Episode I, Chapter 3: Escape from Naboo

In this level you’ll need a Grappling Character, Jedi, Sith, Astromech, Short Character, High Jumper, and Bounty Hunter.

First Time

This will be your first time playing as a Grappling Character, so I’ll quickly explain how this works: your defense is your gun, but it also allows you to grapple. A red target-looking spot on the ground (and, depending on how high or far you’ll go, you may be able to see what looks like a brown hook hanging above or to the side) indicates a grappling point, which you can use to reach places your character wouldn’t normally be able to reach. Sometimes this is used in place of the double-jump Jedi and many other characters have, while others are used to reach places no other character would be able to get to.

Anyway, you’ll start out playing as Queen Amidala and Captain Panaka as some other guards fight off the droids scattered around the area. Help get rid of the droids, then use the grappling point in the back left corner to find a few more. Once you make it to the other end of the balcony, destroy the bed of flowers to reveal another grappling point. Do the same here: get rid of the droids and flower bed for yet another grappling point. Then you’ll have to do it yet again, this time destroying a canister, to reach an area with a large puzzle. Ignore it for now; you’ll have to come back to complete it on Free Play. Just destroy the droids and go through the doorway at the end to reach the next area.

As soon as you enter, go right from the doorway (toward the screen) for a Canister. Destroy the two droids waiting at the top of the stairs, then go down to the next area.

If the other droids hadn’t attacked in the previous area, you’ll have to destroy them here. Then head down to the windowed area and destroy the glass to escape. Get rid of the droids, then go to the left and jump down. Drop down to where the droids are and destroy them, then head to the right for a Canister. Head back up and go down the runway, shooting the target on the wall to open the door.

Destroy the big green case in the middle of the balcony to drop down and fight some droids. You’ll be reunited with Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan, which will make fighting a lot easier from now on. Go forward and fight the droids, then destroy the canisters sitting on the blocks near the gate to make moving platforms. Using one of the grappling characters, jump up on the platforms and shoot the targets to open the gate.

Moving into the final area, you’ll find numerous groups of droids. Don’t panic; just take it one group at a time and sneak around them whenever you need to. On each of the skylights in the middle, you’ll find a red button, which will destroy the cases on the ends. You do not necessarily have to hit all of the buttons; the one in the middle is the one that will allow you to end the level. Go to the case with the green lights around it and destroy it, then drop down into the hole to end the level.

Free Play

In the first area, destroy all of the doors at the beginning and use the Force on the support beams in between them. Stack up the pieces and use a High Jumper to reach the Canister. When you reach the area with the puzzle, use the Force to bring the platforms out of the wall in the back, then use a High Jumper to jump as far to the right as possible to reach another Canister. And now for the fun part: the puzzle. One piece is already built, so you’ll have to find the other pieces. Destroy the tan canisters in the top left to get the pieces for a second puzzle piece. You’ll have to use a Bounty Hunter’s thermal detonator on the silver canisters in the top right corner near the doorway to destroy them and get the pieces for the next part of the puzzle. Finally, use a Sith to destroy the flowers on the other side of the doorway, and then destroy its container to get the pieces. Put all of these pieces together and you’ll now have four blocks out of the puzzle. Stand in front of them and walk to push them into the holes in the ground (the top left and bottom left go in each others’ holes, as do the top right and bottom right). Once they’re all in the right place, you can Force them into the puzzle for the Power Brick – Walkie Talkie Disable.

In the third area, after breaking the windows to escape, go to the left and jump down. Use an Astromech to hover across the gap, then grapple up. Two Droidekas are waiting here for you; destroy them and grapple up, then use a Sith to destroy the flowers and containers to make the Canister appear above. You may have to use a High Jumper to reach it.

In the fourth area, head up the stairs. When you reach the first grappling point, grapple up and go to the left, then grapple again to reach a small balcony with two droids. Force open all of the swinging gates for a Canister. On your way back, use a Short Character to climb through the vent and go up the stairs to find the Canister. Before leaving through the vent, go to the right and jump up to where all of the studs are, then drop down to reach a balcony. Destroy the droids, then use a Bounty Hunter’s thermal detonator to destroy the silver windows. Use the Force on the picture on the wall for a Canister.

In the last area, surrounding the middle skylight you’ll find four potted trees. Destroy them, then Force their containers to make a large stack in the middle of the skylight. Use a High Jumper to jump from the top of the stack to reach the Canister. Push the button on the right skylight and use a Bounty Hunter’s thermal detonator on the silver case for the last Canister.


In Challenge mode, the level plays as usual, but you must collect ten blue Canisters before your time limit of ten minutes runs out. The level will end as soon as you collect the final Canister. These are not found in the same areas as the white Canisters of regular gameplay, but are as follows:

  1. In the first area, where the four doors are, destroy the third door.
  2. Grapple up to the second balcony and destroy the first window to find the Canister inside.
  3. In the area with the puzzle, go behind the silver canisters in the top right corner next to the doorway.
  4. In the third area, after breaking the windows, go to the left and drop down. Go around the corner to find the Canister.
  5. In the same area, use an Astromech to fly between the two balconies and grapple up to the one with two Droidekas. The Canister is right behind them.
  6. After dropping down into the fourth area, you’ll see the Canister a bit behind where you came from.
  7. Go up the stairs and use the grappling point. Have a Short Character climb through the vent, then jump up to the right and drop down onto a balcony. Use a Bounty Hunter to destroy the windows with a thermal detonator. You’ll find the Canister inside.
  8. This one is a bit tricky. At the end of the fourth area, where you have to climb on the platforms and shoot the targets, go to the platform on the left. Use a High Jumper to reach the Canister, which sits on the left side of the arch.
  9. In the last area, pass the two groups of droids and go to the left, where you’ll find the Canister between the two white canisters to the right of the tiny skylights.
  10. Go the whole way down to the end; the Canister is in the right corner.



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