Episode I, Chapter 4: Mos Espa Pod Race

In this level you’ll need a TIE Fighter.

First Time/Free Play

So you’ve made it to your first cruiser level. This is not an ideal start, but you take what you get. You’ll be racing using Anakin’s Pod, trying to beat all of the other competitors in order to end the level. This being your first time, it’ll definitely take some getting used to, and may even take a long time for you to finally beat (I remember how long it took me my first time and it truly is frustrating). With most cruiser levels, you can easily find Canisters by shooting anywhere and everywhere until you’ve hit something, but since this is a race, you’ll have to find them the old-fashioned way: by running into them. When I first started going back to collect Canisters, my strategy was always to just hit everything and eventually something will happen. However, if you use that strategy now, explaining where the Canisters actually are may be a little difficult. Bear with me as I try my best to explain.

My advice if you’re just trying to beat it and aren’t worrying about the Canisters is to hold in the forward button the whole time. Use the boost pads to your advantage, as they have no effect on the other competitors in the race. Also, take as little damage as possible, because dying will definitely slow you down. There is an area at one point where Tusken Raiders will be shooting at you. For the most part, their aim isn’t the best, so don’t worry too much about this and just try to avoid whatever shots you see coming at you. In the second during this area, you’ll also have to navigate around the boulders while avoiding the shots. Really, it sounds a lot more difficult than it is. You’ll eventually get used to it and be able to fly through the level with no problem.

I’m combining the First Time and Free Play parts for this one, and putting it into the style of the Challenge part, since there is only one Canister you’ll have to come back on Free Play to get, which requires a TIE Fighter. This Canister is the fourth on this list, so you know not to keep playing this level over and over because you can’t get the third Canister. The Canisters look a lot different than what you’ll see in a regular level; in the cruiser levels, they look like white rings. They are, however, the exact same thing.

  1. The first Canister is right after the second boost pads.
  2. You should be able to see this Canister to the right of two boost pads near where the previous Canister was.
  3. Stay left in the area with all of the holes and you’re likely to run into the Power Brick – Power Brick Detector.
  4. This is the Canister that requires a TIE Fighter to get. Almost immediately after the Power Brick, you’ll see a black ramp to the right. Head up the ramp to find the Canister.
  5. You’ll enter a cave with pink crystals all over the floor. The Canister is in the middle of this cave and, unless you purposely swerve to avoid it, you should run into it automatically.
  6. In the area with the Tusken Raiders, the Canister is on the left between two boost pads.
  7. Right after exiting the area with the Tusken Raiders, there will be a line of poles. The Canister is right after the last pole.
  8. A little bit after the previous Canister, you’ll come to an area with lots of archway rocks. This Canister is inside one of these to the right.
  9. Not long after the previous Canister, after two boost pads.
  10. In the middle of a mostly empty canyon, you’ll see a row of poles and some boost pads on the left. Skip over this one and head toward the one a little further up on the right. The Canister is right after the poles.
  11. On your third lap, this Canister will be lying in the middle of the track near the start of the lap, just before the canyon with the craters.


In Challenge mode, the level plays as usual, but you must collect ten blue Canisters before your time limit of ten minutes runs out. The level will end as soon as you collect the final Canister. These are not found in the same areas as the white Canisters of regular gameplay, but are as follows:

  1. You’ll see the first Canister as the countdown begins. Hold in the button to go right as soon as you take off, and you should get this one.
  2. The next Canister is lying in the middle of the canyon, right before the first boost pad.
  3. After the drop-off, you’ll enter an area with lots of craters. This Canister is toward the left, next to a crater.
  4. Go up the TIE ramp.
  5. When you enter the cave, the Canister is lying toward the right.
  6. When you enter the area with the Tusken Raiders, stay to the right and you should run right into this one.
  7. Almost immediately after the previous area, you’ll have to go through some archway rocks. The Canister is inside the archway on the right.
  8. Before you enter the empty canyon, you’ll find a Canister lying in the middle of the track.
  9. Stay to the right while riding through the empty canyon, and you’ll find it before some boost pads.
  10. This one is right before the finish line, after a line of poles.

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