on the wall in front of you. Jump onto the platform and go to the ledge, where you’ll find five buttons and tubes. You’ll have to use a short character to get inside. You’ll end up in a different tube than you went in, so if you just want the Canister, go through the one on the far right. Your partner will step on the corresponding button to let you out, and you can exit the area.

After reaching the hallway before you battle Jango Fett, use an Imperial on the panel to gain access to a secret room. There should be two blue lights on the floor, and the rest unlit. Step on one of the lights and your partner will step on the other, and continue this until they’re all lit to make the two Kaminoans to start a disco party. The Power Brick – Disarm Troopers will appear shortly.

When you’re nearing the end of the area where you chase Jango Fett outside, keep going straight instead of turning left to follow him and use a grappler to reach the area above. Not only will this get you quite a few coins, you can use the Protocol Droid panel to lower the elevator and then use your grappler to shoot the targets on the way up. (Just make sure if you have Exploding Blaster Bolts unlocked, you turn it off first– I tried it three times before I realized that’s what was wrong!) Now the panel with the Canister below is unlocked.

In the second-to-last area, after coming in from outside, have a Sith use the Force to destroy the door on the left side. You and your partner must turn the wheels on the back wall to release the enemies you’ve just finished fighting, and once they’re all destroyed, you can get the Canister. (Tip: If you have the Character Studs extra unlocked, you can battle these things nonstop for infinite coins!)


In Challenge mode, the level plays as usual, but you must collect ten blue Canisters before your time limit of ten minutes runs out. The level will end as soon as you collect the final Canister. These are not found in the same areas as the white Canisters of regular gameplay, but are as follows:

  1. Go left, past the platform with the gears, and jump down to find a Canister.
  2. Use an Astromech to unlock the panel in the next area to gain access to the Canister.
  3. In the next area, after reaching the part with the blue lights, turn right to find the Canister.
  4. Use the Bounty Hunter panel down the right hallway and hop across the platforms with the buttons. There is a Canister at the end.
  5. Shoot the target from the second platform and go through the far left tube.
  6. In the hallway before you enter the room with Jango Fett, walk toward the screen.
  7. Use the Imperial panel in the same hallway, then have an Astromech unlock the panel inside.
  8. In the area where you chase Jango Fett outside, go the whole way to the end and then stay straight. Use a grappler to reach the runway above, and walk to the end of it to find the Canister.
  9. In the same area, right before the exit, you can see the Canister above you. High jump to it using the platform that’s made after clearing the piece from the Astromech panel.
  10. In the second-to-last room, use a Sith to open the door. The Canister is in plain sight, on the right side.

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