Episode I, Chapter 5: Retake Theed Palace

In this level you’ll need a Jedi, Grappling Character, Astromech, Short Character, High Jumper, Sith, and Bounty Hunter.

First Time

Right from the start, prepare for battle. Use one of your six character options and destroy the droids and Droidekas that are waiting for you. Deflect the shots of the droids on the balcony to get rid of them also, and you won’t have to worry about losing health while collecting coins. You’ll find a Canister on the right side of the balcony; use Padme or Captain Panaka to grapple up to the ledge and go around to get inside. There is another Canister up here, and although it seems difficult to get without using Free Play, it is possible. Go to the left along the balcony until you see a circular window. Blast it open and jump up to get the Canister. Now, since you’re already up here, you can use the opportunity to collect coins or destroy any droids you missed, or if you’re ready to move on, you can jump down and use R2-D2 to open the Astromech panel to the second area.

Use Qui-Gon or Obi-Wan to Force the hook and platform in the center, while R2-D2 will hover across and Anakin will use the vent. Entering the area with the red buttons on the ground, you can easily get a Canister by destroying the statue in front of you and pressing the button. Now, have each character step on a button to open the door in front of you and cause some droids and Droidekas to attack. After getting rid of them, head forward and take care of any droids or Droidekas here, then destroy the statue and build an Astromech panel to get through.

Get ready for an attack as you enter the area. Head back, past the fountain, behind the silver square on the ground, you’ll find a vent for Anakin to crawl through. Inch along the ledge to find a Canister. Go back and use the Force on the broken staircase, then climb up and attack the droids if needed. Go left, use the Force to build a bridge, and head forward to destroy some more droids. When the big gray and white box-looking thing is across from you on the other side, you can walk toward the screen to reach an area with some coins. Use one of your Jedi to jump onto the ledge and Force the platform out of the wall. Climb up and walk along the ledge for a Canister. Now, head back and go left until you reach the white gates. Use the Force to destroy the box-looking thing on the other side. Destroy the flower pot in front of the gate, then step on the button and use Anakin to crawl through the vent. Head right and crawl through the other vent to reach the button and step on it. Then go back to the first vent and walk through the now-open gate to the next area.

Destroy the droids, and then get to work on finding ways for each type of character to reach the balcony above. First, head to the right and use the Force on the white blocks to make R2-D2 an elevator. Destroy the flower pot to the left to reveal a grappling point. Anakin can climb through the vent on the back wall, which you don’t have to prepare. And finally, take your Jedi to the two blocks on the left and have one stand on each. You’ll be able to Force each other up, jump onto the ledge, Force the platform, and jump onto the last ledge and go forward to the balcony. Have each character step on a button to open the gate.

After destroying the droids in this area, go to the left where you’ll see a nice row of tables and chairs. Force them together to make one big dining table with chairs all around. Destroy the statue on the wall behind it and press the button, then Force the plates and goblets onto the table as well. Finally, destroy the dining area you’ve created for the Power Brick – Super Slap. Go up the stairs and destroy the Droideka. Now, depending on what statue you decide to destroy and open the door will depend on what will happen here. Choosing the left statue will cause two Droidekas to roll out and attack. Choosing the right statue will reveal two droids, but if you go up the stairs behind them, you’ll find some coins. Generally, the middle one is the one you want to go through.

Head forward into the hangar, where it’ll be your mission to rescue the six guards from the droids. First, head to the far left and stack up the boxes, then climb up and destroy the droid. A little further forward, stack up the boxes and jump up. Force the platform and jump onto the gray ledge, then climb along and drop down to a small gray platform. Jump to the right and destroy the droid here to rescue another guard. Jump down and go right, heading toward the middle of the hangar, where you’ll find two droids and two guards. Some more droids and a Droideka will come out of the gate; destroy them all, then you can stand on the blocks on either side of the gate and Force each other up, like you did previously. This droid has the final two guards, and after destroying it, an Astromech panel will rise out of the wall on the right. Use R2-D2 to hover onto the ledge, unlock the panel, and head outside to end the level.

Free Play

During the area with the red buttons on the ground, head down the hall and take the left turn to enter an area with some droids waiting on a ledge. Use a Sith to Force the black object and jump up onto the ledge. Use the Force to destroy the wall, which you’ll find a Canister behind.

In the fourth area, drop down to the lower area and go as far to the left as possible to find three stacked boxes. Destroy them and build the pieces to make a silver canister. Use a Bounty Hunter’s thermal detonator to destroy this for the Canister.

In the dining area, go to the left and use the Force on two tables along the wall. Jump up, then grapple onto the ledge and follow it to reach a Canister.

In the final area, head to the far left and climb up to the platform where the droid is holding the guard hostage. Use a Bounty Hunter to destroy the silver canisters with a thermal detonator. Build the pieces that are revealed and use a Sith to Force the platform onto the wall. Climb up to reach a Canister. Go to the area where one droid is with two guards, and high jump to the right. Walk along the various ledges until you reach a tan ground, where the Canister lies.


In Challenge mode, the level plays as usual, but you must collect ten blue Canisters before your time limit of ten minutes runs out. The level will end as soon as you collect the final Canister. These are not found in the same areas as the white Canisters of regular gameplay, but are as follows:

  1. Go forward to the grappling spot and go up, then jump to the next balcony to the left.
  2. This one is in the same spot as a Canister in the regular level; go into the area where all of the enemies are and grapple up, then go around the balcony and inside.
  3. After entering the next area and fighting the droids and Droidekas, go down the left hallway and in front of the statue.
  4. After destroying some more droids and Droidekas, you’ll be able to go down a left hallway that leads to a black object on the ground and two droids shooting from above. Deflect their shots to destroy them, then have a Sith use the Force on the object and high jump to the ledge. Using the Sith, Force the wall to reveal a Canister.
  5. On your way up the stairs entering the next area, destroy the vines on the right wall and jump up to reach the Canister.
  6. Another in the same spot as a regular Canister; go up the stairs and cross the bridge in the fountain area, then go to the left onto the platform. Force the platform out of the wall and jump up, then follow the ledge around.
  7. Near the end of the area, where you have to go to the opposite side to open the gate, you’ll find a Canister near the edge of the opposite side.
  8. In the next area, drop down after reaching the elevator and the Canister will be in the corner.
  9. Near the end of the dining room area, after climbing the stairs, destroy the right statue and step on the button. Two droids are waiting here; destroy them, then go up the stairs to the Canister.
  10. In the hangar, go to the right, pass the first two starfighters, and go behind the four droids that are holding the two guards captive. The Canister is to the left of some stacked gold and silver boxes, in between two white canisters.

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